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I loved Eukaris too! It was a lot of fun so thanks for running it. I let myself be a little selfish with Jumpstart because it was a wonderful character opportunity.

I don't think Jumpstart is particularly spiritual. I mean the basic beliefs are there, Primus, titans, etc. But I don't think those questions have ever really consumed her in any way. It's hard to think of an event that would cause Jumpstart to have a spiritual crisis. Seeing Chela was neat for her because now she can tell people she was forged in the image of a titan. That's pretty cool!

Jumpstart is still processing Eukaris. I think that meeting Airazor was the first time she ever met someone who looked like her. Kibble sharing is very important. Jumpstart still strongly identifies as a Cybertronian, and almost all the good things in her life came from running away from her beastformer heritage, but now there's this revelation that there's a whole society and history out there. And Airazor was super cool so it can't be all bad. Even if these Eukarans seem a little backwards and factional. So I think Jumpstart will remember Eukaris and feel a little more comfortable because of it. I could imagine her visiting again, but I don't think she would ever want to stay.

Ratchet (talk)00:24, 27 April 2016