Fragment of a discussion from Talk:2017-06 Question Meme

RODIMUS DOESN'T LIKE BEING AT ANYONE'S MERCY. He's a low-key stage of thrashing impatience feeling like his wheels are glued down.

He very much prefers to think of them being here on the Titan's sufferance than at the mercy of a politicking bunch of chuckleheads who can't even keep their division from leaking out to the crew. Fortunately, they aren't really -- stuck. The spacebridge can go literally anywhere because the Knights are basically gods and they are welcome to use it to go bascially wherever -- except Cybertron. Although they can go real close to Cybertron, or one Autobot or Decepticon stronghold or another.

So that keeps the thrashing at low-key. Repair of the Lost Light is ongoing. It's not an issue where they lack for resources or ability to get them so much as they lack for time. It will take a long time to repair the Lost Light with how extensive the damage was.

He doesn't particularly see this as an opportunity for him or a reflection on himself. He thinks the crew did well getting them away from Unicron in one piece(ish). That's more a reflection on them doing well than on his leadership. As for Unicron waking -- try though Anialus might, Rodimus also refuses to accept blame for that. There was literally no way that they could possibly know what was happening, and there are a lot of unanswered questions that he's hoping to get answers to regarding the Thingy and how Unicron was killed.

They are, by necessity, doing something new, but that's just adapting to the situation. They are a functional, agile enough crew to be able to adapt to even this kind of crazy circumstance. It's not an opportunity he was looking for, but it's a challenge he knows they'll beat.

Tez (talk)16:35, 19 June 2017