Ticked Off!

From Transformers: Lost and Found


Following the conclusion of the events on Luna 1, some of the lingering resentment literally came into play! The mysterious Rivets took advantage of Swindle to access everyone's subspace to exorcise their demons, causing the crew to lose inhabitions and to act out. A crew full of Rodimii!


Every one got treated to a tickly feeling in their subspace pocket where a tick was placed. Worry and doubt got gobbled up, leading to some of the crew acting out a lot more than others. Whirl and Blast Off admitted feelings for example! As these ticks fed, they drained the crew members, finally emerging to feed their Tickmother. This was battled and the day was saved, allowing everyone (mostly) to go back to normally. all with the convenient excuse of something to blame their rash behavior on.


Just another adventurous day on the Lost Light!