From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Played by: Vap
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Tow Truck
Faction: Autobot


Torque is, to put it simply, happy. With optimism in spades and a sunshine smile on her face, she makes sure those around her remain in good spirits even if it inconveniences her. Charitable, compassionate, and protective, she'll give her all and put her life on the line to ensure the safety of others. This can lead her to taking on challenges larger than herself, however, but her fighting spirit keeps her from backing down no matter the risk.

This compassion can be crippling at times, though, as she suffers from a bleeding heart and is prone to worrying heavily at times. This was especially hard on her during the war as she hadn't the heart to kill, even going so far as to keep an enemy alive long enough while Autobot forces pulled out. She tries to see the good in everyone, which made her worry about being called a Con sympathizer, but even through that she defends her morals and believes everyone can enjoy a peaceful future.


Strength - While sometimes mistaken for an outlier ability, Torque's body is able to produce incredible feats of strength for her size due to being naturally forged and how her internal structure is developed. She uses this to her advantage whether it be picking up a heavy patient, overtaking an enemy in battle, or just betting people who don't know that she can outlift them. She usually wins.

Drinking - Torque worked and lived amongst the labour caste initially before her job change, often finding herself even in the company of lower caste and miners. Heavy drinkers that they are, she's developed a strong tolerance due to this and has been known to drink many seasoned veterans under the table. She can even drink Nightmare Fuel and stay standing. Weapons grade nucleon has yet to be tested.


Forged in the city of Helex, Torque's natural strength and endurance would earn her a spot in the middle caste where she would become a builder, hauling heavy cargo and helping raise structures and vessels. But despite her prowess with a wrench, using her hands to build cities just didn't feel completely right. She wanted to help people, and an empathetic view of the lower castes would help drive her to be retested, allowing her heightened intelligence to be reconsidered and reclassed into the medical field. It's here that she flourished, taking to the study of medicine like a fish to water and happy that she could finally help those who needed it.

The eventual strain between the people and the government, however, would end up testing her views of the people she once worked with as worker castes sided with the Decepticons. While understanding their position, their violence under Megatron's leadership would drive her to fall in line with Optimus Prime and the Autobots. About 4 million years of war follow soon after, sending her throughout the galaxy to bring aid to her fellow fighters. She would experience many gruesome battles and be exposed to death on both sides, but her spirits remained high, optimistic of the future.

And her optimism was well placed when the Autobots turned the tide and won the war, allowing a tenuous peace to take over. But her work was far from over. Many of her people were still out there, still recovering from destruction, so she took it upon herself to travel the stars with some of her peers, seeking out those in need until their medical ship would eventually come into contact with the Lost Light and she decided joining would be the best way to combine their efforts.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

A pair of old, rusted, metal gauntlets found in a desert temple.



 Start DateSummary
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
Colony: Velocitron30 May 2016On Velocitron, speed is what matters. Their mobile cities, the Velocites, traverse the surface to stay ahead of the searing heat of dawn. In the capital, Delta, the upcoming Inevitable 250 race is about to determine the new leader. The slow workers banished to the polar city of Mu are seething with rebellion. The older city of Transit, mysteriously slowing down, may require evacuation before it burns up.
Colony: Shivah13 March 2017The Shivans believe they were created at the hands of Nova Prime for the purpose of suffering, to prove their worthiness for their final release thanks to the deliverers, who they determine are the crew of the Lost Light. An enormous black monolith saps the energy of everyone and everything around, including the ship's engines. Soon, according to the Shivans, a great Immolation will burst forth from the monolith to end suffering for all.
Losing Inhibition25 November 2016The personality ticks are back! No queen this time, they've just gotten loose on the ship. Hopefully the ship doesn't descend into chaos before these things are contained once more.
Zarazee Casino15 August 2016The Lost Light stops by mecha-friendly space-Vegas aka: The Zarazee Casino. Upon arrival, its clear that the glitzy casino is anything but friendly. Viscount Valeen, the overseer of Zarazee, rules over the casino with an iron fist and ensures debts are paid one way or another.


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