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Played by: Boomer
Outlier Ability: Eidetic Memory



Icon Torms.png Tormentor:
Decepticon Commander and Conjunx during the war. Will bring up on occasion.
Goodcaptain.jpg Rodimus:
Former Captain: Does his best, which generally leads to his own suffering and those closest.
Icon Prowl.png Prowl:
Admirable mech, clever, and learning how to get in touch with emotions. Should stay on the Lost Light.
Hippie.jpg Soundwave:
Likes Elephants and Rodimus which are too good for him. Could have been worse, but could always be better.
Icon Penchant.png Penchant:
Former roommate, fellow workaholic, and highly respected. Is now a deer. Dreadfully cute and also concerning.
Icon Cosmos.png Cosmos:
Amica who isn't afraid to call out others or sass. Unfairly enormous now, and must be stopped.
Icon Starstruck.png Starstruck:
Amazing mech, wonderful music. Is from PYX and not Iacon. Needs to know it's okay to be upset and talk about unpleasantries. Secretly dating-ish.
Icon Skystalker.png Skystalker:
Swap Body Buddy? Friend? Wonderful personality, wise, but an absolute punk. Will never be fooled by that sweet smile.
Icon Quicksight.png Quicksight:
Needs a wake up call. Former friend.
Icon Rung.png Rung:
Too concerned for his own good.
Icon Arrow.png Arrow:
Well meaning brat.
Icon Max.png Fortress Maximus:
Hottest sweet spark. Taken by sweetest creamsicle. Throw sweets at on sight.
HungryTex.jpeg Vortex:
Sad torturer, needs head pats. Needy in general. His other sliced open his throat, be wary of.
Icon Boff.png Blast Off:
Literature Enthusiast, Romantics interact. Went to a masquerade ball and forgot to take his mask off. Denies it.

Medical Specs

  • Weak spark:
    • Low Frame Temperature: Most noted by his perpetually pink nose. His spark isn't big enough to run enough heat for his size. He's able to hide this by keeping his frame tense so no one notices the shaking.
    • Weak Firewalls: His spark isn't strong enough to have an efficient immune system. He catches illnesses rapidly if he's exposed to anything foreign just long enough. So far his only Known Allergies are Space.
  • Migranes: He doesn't have many anymore, but in his youth Lieutenant dealt with migraines when he would process too much information or put it out an immense amount. On occasion, he does get them, but it's rare since he's built up so much stamina against it.
  • Freckles: He covers them up but they're everywhere, man. He deems it a condition, when it's really not.

Unfortunately, he has Iatrophobia (Fear of doctors) and Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals) so he refuses to have anything checked up. (unless Torque convinces him)

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