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Jumpstart knows a lot of bots who went over to the Decepticon side because they were treated like shit in Kalis. Jumpstart is in the position of having been one of the big losers under Functionism who nevertheless took one look at the Decepticons and called bullshit.

Which is not to say that she is particularly wise or righteous. Nope. By the time Decepticonism was threatening to overturn Cybertron Jumpstart had made it out of Kalis and was doing just fine in Polyhex. Granted, there are developments in MTMTE demonstrating that she almost certainly would be dead without the Decepticon movement, but Jumpstart was basically a card carrying member of the bourgeoisie when Megatron came to town. She wanted nothing to do with the core Decepticon constituency, but for fastidious, elitist reasons rather than Functionist conviction. Jumpstart was simply not in the mood to help the menial classes kill the mechs she was beginning to regard as her friends. She was a beastformer, not a miner. Both low on the Functionist scale, but also from different constituencies entirely.

So prejudice is a funny thing. Flashwing was at the bottom of the ladder, the lie that was Jumpstart of Polyhex became attached to at least the more cosmopolitan parts of the establishment, and Jumpstart of Kalis is kind of inbetween.

I dunno what that says about Eukaris, except that the old primes were dicks.

Ratchet (talk)00:16, 27 April 2016