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Keepin' it real. Can't promise many questions from me, but I do my best to answer any given!

Tailgate (talk)22:19, 16 June 2017

Tailgate- do you ever get tired of being a department head?

Bone-Spur - how do you think she'll feel about the Lost Light crew as opposed to the Rigardians/Elita's?

Araneiform (talk)22:26, 16 June 2017


Sometimes I feel like he does-- but at the same time he has a very strong sense of duty and wants to do right by people; he wants to be seen as capable, even now. He doesn't lie about himself now, but his need to have a presence is subconsciously important for him. I'd say he misses being able to do certain things without having to worry about social consequences, but other than that he does enjoy having an important purpose to fulfill. It's a hard job, and of course he has the times where he might wish he wasn't in charge, but most people respond well to how he does things, and the folks in security largely have a respect for him-- or at least that's how he sees it.


I expect she will find them more relatable! The Rigardians have a more visible social hierarchy and it's been so long since she dealt with something like that, having been tribeless for a considerable length of time. Rigard's people have been good to her, but the Lost Light is a much less strict society save for the obvious rankings of officers. I think she'll definitely relate more to the personal freedoms.

Tailgate (talk)20:50, 18 June 2017

From an outsider's perspective, does Bone-Spur particularly like or dislike any of the Cybertronian factions from what she's heard about them?

Does Sky ever get tired of his reputation around the ship? Or feel forced into the position of being friendly with so many people, and of being nice and well-regarded?

Pteropoda (talk)00:27, 17 June 2017


I think she'll see them much like the other Eukarians do: tribes. And she isn't a huge fan, but if they want to divide themselves that is fine. Once she gets a handle on their history, however, I know that she'll align with Decepticon ideals but also Autobot practices.


He does, to be fair to him. People see him in a certain way and it's not always as a friendly guy due to his private nature. Aloof, a little stuck up-- but to the ones that know him he does know he has a reputation of being the guy that has a hard time being unfriendly. Even when he doesn't want to be around people, and someone approaches him, (unless he is drunk) he tends to default to a polite state, a habitual niceness that formed a long time ago out of a need to 'Behave Himself'. In a way, part of his niceness is learned like this from his time as a slave. Under different masters, but always expected to be controllable. Behaved. Polite. Quiet in his manner, unoffending unless prompted. A perfect accessory. A well-mannered pet. It is something he is aware of being, but over time he has been able to work on this-- a large part of this is due to being on the Lost Light. Being around people who feel free to be themselves, rather than a nice, shiny possession.

Back to the original point: he likes to be seen as nice and regarded well, but not in such a way that makes him seem disconnected from people; people that don't know him tend to assume he has a less nice attitude under the surface, or that he has no need for people. In a way, someone like Sunstreaker is how he feels some people see him. A quieter version of him, anyway.

Tailgate (talk)21:05, 18 June 2017

What was life for Sky like in captivity?

Shipsgenius (talk)22:45, 17 June 2017

I keep having to think about this one because it is so broad.

As a whole, it was bad, of course. With such a long lifespan, Cybertronians can sometimes get away with having significant times taking up longer periods, For Sky's enslavement, it began with organics with smaller lifespans, but as it progressed he was sometimes under the thumb of people with more parallel lifespans, including other Cybertronians. The most significant being the last masters he had, the squadron of Decepticons.

Not all of his masters were bad-- at least in terms of how they treated him. From one family he was passed down through, they taught him music and allowed him to interact freely. Another person had him help to tend their gardens as he developed an interest, and Skystalker did just that until they passed. Some made him fight, or race, or endure pain, or simply entertain them. There were those that subjected him to despair such as the one who clipped his wings to prevent his escape and scar his confidence, but there were also those that allowed him into their lives and the lives of their children and bestowed his first harp on him. Perhaps some of them intended over time to free him, but the cycle of slavery and entrapment is a deep one. In the end he was still a Cybertronian-- and he remained under chain despite kindness shown to him, and in that there is and was a great betrayal of trust.

Not every day was a bad day, but every life was a bad life.

Tailgate (talk)01:53, 28 June 2017

I actually wanted to cover this in a scene with you, but after going back and forth I figured questioning OOCly is better!

Sky's gone through a ton of bad crap in his life, and only a handful know of it. How is it that he continues to be so cheerful and despite his past, not ever bring him down? What went through his mind that made him decide to make the better of it once he was freed?

Boomer (talk)18:44, 18 June 2017

We can still hit it up sometime if you like. I very much want Sky to tell a few people yet-- Lieu and Starstruck are a couple off of the top of my head.

If he weren't forcing himself into some sort of positive thinking-- he'd likely be a sad drunk. He does his utmost to look at the world with the mind of someone who wants to see the good in it. Even the good in 'bad' or 'undesirable' things, or people. Even before his time as a slave he had a strong sense of compassion, and I feel as if this quality is what separates him from falling under. Of course he has his moments of falling from grace, or finding anger, or deeper cynicism-- but in the end he has not lost that compassion or the wisdom to make himself step back to look at things from above.

It's also, incidentally, what I felt contrasted him with the Shattered Glass Skystalker. That one seemed to have lost that compassion-- becoming cold and a hard cynic, angry and spiteful and someone who would see nothing wrong with doing to others what had been done to him.

He had to make the better of a bad world or else he would become what he hated.

He is cheerful because he has to be.

Tailgate (talk)00:00, 19 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:11, 21 June 2017


here they are, all eight hundred of my alts, so ASK AWAY

Araneiform (talk)21:36, 16 June 2017

SO MANY ALTS!! Okay Imma just ask one for now.

Sandstorm is an absolute jerk-face but was he always like that? If so was he disliked in the Wreckers for it? And if not, what made him become so bitter and hurtful?

And while we're at it, did he enjoy his life in the Wreckers or prefer another time maybe before the war?

Boomer (talk)21:51, 16 June 2017

SURPRISINGLY, Sandstorm was not always an asshole! Before the war/the Wreckers, he was more of a snarky prankster. He enjoyed risk-taking and screwing with people, but in a bro-ish kind of way. He liked people and he liked hanging out with the guys and having a good time.

He didn't start changing until the Wreckers, where, well, you know what their fatality rate is. He lost a lot of friends in that time. Just before he left he decided that he wasn't going to form any more attachments with anyone because attachments die on you and leave you alone, so ever since he's been doing his best to drive everyone away.

He enjoyed life in the Wreckers until he didn't, and if he were to be honest, he'd say he preferred life before the war. A close second would be the stint he had before joining the Wreckers where he took some side jobs smuggling.

Araneiform (talk)21:55, 16 June 2017

How did Bulk and Starstruck take to having to work with The Other Side (TM) at first?

Cornet (talk)23:00, 16 June 2017

Starstruck had a rougher time than Bulkhead, weirdly. he kind of kept wanting to punch every Autobot he saw, but he knew he had to be on his Best Behavior so he reeled it in. definitely put a lot more hours in the practice rooms during those early days.

as for Bulkhead...sometimes he's good at suppressing things, so that's what he did until he got comfortable. he kind of tiptoed around the 'Cons for a while until he started settling into the idea of working alongside them - besides, if Rodimus could do it, so could he! the only one this didn't apply to is Breakdown, but he kind of made strides there recently....sorta?

