Trouble at Delphi

From Transformers: Lost and Found


Rodimus leads a team down to rescue Drift and the medics from some weird drones. Nothing goes wrong.


  • Things go wrong.
  • The Delphi medical facility is under assault by golden drones.
  • Blast Off, Grimlock, Rodimus, Slugfest, Whirl AND SPECIAL GUEST Fortress Maximus clear the facility of the drones and then try hard to avoid killing each other.
  • But their ships have been confiscated by the golden drones and dragged off to the DJD base. SCRAP.
  • The Lost Lighters retrieve their ships but discovers the DJD base abandoned and the golden drones engaged in a raid on the base while chanting 1295.
  • The Lost Lighters clear the drones, investigate the facility, and find databanks missing.
  • The Lost Lighters take their ships, their medics, and their Fort Max and leave before the DJD comes back to get mad about the mess.


The Lost Light gains new crew in the form of First Aid, Ambulon, and Fortress Maximus. Pharma remains behind. The crew is left with a mystery of golden drones chanting what seems to be portions of the Tyrest accord.