Zarazee Casino

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The Lost Light stops by mecha-friendly space-Vegas aka: The Zarazee Casino. Upon arrival, its clear that the glitzy casino is anything but friendly. Viscount Valeen, the overseer of Zarazee, rules over the casino with an iron fist and ensures debts are paid one way or another.


-The Lost Light touches down at the massive Zarazee Casino but are barred from entry due to new, mechaphobic rules and may only enter the casino in holoform. -The LLers discover Viscount Valeen is enslaving those who cannot pay back their debt- including the two Cybertronians Malice and Corkscrew. -Rodimus and the Lost Lighters make a good gamble and win back their fellow Cybertronians' freedom! -Not happy with her loss, Viscount Valeen trains giant ship guns on the LL to keep it from launching.


The Lost Lighters took out the giant guns so the Lost Light can launch once more. And while most of them did that, Ravage stole classified intel to help ruin Valeen as Mercy and Blast Off saved Malice and got rid of Valeen. Though whether the Viscount perished or not unknown. Zarazee leads right into 'Declined!'