Araneiform (talk)23:10, 16 June 2017

How's Bulkhead doing in the confidence department these days?

How's Starstruck dealing with the revelation about Quintessons and possible slavery? He looking for reveneg, more info, or what?

StringTheories (talk)23:13, 16 June 2017

he's getting better! between Wheeljack, Miko, and all the other friends he's been making, Bulkhead is definitely pulling himself back from that whole tell-yourself-something-enough-you-believe-it thing he was doing for a while. he's not GREAT at it yet, but, you know, baby steps.

he hasn't tried to avoid someone in several months, so there's that

Starstruck is PISSED. slavery is very bad and while he's not looking for revenge, per se, he's definitely interested in more information. if there are any Quintessons still out there, he wants to find them and punch their face(s) in.

Araneiform (talk)23:38, 16 June 2017

A couple questions have gone by so MORE QUESTIONS!

Fritz baby is being neglected so let's give him some deserving attention. Now that he and Max are a thing, how do they try to help each other? Does he see their relationship going far or does he like to live in the moment?

Also, does he ever fear that those who hurt him would come back? Does he think others on the LL are going to treat him the same like the others did even though some have proven they won't?

Boomer (talk)00:27, 17 June 2017

ohhhh boy

Max and Fritz talk a lot - I'm sure you've noticed if you read their ridiculous logs, lmao. communication is key, folks! also they're both very much 'no you've had it so bad you poor thing I have to Help You' so there's a lot of mutual comforting, often with cuddling. once in a while they play games to help each other (such as the 'the first person to refuse a compliment loses' game they played once, way back), and Fritz's calming color sphere definitely gets a lot of use.

frankly, he's surprised every day he wakes up and they're still together, but that's his own fatalist 'why is Max with someone as sad and pathetic as me' insecurity. he WANTS it to go on for as long as possible, he cares for Max a lot and knows it would utterly decimate him if he lost Max somehow (considering it did in that brief time they broke up), he just finds it hard to believe THE Fortress Maximus would want to stay with HIM. he's kind of assuming that once Max starts getting better and more confident, he'll move on and leave Fritz behind.

yes, Fritz is TERRIFIED Linebacker will show up on the ship one day and hurt him again. considering nobody cared or stopped him the last time, that the head of the base even gave the orders that led to most of Linebacker's abuse, Fritz is certain that if Linebacker reappeared in his life that hell would start all over again. and yes, he is scared that people on the LL will treat him the same way, always. it surprises him constantly when mechs he meets don't fit that idea he has of them, usually that if they're bigger than him they'll push him around. it blew his damn mind when Waspinator and Lockjaw first thought his face was cute - between the freckles and the 'Con fangs that couldn't even pass for Con fangs', he thought he'd be mocked for sure.

he's still waiting for the other shoe to drop, for this all to turn on its head and for mechs to bully him, because he's weak and sad and that's the natural order of things, right?

Araneiform (talk)00:45, 17 June 2017

Is there anything that would get Hunker personally offended/angry? Obviously he has some things that are issues for him, being a Decepticon and all, but what would get to him specifically?


Pteropoda (talk)01:02, 17 June 2017

surprisingly, there is! being an MTO, the Decepticon cause is all he's ever known, and he definitely took the concept of mechs having the right to be who they want to be to heart. that said, he really doesn't like bullies. no one should be harassed or treated badly for who they are, and even if it's a slow simmer, he will get angry enough when he sees that to do something about it. unless severely pushed, though, he'll just try to insert himself between the two parties and get everyone to settle down and back off.

other than that, it's pretty difficult to get him riled.

and I CANNOT BELIEVE u called him out like that....Bulkhead unfortunately got into the habit of hiding almost everything, for a good long time. 'pretending to be dumb' kind of turned into 'pretending to be the good feels and good feels only dumb muscle guy', even before the Wreckers, which DID NOT HELP AT ALL. seeing his friends die, brutally, over and over again...he didn't go as far as Sandstorm thankfully, though he did just kind of start pushing everything down. feelings were Too Much and it was easier to run from them than confront them.

if only SOME PEOPLE would just LET HIM run from them

Araneiform (talk)01:27, 17 June 2017

Swoop - What are his thoughts/feelings about this totally not friends thing with Quick?

Shipsgenius (talk)16:17, 20 June 2017


In all seriousness though, if Swoop were someone capable of disentangling his emotions and figuring out what they are, there's a lot going on there. Naturally he hates Decepticons because they're the Bad Guys and that's all he needs to know them as, and therefore Quicksight, like all of the other 'Cons on the ship, is on his shit list. Plus the guy is ANNOYING and LOUD (and not in a good way) and he WON'T SHUT UP, so he should be pretty far up there in the 'fuck you' category, right?

Except with each interaction, plus the knowledge that Skystalker seems so fond of Quicksight, it's getting harder to keep Quick at the top of that shit list. He doesn't - possibly can't - acknowledge it, but right now he doesn't really want to hate Quick. Find him irritating, sure, argue with him, definitely, but not write him off as an enemy. Quicksight is slowly heading away from 'fight because he's evil' and toward that place in Swoop's mind where fighting or wrestling with someone is almost a show of affection. If Quicksight were an Autobot and that knee-jerk hatred of him for his faction didn't exist, Swoop would be giving Quick noogies and good-natured pranks by now. Which is obviously really difficult for him to reconcile because Quicksight is a Decepticon, and believes so strongly in the 'Cons being right.

So, long story short: Quicksight is kind of slow-burn wriggling his way into a lil brofriend position and while Swoop is fighting it with all his might, he's losing. He's absolutely going to keep denying it until he's blue in the face, but it's there; or at least it would be if Dinobots felt things, which, as previously expressed, they totally don't.

Araneiform (talk)16:58, 20 June 2017

As a Wrecker (a group with kind of a high turn-over rate), has Bulk ever been witness to a team member's last words? And how did they effect him if so?

Does Swoop have any long term goals to reunite with the other Dinobots?

Beachcomber (talk)18:33, 20 June 2017

I don't have a specific instance in mind for that, but I'm sure Bulkhead has witnessed someone's last something. Probably several someones, and a variety of somethings. If it were someone's last words (which I like as an idea and will have to come up with something for it) it would be a lot more personal then just watching a teammate get blown up, I think? So it would've been a lot closer to his spark, that particular person's death (on his watch), and may have added more solid justification in his mind for his self-sacrificing tendencies when it comes to injury. He wouldn't want to be in that situation again, where someone on his team was dying possibly in his arms and he couldn't do anything about it. It would've also added a lot to his tendency for hiding or running from his feelings, because the Wreckers in general were brutal and, as I said in an earlier post, it became a lot easier to push it down or hide than confront how fucked up everything was.

