From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Commander of Colossal
Alt-Mode: Hover Tank
Faction: Decepticon
Outlier Ability: Pyrokinesis

He's dead.


Even with a temper as quick as an ignited flame, Tormentor became more calmer over the years. He's as stubborn as they come, persistent, and a bit of an attention seeker. This Decepticon, however, has a loving nature towards those he cares about, but didn't love anyone enough to spare them from fire-related puns.


Infrared vision - Tormentor cannot 'see' the way others normally do. The best he's ever been able to see was a grey-scale world and that's without his visor.

Strength - Given his size, it's no doubt he's a built like a tank (literally). He enjoys showing off his prowess by lifting up space shuttles and taking Cybernoughts on 1v1 style. He's known to be a .1% without actually being one.

Puns - They were awful, but he would want it to be a skill.

Outlier Ability

The ability to create and control fire is something Tormentor would learn over the years. He could cook anyone within minutes, create fire balls, breathe fire, and of course make fire puns.

Due to his ability, his frame was very thick which made shooting/stabbing him difficult. Most just hurt his feelings rather than hurt him physically. His frame was purposefully built to be that way to keep him from scorching everything he touched or touched him. Tormentor radiated warmth, but never enough to burn anyone unless he increased his temperature.