Swoop does and doesn't want to reunite with the Dinobots. He left them on Cybertron for Grimlock, because Grimlock was the whole reason he became a Dinobot, thinking that he'd be fine without the others as long as he had Grim. Unfortunately, that hasn't exactly worked out, as his ire toward Grimlock for not coming back ended up being a bit misplaced, and the rift between them hasn't been bridged yet, so he's finding that he actually misses having the others around. WEIRDLY mechs on the Lost Light don't see intense arm wrestling and pub brawls as a means of bonding.

He also kind of doesn't want them aboard because...well, in their absence and Grimlock's distance, he's been filling in the holes. He's not exactly sure how they'd react to Skystalker, or Quicksight, or, above all, Orbitall, and he's subconsciously realizing that he kind of doesn't want to find out. Despite any claims to the contrary, overcoming this NO FEELINGS thing has been hard, and he likes where it's taken him. He doesn't want the other Dinobots showing up and dragging him back to the exclusive unattached team they were before.

Araneiform (talk)19:27, 20 June 2017
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I'm super curious, as 50% of your alts are dating now (Bulkhead, Fritz, and Swoop) but why is it that the most charismatic and adorable dork of your squad, Starstruck, isn't going out with someone? He's clearly liked by a majority of the crew and he's a very handsome boy, so why hasn't he been swooped up yet? If anyone were to ask him out would he go?

Boomer (talk)19:31, 20 June 2017

H-Hey I didn't plan for this!!!! It's not my fault everything I touch is gay as hell alright I TRY TO BE GOOD

Anyway, Starstruck actually has gone out with several people over the course of his time on the MUSH! It's just not been anything solid or 'official' in the sense of my spoken-for alts. Starstruck isn't usually the type for exclusive relationships, though it's not unheard of for him; he would've, for instance, gone completely monogamous for Starburst, and has it in him to do the same again for someone he cares about deeply. In an unofficial capacity Starstruck has had 'relations' with/kissed Moonracer, Blaster, Hazzard, Blackstorm, and that one bug organic. I'm pretty sure that's all the onscreen ones; offscreen, it's insinuated something may have happened with Static, he's definitely made out with my NPCs Exo and Endo (twins amirite), there's references to both of his ex-crewmembers Gyro and Wrangler, and plenty of unnamed randos. The boy gets around! The thing is that he's pretty casual, and while he cares about each person he's with, none of them have really solidified in his mind as someone he'd be exclusive with.

Yet, anyway.

If anyone asked him on a date, he would totally go! He'd be so flattered, and probably have a bombastic time with them. He likes dates. They're fun!

Araneiform (talk)20:22, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:08, 21 June 2017

this is gonna take me a year you jerk

BULKHEAD: He sees his strengths as his, well, physical strength, his friendly attitude, and now that he's starting to get back into the swing of it, his intelligence. For weaknesses, he'd probably say his temper - there are definitely situations where he's more willing to punch first talk later when he probably shouldn't. Also, he's realizing that the 'running from your problems' thing is kind of NOT GREAT, especially when it hurts those closest to him.

STARSTRUCK: He'd say his strengths were how social he is, his musical/dancing/skating talents, his awesome sense of humor...Starstruck loves himself a lot, alright, while he's not a complete braggart he definitely thinks of most of his personality as a strength. As for weaknesses, sometimes he dawdles on important decisions, and he's also got a bit of a temper when it comes to injustice or someone hurting his friends. If he'd acknowledge it, another would be that he can get so caught up in being there for someone else that he neglects himself. It's gotten him into toxic situations, most notably being the manipulative abuse his ex-crewmate Gyro puts him through.

SWOOP: Being a Dinobot in general is definitely a strength! In Swoop's mind, that means he values his fighting ability, how merciless he can be, willingness to do what other mechs shy away from, etc etc. And of course he'll claim that he has no weaknesses, excuse you.

FRITZ: He really only sees his competence at his job as a strength, and that depends on how good of a day he's having. If it's a REALLY good day he might acknowledge his hacking skills, too, though very quietly. As for weaknesses, he thinks of his entire being as a weakness. He's weak, clumsy, awkwardly gangly, a coward, crybaby, pathetic...the list goes on. He has no trouble coming up with insults for himself, unfortunately.

SANDSTORM: He's smart, he's strong, he can take care of himself and he doesn't get attached. Yes, he considers that a strength (even if it's a bald-faced lie). For weaknesses, he might begrudgingly admit that sometimes he cares and will go out of his way to help or save someone, as he's done twice now, with Whetstone and Mirage. He of course won't mention the risk-taker tendency verging on a death wish, nor the fact that he's an enormous asshole.

HUNKER: The box is a modest boy, and he might say that he thinks of his sturdy frame as a strength. Maybe one can needle him into admitting that he's pretty smart. For weaknesses, he'll joke about the narcolepsy glitch and his inability to get back up on his own if he falls on his back. In private, to someone trusted, he'd add the hallucinations, nightmares, and feeling like he's playing a game of catch-up that started four million years ago. If pressed further, Hunker will add that once in a while he resents having a non-mobile alt, and while he shouldn't see that as a flaw, being surrounded by mechs with mobile alts gets to him sometimes.

Araneiform (talk)18:03, 21 June 2017

Hunker talks to himself, or at least used to, right? Could you give us a little snippet? ;D

Fathom (talk)22:37, 25 June 2017

jeez you're gonna make me WRITE something, you monster. but yes, Hunker did and does talk to himself, though less now than he used to. and I SUPPOSE I can give you a little tidbit since you asked so nicely v:

"Hunker, it's been a while. Longer'n usual. You think they're comin' back?"

"'Course they are. They wouldn't leave me. I'm important. I hold the energon. They have to come back for that."

"I know,'s been a while."

"C'mon, Hunker, don't be like that. Dwellin' on it don't help nothin'."

"I know." Silence, and then an inhale. From inside the bunker, it sounds as if it comes from everywhere and nowhere all at once. "But right now, it's all I got."

Araneiform (talk)19:22, 27 June 2017

Jumpstart of Kalis

I'm just here so I don't get fined.

Ratchet (talk)01:14, 22 June 2017

Jump generally hates Decepticons, right? So what's the motivation for joining a ship and a mission full of them?

Pteropoda (talk)21:39, 22 June 2017

It wasn't always this way, you know?

Back when this shindig kicked off, Cybertron was a wasteland, no one knew any colonies existed, and the Lost Light was pretty much the only thing offering real, tangible hope. So Jumpstart, like many other fools, was snookered into joining the crew. Bamboozled, one might say.

And even then, having Decepticons on board wasn't like it is now. It was an unabashedly Autobot ship. Ultra Magnus was in charge! Then he wasn't. Then the Decepticons took over the medbay. And they started strutting around like they owned the place. It was as if they'd forgotten that they'd been defeated, and every attempt to recognize and atone for the deep trauma and pain they inflicted on the galaxy (and Jumpstart personally) seemed to be coupled with a demand to see things their way to afford them a modicum of respect that was hardly deserved, much less earned.

So Jumpstart thinks about leaving. A lot. If Jumpstart existed in MTMTE/Lost Light she would be firmly on Getaway's side and probably not too sympathetic to what happened to Team Rodimus.

Jumpstart puts up with Decepticons, both those that are in positions of power and those that are unrepentant, because she has to. If the opportunity presented itself things might be different.

Ratchet (talk)02:23, 27 June 2017

Arrow of Lanarq

I haven't really been able to get on due to bad hotel internet, but I hope to play with everyone soon! Figured I'd make a start for this anyhow. Any questions?

Themilokin (talk)19:49, 17 June 2017

COME BACK SOON, BRO!! Okay so a few Qs for our number one A(rrow)

What's it like living away Grifter? Does Arrow get calls from him anymore? When was the last time he saw him? What about Lockjaw?

Does he ever fear someone knows him because he screwed them over once during the war? Yanno, leaking information?

Boomer (talk)23:12, 17 June 2017

GIMME A WEEK AND I'LL BE HOME!!! QAQ Now, down to business!

Arrow's actually pretty used to living away from Grifter at this point. He didn't leave too long ago, but he's gotten used to not being underfoot for a gigantic mech and probably would object to having to live in the same tiny house they shared again. He misses Grifter himself, though, it's nice to know someone's got your back and will pick you back up when you mess up and that's been in shorter supply for him these days. He misses home though, no matter what he says.

He does still get calls, though not often because long-range communicators are expensive as heckie when you're out in the space-boonies like Grifter is. But every so often Arrow gets a call from his dad and they talk literally for hours, though it's not the same as being in-person. They haven't seen one another in... probably years. Decades possibly. Arrow's work with Rumour kept him pretty isolated from anyone he knew.

As for Lockjaw, Arrow hasn't seen him since he was much younger and Lockjaw was still his primary physician. Lockjaw left Lanarq years before Arrow did for classified reasons that he never ever brought up and he left with absolutely no warning. Arrow's looked for him, for Grifter's sake if nothing else, but he hasn't found anything.

Arrow is absolutely terrified that someone knows him because he screwed them over. He almost always did what he did under an assumed name or incognito in some fashion or another, but he knows that that's not infallible and that he can't win a fight if he gets found out. It's almost always a niggling little fear at the back of his head that just around the corner is someone who's going to recognize him and he's going to need to talk a lot faster than they can throw a punch.

Themilokin (talk)12:52, 18 June 2017

Does Arrow feel genuinely safe from his past problems on the Lost Light, or does it feel like a temporary thing where they could descend on him at any moment?

Pteropoda (talk)01:50, 20 June 2017

He feels safer than if he was just running about on his own or if he was stuck on a planet or a space station, but it's not a genuine feeling of safety. He doesn't know who would actually have his back if it came down to a fight or who would turn him in for money, so he's very much on-edge waiting for the other shoe to drop. The more into uncharted space that the Lost Light progresses the safer he feels, but Arrow probably will never feel truly safe.

Themilokin (talk)13:11, 26 June 2017

What, in Arrow's opinion, are his strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:10, 21 June 2017

Arrow, for all his bluster about his wit and charm and skill being his greatest strengths, would actually have a tough time coming up with specific things for this. If he was answering honestly, he'd probably say his skill at hacking is one of his best skills, and then maybe admit he's a pretty good dancer when he wants to be. He's actually quite good at keeping track of and remembering people and places and names and any information that might be of use later. He's good at getting what he wants from people, but he wouldn't say that one, he'd just think it. Beyond that, he'd have very little he'd offer up as any kind of strength other than he seems to be very good at not dying so far.

Weaknesses are easier, and a dozen come to mind if someone asks.

There's his inability to fly or even to transform without crashing his systems. He's petty, overly competitive about the dumbest things, and he doesn't take nearly as much responsibility for his actions as he should. He's cut corners and cheated others because it was easier than honest work and he's okay with that, but kind of hates that he's okay with that. He can't fight and is more likely to get people killed than to help them out in dangerous situations. He's a coward and doesn't like to face the music, but he's cocky about his skills and he lies as a reflex when he thinks something other than the truth might help him out more in a situation.

He's also tired, like, all the time. All the bluster and faking confidence is exhausting and he doesn't know how to stop doing it. He cares too much about what people think about him to actual try getting too close to people because he thinks he'll disappoint them in the end. He doesn't know how to change, and he worries that these weaknesses might not be things he can work on, but might just be ingrained flaws in spark.

Of course, those he'd just laugh off and say 'none, duh' instead.

Themilokin (talk)13:51, 26 June 2017

Blast Off/Fireflight

Ask me anything about shuttles or daydreamers! :)

StringTheories (talk)22:58, 16 June 2017

Blast Off - seems like he's got quite a few Autobot friends nowadays. how does Boff feel about how much he and Tex interact with them/get close to them?

Fireflight - how's he liking the LL? how does he feel about Raider dating a Combaticon?

Araneiform (talk)23:03, 16 June 2017

Blast Off is slowly learning that Autobots can be okay. He's still not totally trusting, and there's been bumps in the road, but I'd say he's almost 50-50 nowadays. Lately he's even starting thinking that *Rodimus* might be almost alright (who woulda thunk?)! The more he interacts with Autobots and sees them as real people and not the "enemy" of old, the more he's realizing that everyone, Bot and Con, have their own motivations and stories to tell. Lot of people on both sides were just dealing with the war the best they could, and with the cards they were dealt. Still, he's not exactly about to wear an "I love all Autobots" shirt anytime soon (if Cybertronians could wear shirts). There's millenia of combat, killing, and defending against to sort through still. Blast off is pretty iffy on Tex being in a relationship with Air Raid. With the exception of Skydive, he still harbors an old sort-of grudge against Aerialbots and *especially* the turbo-turkey Air Raid. Still, Tex is hos own 'bot and can do what he wants. Blast Off still values choice and isn't going to try to stifle Tex's choices. Unless he believes them outright harmful, which he hasn't seen from Raid yet.

Fireflight is enjoying it a lot! Well, except the worms, but he's had fun meeting new people and he absolutely LOVES being near his bros again. He's missed Skydive and Air Raid a lot and looks forward to spending time with them once more. He's cheerful but he knows he's a bit of a problem sometimes and is hoping to pick up on the traits of Big Bro Raid and Wise Skydive and Heroic Trailbreaker. As for Raid dating a Combaticon... it's a little confusing, especially given that Raid has always been so staunchly Autobot. He's heard things about Tex, too, stories about him taking people for a wild ride that they never return from and how he worked as a particularly effective - and scary- interrogator. Still, Fireflight has confidence in his Big Bro. If Air Raid thinks this is a good idea and trusts Vortex, then it must be a good idea! The war is over, after all, and Fireflight loves the idea of leaving it behind and everyone coming to work together now- or love each other, no matter the faction. So... he's a little bit concerned, given Tex's and the Combaticons' reputations, but totally willing to give Vortex a chance, because everyone deserves one!

StringTheories (talk)01:16, 17 June 2017

Fireflight baby has finally arrived on the Lost Light... only to watch it come to shreds and be stranded on yet another planet. At least he has his bros now!

So, how's he feel about reuniting with them? What about the journey they're on? Does he want them to go back to Cybertron or is he okay staying where they are?

Boomer (talk)23:55, 16 June 2017

He's so happy to be reunited with his brothers! He's missed them a lot, as I mentioned above, and feels like he can face anything this ship throws at him as long as they're there with him! Well, probably. Though thsoe worms were pretty scary. He looks up to both of them and hopes to learn from them and make them proud. The journey is an exciting one and he'd LOVE to see the Knights and see all the cool things that must come with being a Knight. The artifacts are interesting and he looks forward to trying to help in that search. There's part of him that would like to go back to Cybertron and have ALL the Aerialbots together again... that would be great! However, place isn't as important as the fact that he wants to be where his bros are, and if Raid and Sky are out in space, then that's a good place for him to be right now, too. (Space has its beauty, too, and they visit planets and places, so he still has lots of pretty scenery to enjoy!)

StringTheories (talk)03:15, 17 June 2017

We all know shuttles are Blast Off's favorite, but if he HAD to pick another alt mode, what would he choose?

Pteropoda (talk)01:04, 17 June 2017

Lol! HMMM. OWL!!!! Ok, I just like Boffwl a lot, and I do think the owl mode suited him quite well. If he was a beastformer he'd be an owl or a moth.

As far as non-animals go, Blast Off would still have to fly. If he wasn't a shuttle but could be a space craft of some kind, he'd go with that. Sometimes I think he may have once been more like the Fall of Cybertron Blast Off and been that sleek flying death church- er, spaceship with the cool jagged... stuff all around. If not a space alt, but he could be some kind of orbital drone or high altitude jet, that would probably be his second choice. (I guess high altitude jet is what his Combiner Wars toy is?? But let us not speak of that monstrosity. U_U) But you are right, shuttles (and space alts) will always be his number one.

StringTheories (talk)03:32, 17 June 2017

What do Blast Off and Firefly do to relax or de-stress? (Does Firefly even do that?)

Cornet (talk)01:39, 17 June 2017

Blast Off's idea of a quiet, relaxing evening is to sit with a good (romance, but don't tell anyone that) book, a glass of wine, and a comfortable chair- and not be bothered by anyone. He's quite happy just being a bookworm. He also enjoys anything "sophisticated"... he was once high caste and it's comforting to engage in high caste, cultured things. A night at the opera, a gourmet food tasting event, a fencing event, anything like that. Blast Off enjoys movies sometimes, even Earth ones, too, though few people see that side of him. He also enjoys just escaping to the stars themselves. Either flying among them or, if he can't travel up there at the time, he'll sit and starwatch (as long as he thinks no one is looking at him). He is an introvert and enjoys time alone and quiet things, though of course he is also lonely, but that's another matter.

I think everybody needs to relax or destress sometimes, even Fireflight. He's probably not as stressed as Blast Off, but I'm sure he enjoys hanging out with his Aerialbros or exploring new places and things. He loves flying and taking in beautiful scenery, though of course then his mind wanders and he may just as well crash as anything, resulting in needing perhaps a little more destressing. XD I am also starting to think he likes sweets and may enjoy some candy or fizzy drinks as an instant pick-me-upper. He is pretty cheerful most of the time, but even he will have his moments where a little relaxation and defrazzling are needed.

StringTheories (talk)02:59, 19 June 2017

How did Blast Off come to be a Decepticon, and later a Combaticon? How did he take it all and what were his initial impressions of both the cons and his team?

Boomer (talk)07:23, 18 June 2017

That is a really good question! :D ....And to be honest, I'm not entirely sure. There has never been a detailed backstory given anywhere officially for how the Combaticons became Decepticons or Combaticons (well except hints in the Wings Universe but that has the Combaticons starting as Autobots at first and ...uh... well that *could* have happened but I'll assume not here.... probably... >_>). I'd hesitate to say for sure much of anything about how the Combaticons came together without having agreed to it with the other Combaticon players.

That said... I can tell you some of my theories. Blast Off DID start as a very high caste mech, and was quite comfortable in his life of luxury, leisure, and space exploration. Then the first hints of war started to surface and things became more politically tumultuous ...the solid base of Blast Off's secure lifestyle began to crack. He began to see -and hear- of trouble stirring. At first I imagine he was content to look down on these riffraff troublemakers, but eventually he began to see that something was wrong and they had a reason to be upset about how they were being treated. Blast Off would have been concerned about this. He's got a reasonable nature and is willing to listen to someone who has some real grievances to address. He'd also see how those same people were being treated poorly and denied choice, and choice -and freedom- is something that's always been important to him. At some point, somewhere, I end up thinking he met someone or something happened that pushed him from casual observer to more of an active role.

I also see him as employed in space exploration, which may have gradually shifted into more combative jobs, like not only transfporting cargo but defending it from pirates and aliens too. Blast Off was good at transport but excellent as a sharpshooter, and I think that word got around. Eventually he was approached for a more military career, perhaps akin to Elite Guard or Special Ops (I believe he is canonly in Decepticon Special Ops early on in IDW history). And perhaps the person who approached him after hearing what a good shot he was WAS Onslaught.

It may be that as he got more involved in militaristic endeavors, he had a sort of fall from grace. Something happened that shattered his hold on the high caste world that he was used to. It could be that he was involved with the other Combaticons by then, and as they became more brazen and known for less-than-legal activities, Blast Off got in trouble with the law. He could no longer stay in high society so he went on the run and escaped... either landing with the Decepticons or the Combaticons, if he knew them by then. Whatever happened, he fell- hard- and had nowhere else to go except the gutter with the other Decepticon "trash". And it WAS hard. It's something he's never fully reconciled with. He had no choice but to hang with Decepticons- and found that he didn't relate to or understand most of them. Most were low caste miners and whatnot, and he came from the stars and high life. Most Cons seemed rather vulgar and crude to him. His already somewhat standoffish, introverted personality was only made worse by being such a duck out of water among a rough crowd, and I'm sure there were a few of the most rough Cons who gleefully took advantage of that to make him even more miserable (also causing him to retreat further into his walls). He never felt like he totally related to many of the other Decepticons, though he still identified with the Decepticon cause more than the Autobot one, which seemed to be about lecturing one on what one should do, mind control, and restricting one's freedom of choice. To this day, he still feels like he can't relate very well to your average Decepticon, and people like Quicksight just make him feel further ostracized. (The way that Blast Off clings to anything "high class" like wine is a residue of this whole fall from grace- it's his attempt to cling to something that feels normal, something where he feels secure and competent and maybe even admired or liked.)

Now, about the Combaticons. My headcanon was always that Boff was among the last of the Combaticons to officially join the group. I saw him as meeting Onslaught, Vortex, and Brawl (the most outright military members of the group) and eventually becoming part of the team. (Swindle likely came last, at least officially). However, looking at IDW now, with Boff as an *extremely* devoted SubCommander, I could also believe it was Onslaught and Blast Off long before the others came in. Whatever the case, Blast Off almost always liked Onslaught. He was a truck, which probably meant that Blast Off wouldn't have ordinarily really noticed him, but I like to think that Onslaught did something that immediately gained the shuttle's attention (I could even see Boff with the Decepticons already, maybe fighting alone in some losing battle, when Onslaught (and maybe the others) arrives and impresses Blast Off with his intelligence and heroic saving of the day.) Whatever happened, Blast Off was impressed by Onslaught early on. The others- less so. XD Blast Off's first impression of Brawl was probably poor- a big, loud, obnoxious tank- completely opposite to him, in other words. Vortex would have been oddly interesting in a way, and mmmm, those rotors, but the rotary's sadistic side would have kind of creeped Boff out tbh. He wouldn't have been sure what to make of him, would have been kept on edge at first despite being secretly intrigued by the rotary's attention (which is likely how Tex would like it XD). Swindle wouldn't be threatening, possibly even alright since he's friendly enough, at least, but his greed would keep the shuttle wary. Of course, as time passed, his opinions and attitudes improved considerably. The Combaticons became his family... and probably helped drag him down further into the gutter, but at that point he wasn't going to leave his family. He'd finally found "home" again.

StringTheories (talk)07:16, 20 June 2017

This one might be a little dark but I like the contrast. Does Fireflight remember the first life he took at all? If so, how'd he handle it?

Fathom (talk)16:37, 20 June 2017

Good question. HMMMMMMM. I think he does. He probably doesn't liek to dwell on it because it makes him incredibly sad, but he would definitely remember it. I'd guess he would have gone into battle and done as his training told him to, perhaps been engaged in an aerial firefight somewhere. He would probably have missed a lot of shots and been scared to death that he was going to get shot down himself. But then, one moment everything lined up and *blam*- he got "lucky" and connected. Watched the enemy go down in flames and explode in a smoking wreckage far below. I think that would have been about when he would have crashed himself, because he wouldn't have been able to focus on anything else after that. (Though if the other Aerialbots were there, they may have helped him keep it somewhat together. I still see him grounded pretty quickly afterwards though.) I imagine that that night he would have been uncharacteristically melancholy, though again if he had some teammates there to help him through it would've been a huge help. He would have felt horrible, having taken a life even if he essentially had to, even if it was him or them. It is not something he'd ever completely forget. However, he does have a naturally cheerful demeanor and I can imagine by the next day he would've appeared more normal again, even mirthful- even if he had to force it a little bit, trying to make sure those around him didn't worry. And eventually, it would even be real again. But afterwards, should he ever fly by that same spot, he'd always have a secret moment of silence for the life he took.

StringTheories (talk)23:31, 22 June 2017

I saw a question about alternate modes for boff, so same question for Flight:

If Fireflight had to choose a different alt mode what would he pick?

Is Boff comfortable with his size or would he prefer to be something less big?

Beachcomber (talk)18:23, 20 June 2017

Hmmmm. I think as bad as he is at flying, Fireflight still loves being high in the air where he can enjoy beautiful landscapes. If not a jet perhaps another flying mode, like a rotary or bird form? If not that, perhaps some kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle that would allow him to get back into rugged, unspoiled landscapes.

Blast Off is very comfortable with his size as a shuttle. He loves everything about it, including his ability to transport his team home. I always see shuttles as having an instinct to make sure everyone gets home, he just doesn't like to admit to it. But once they're his passengers, they're his responsibility. He's liked being able to get the Combaticons out of bad situations in the past, for instance. (He will just complain because he also is very finicky about people not messing up his insides, which I can't totally blame him for.) There are probably times he would like to be slightly smaller and more maneuverable, but not enough to give up shuttle mode.

I have rped in the past (not sure if it was here, I think it was elseMush) that he has been able to use the size of his alt mode to his advantage before. Situations where he was trapped in a building, surrounded by enemies and about to be captured or killed, and in a last, desperate move, he transformed INSIDE the building into his shuttle mode and escaped that way. Generally by having the building partially collapse on him in the process, so he was damaged, but using his rocket boosters he was able to force his way out and into the sky. So again, there are times it can be very useful to suddenly be able to grow into something MUCH bigger than your enemies. XD

StringTheories (talk)04:25, 25 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017

Furthest successful sniper shot, Blast Off! Or describe when he'd been the most proudest/pleased with a certain attack/mission.

Fathom (talk)21:08, 22 June 2017


Ask away!

Shipsgenius (talk)21:37, 16 June 2017

Glaze - will you ever return to medicine? what could make that happen?

Lockjaw - with your tendency to adopt sweet things that need mamagators, are there any babs on Eukaris that you miss?

Araneiform (talk)21:44, 16 June 2017

Glaze - He'd say no, never. However,in actuality there is a chance. There are circumstances that might push him to show his skills temporarily (say, someone legit dying and no medic around). It might be possible to convince him that returning to medicine furthers his goal of atonement.

Lockjaw - Definitely. Her background even mentions a couple friends.

Shipsgenius (talk)21:50, 16 June 2017

Think Lockjaw and Frisk could ever become friends?

TrickyToaster (talk)22:07, 16 June 2017

It could possibly happen. Right now, she still thinks he's a dishonorable little scoundrel for stealing from his own tribe, and more importantly, her, but he is still a Scalewalker, among all these standards, and other Eukarians.

Shipsgenius (talk)22:33, 16 June 2017

You think you're ever going to touch on the Brainstorm/Quark thing like IDW?

If you can't answer that bc PLOT, here are more questions:

Quicksight's got a new boss, and one he has to behave with because he's a soldier. Will he try to get along or will he try to make Blast Off's command as miserable as possible?

Also, if given the chance on Rigard, would Lockjaw try to go back to Eukarius to help her kind? Make sure everyone is okay?

Boomer (talk)22:35, 16 June 2017

Brainstorm - You mean besides the time machine he has clipped to his wrist?

Actually, I have touched a little on that here and there, though I have been hoping to do a little more. I haven't gotten this anywhere on screen, but Brainstorm probably does duck into the library periodically to stare at that different reality mirror we brought back from Hubworld.

Quicksight - Neither. He knows that duty is duty, but that won't stop him from getting pissy with Boff., especially considering that his beef with him is kinda personal.Even command can't get away from that, Boff will certainly not get that big a break.

Lockjaw - She is tempted, but she wouldn't stay there. She believes that she's doing more for her clan out here, helping with the fight against Unicron. Plus, someone has to keep an eye on Tourni and keep any cheating cloudwalkers from hurting her.

Shipsgenius (talk)23:13, 16 June 2017

Has Brainstorm ever considered just quietly ending his ties with the Decepticons, rather than making a big reveal of his status?

Pteropoda (talk)01:17, 17 June 2017

He doesn't intend to do either. For now, the Decepticon thing is a means to an end. He's not exactly expecting to continue existing after that end.

He wouldn't go for a big reveal either way though. That's just asking for a hole in the head, and in his spark, he's still an Autobot.

Shipsgenius (talk)01:22, 17 June 2017

Alright, round 2!

Going off a question from a totally anonymous source concerning a character I definitely have no stakes in, how does Quicksight feel about this not-friendship with Swoop?

Araneiform (talk)17:06, 20 June 2017

You're right, he'd totally never be friends with no Autobot! (Lieutenant doesn't count, he's a weird Autobot)

In all seriousness though, it's pretty similar on this end too. Were Swoop not a vile,Functionist supporting Autobot, Quick would probably be much more amicable with him.That little mess with Viviqueen and Swoop supporting her (as far as Quick is concerned) elitist lexicon would still put him off though.

The main factor in his opinion on Swoop though is Skystalker. Swoop's shown that he legitimately cares about Sky, and Sky seems to be happy around him. Both of those are big, big pluses in Quicksight's book, making him more aproving of Swoop.

He's not sure if he wants to classify Swoop as an idiot (the better category, as far as Autobots are concerned), but his opinion of him is at about that level of favourability, and open to slowly rising.

Shipsgenius (talk)20:03, 20 June 2017

Okay so I'm actually getting more curious about Quicksight so here are some questions for the small fry:

Was Quicksight always so angry with the Autobots? Was it simply because he was made to fight them and accepted it as his lifelong mission? Or did he ever wonder maybe they have a justified reason as well? Will this boy ever open his stubborn mind?

Boomer (talk)19:14, 20 June 2017

He was basically raised on stories of how the Glorious Megatron stood up against the Evil Functionists and their Vile Autobot supporters. By the time he left his first planet, he was fully convinced in the righteousness of the Decepticon cause, and the infallibility of Megatron (Spin really knew how to spin things, hehe). He didn't even consider considering the other side until he came to the Lost Light, and that took some pushing from several people.

At this point, he's still convinced that the Decepticons, and Megatron, were right, but he is willing to concede that some Autobots were simply too stupid to understand what they were getting into, or not given a choice. Everyone else is totally an asshole and a selfish monster. It will probably take a lot of effort, and some shattered worldviews to get him to drop a significant chunk of his black-and-white mindset, but it is possible. There have actually been some cracks here and there. Hell, he even called an Autobot a friend!

Shipsgenius (talk)20:16, 20 June 2017

why Glaze did name themselves 'Glaze' bc all I can think about is Glazed Donuts? (I'm sorry but this just came to me and I'm legitimately curious.)

Boomer (talk)19:14, 20 June 2017

He wanted to stick to the wintery theme. Glaze also refers to glazed ice, which is an ice coating that occurs when freezing rain or a drizzle hits a surface.

Shipsgenius (talk)20:20, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017


  • Strengths: His unmatched genius, obviously!
  • Weaknesses: He knows he's not the bravest guy around, and he's well aware of the 'challenge Brainstorm to get him to make something for you promptly' trick.


  • Strengths: Quicksight's really proud of his flying skills, and his capacity for stealth
  • Weaknesses: He's not built to take a hit, which is why he's learned to rely on the aforementioned flying skills when fighting to avoid getting hit in the first place


  • Strengths: Lock's a proud warrior, and she knows she's good at what she does, both in the physical, and the tactical sense
  • Weaknesses: While her size can definitely be a boon, it also makes her more noticeably, and makes it harder for her to pursue smaller enemies who can duck into hiding spots she can't follow them or climb up to branches that would simply break under her.


  • Strengths: If you'd asked Snowstep, he would say his medical talent. Glaze, however, might say that it's his dedication to his fellows. Or, if he was in a bitter mood, his ability to survive despite everything.
  • Weaknesses: His pride and thoughtlessness.
Shipsgenius (talk)21:54, 24 June 2017


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TrickyToaster (talk)21:41, 16 June 2017

What's Cosmos' opinion of all the other spacers?

Shipsgenius (talk)21:43, 16 June 2017

Ok lets do this! Blast Off: He thinks Blast Off is nice enough but Cosmos really doesn't think he can relate to the guy much.

Skystalker: He had a crush on Skystalker for awhile... still kinda does, the guy is hot ok!? Now its settled more to he just thinks of him as an attractive friend.

Astrotrain: Astrotrain makes Cosmos nervous sometimes, he still have expects the guy to take potshots at him when they are in space.

Orbitall: Astronomy enthusiasts unite!

Despite his opinions, in a way he does kinda feel a companionship with the other spacers. Another spacer is really the only one who understands what it is like being out in space all alone for months maybe even years on end.

TrickyToaster (talk)21:52, 16 June 2017

Waspinator - does he feel more comfortable now that he's starting to make some friends? like, at all? or is it still Terror Time always

Cosmos - how often does he think about smooching that handsome Soundwave face

Araneiform (talk)21:58, 16 June 2017

Terror Time comes and goes for Waspinator nowadays. When around people he knows won't hurt him for no reason, he relaxes immensely. When its someone he isn't sure about or knows for a fact will hurt him? That ruins his calm day, and if they hurt him it makes him jumpy the entire rest of the week at least.

...... Cosmos pleads the fifth. (Actually, not that much. He doesn't really see that as an accomplishable goal. Holding Soundwave's hand is actually a lot more common in his mind. Real calm, tame stuff cus he gets the sense if he even could become more with Soundwave, the mech doesn't seem like the overly affectionate or PDA type. Gotta keep your goals realistic, man.)

TrickyToaster (talk)22:06, 16 June 2017

S T E R L I N G! My gun daughter, my rock gal. Questions!

Screwloose is still out there, somewhere, but could anyone else on the Lost Light make themselves her new wielder? How would she react? More importantly, how would her programming react to the override?

And while we're on the subject, can we get a brief summary of how she was with each other her wielders?

Boomer (talk)23:00, 16 June 2017

Technically the answer to that one is no, not officially. Screwloose... along with a variety of things messed with the wielder coding in her processor. This is something none of her previous wielders had tried seeing as it is generally a good idea not to mess with someone's head when you have absolutely no idea how it might effect them. He messed with the coding just enough to disrupt it from truly imprinting itself on another wielder without manual prompting. She could have another wielder but they would basically have to go looking for the line of programming defining the spark signature of her wielder and override it. if it was overridden though.... honestly she would be relieved. Because it would mean Screwloose would no longer be able to come back any day he wanted and simply order her to return to him. If someone really wants to abolish the coding, they need someone adept at both complex programming and a specialized medical background... like one of our oh so love needle fingers mcgees.

As for her wielders... oof, here are the major ones who have been named in one way or another

Showdown and Distill: Her first wielder and his conjunx. Showdown was a senate enforcer just before the war began. She was a gift to him to help 'stamp down the rebellion'. She was incredibly nervous around Showdown and terrified of disappointing him, flinching despite the fact he never once struck her. Distill 'civilized' her for her conjunx, basically the equivilent of teaching her to be a proper lady and not some street ruffian despite her only ever being online to serve them.

Boltcutter: He was a secret Decepticon and Showdown's second in command. He took Sterling when he turned on his commander and became her second wielder. It was with him she realized that whenever her wielder died her programming reset and required her to find someone to replace them. He was always kind to her, for what its worth, but she never truly felt comfortable around him- usually turning in on herself. He was the first wielder she had who murdered her previous one.

Databyte: He was the horrible lead singer of an Autobot band called Unicron's Skidplate and he was who Sterling learned to sing and dance from... or rather FOR. He told her to learn to sing and dance to be the keytar player in his band. Every time something went wrong during rehearsal or on stage he would often blame her, even if it was very clear she was doing her part perfectly. Sterling had to walk on eggshells around him because he had a temper and a habit of throwing things when angered- though not usually intentionally AT her. Unknown to her, there were actually several mechs who went to see their shows just to listen to her, since she was the only genuinely talented on amongst them.

Kneecapper: A decepticon femme, Kneecapper wanted to rise up in the 'con ranks and didnt want to share the glory. She made Sterling stay in alt mode and remain connected to her at all times so that everyone would just think she had a sweet weapon ... AND that she would register as one mind on Soundwave's mind reading

Hailbrace: One of the first wielders she truly and genuinly liked, Hailbrace was like an older brother to her. The decepticon jet took her with him as he explored new worlds for the 'con cause. It was with him she first experienced rain, he let her run around in it for hours before calling her back inside to clean up and sleep.

Flip Kick: An Autobot bounty hunter, Flip Kick was one of the biggest party mechs anyone would ever see. The Autobot bounty hunter gave Sterling a love for partying and was one of the only wielders beside Behemoth she felt she could legitimately talk to ... yet also got her addicted to drugs and booze which she would only give up 1000 years before the war ended. He also is the one who got Sterling her full body black light tattoos.

Behemoth: Speaking of Behemoth, this the decepticon beastformer was Sterling's last wielder before Screwloose- an absolutely massive bull alt. The best way to describe him would be gruff grandpa, and would technically be the original founder of the 'gun daughter' ideal. She would use him as an umbrella or wind shield, sometimes even ride on his shoulder or alt mode. She could actually talk to him and have him listen.

Screwloose: Everyone knows about this guy and hates him. He was her last wielder and was potentially the hardest of Sterling's wielders for her to ever predict, because to his extreme emotional fluctuations due to his syk addiction. She was actually in love with him, not much. If she didn't have the wielder coding she wouldn't have given up her entire life for him or anything, but it made everything he did to her seem so much worse in retrospect- especially as she starts having normal relationships on the LL. She's realizing he genuinely never did care about her besides one of his tools, and that hurts more than she can say. It also makes her even more afraid of him because he is technically still her wielder, if he gives her an order she has to follow it. He could show up any day and drag her back into his life, and that terrifies her. She is going to kill him the next time she sees him, Sterling can promise you that. She is not going to live in fear the rest of her functioning.

TrickyToaster (talk)06:44, 17 June 2017

How does Strika feel about the Bot/Con ratio in command on the LL?

How does Frisk view the Autobot/Decepticon conflict compared to the tribes fighting on Eukaris?

Pteropoda (talk)01:12, 17 June 2017

As a Rigardian, Strika really doesn't care who is in charge as long as the command chain can function well. If things start becoming unravelled because of the decepticon/autobot conflict... well then she's going to be irritated, and then she's going to have to bash some helms together- regardless of how high up they may be, she's willing to take the following punishment if it means knocking some sense into them.

Frisk sees the bots and cons as being very similar to the situation on Eukaris just with a more defined reason for the fighting. The Decepticons and Autobots are just the two tribes of the standards, with the neutrals being basically a very large population of tribeless... and one can't argue they aren't with how vehemently some 'cons and 'bots are against the NAILs.

TrickyToaster (talk)06:50, 17 June 2017

If someone made a model ship of Cosmos, would Rung add it to his collection of ships despite not being an Ark model? And how would Cosmos feel about his response to that?

Beachcomber (talk)18:38, 20 June 2017

No, he would appreciate the (kinda weird) gift but not add it to his collection because he only collects ships he served on.

Cosmos would probably just squint at why there is a tiny him on a shelf somewhere.

TrickyToaster (talk)05:00, 21 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017


  • Strengths: Rung believes one of his strengths is his ability as a psychiatrist, he is able to help others.
  • Weaknesses: Well for one his physical strength, he ain't exactly buff. Second, he is old and gets tired a lot- both physically tired and tired of mechs' bullshit.


  • Strengths: Waspinator doesn't really consider himself as having any strengths, he just wants to survive. (in reality, Wasp's strengths would probably be the fact he is surprisingly big and strong, along with shockingly perceptive when needed)
  • Weaknesses: He is a coward and he knows it.


  • Strengths: Frisk knows he is an attractively dashing and puckish rogue! ... Buuut in reality would probably say he
  • Weaknesses: Frisk is tiny.


  • Strengths: Sterling would consider her combat ability her strength, she can hold her own fairly well (if allowed she also tends to have pretty on point fashion sense).
  • Weaknesses: Her social skills, Sterling is constantly internally battling on how obedient/"rebellious" she can be with who.


  • Strengths: He does his job well and he likes to think he is a good friend.
  • Weaknesses: Cosmos is very unsure of himself, insecure about his appearance, and just in general easily ignored.


  • Strengths: Femme is strong and she knows it.
  • Weaknesses: she thinks that with her role as a commander it puts a bit of a rift between herself and many other rigardians, shes seen as Commander Strika (as she must be) and not just Strika... though that is probably for the best. (she admits she can also be a bit short tempered)
TrickyToaster (talk)00:10, 24 June 2017


Edited by author.
Last edit: 04:55, 17 June 2017
Boomer (talk)21:41, 16 June 2017

Bladerunner - do you still keep in contact with Blockade?

Memory - just how many curse words did Miko teach you?

Lieutenant - will you ever try to visit Colossal?

Araneiform (talk)21:50, 16 June 2017

Bladerunner prefers to keep Blockade a secret. Given that his former 'mentor' is extremely anti-social, they don't talk anymore. However, should any occasion arise, Bladerunner knows where to find Blockade. But in short, no, he does not keep in contact.

Memory now knows all the common English curse words. Lieutenant curtails him from saying them out loud anymore after the Worms attack.

Oh boy. Colossal. Lieutenant would love to revisit Colossal but he's not even sure if the Titan* is alive anymore. If he is, there is no way that ship would want him back after what he did. Over two million years of dragging them through the war, and nearly getting him obliterated in the final fight for the crew. Not to mention the neglect afterward. It's best that Lieutenant never go back.

  • Disclaimer: Colossal is not a Titan like Chela or any of the other Titans crossed on this journey. He is a Titan class size.
Boomer (talk)22:06, 16 June 2017

So we've seen Memory's first impression of Fifi. What's Lieutenant's?

Shipsgenius (talk)21:51, 16 June 2017

"Who thought it was a good idea to give Vortex a drone?"

Lieutenant generally is okay with Vortex, though. So if he has a drone, it's not going to bother him much at all. He seems to appreciate and care for it so good for him!

Lieutenant is strangely comfortable with a lot that Vortex does.

Boomer (talk)21:55, 16 June 2017

Does Lieutenant have a personal growth goal at the moment? How does he feel like he's doing at it, if so?

Pteropoda (talk)00:22, 17 June 2017

To be perfectly honest, Lieutenant doesn't do anything that really matters to anyone, except try to encourage others. It's hard for him, especially with others he doesn't know very well, to open up and be friendly. He's been walling himself off for so long, trying to contain all his emotions that he's no sure how to let them out.

He took a step in forcing himself to be open with Cosmos, basically just to try and force himself open. Even then, he eventually snuck back into his closet. So he's not been doing a stellar job, at least how he sees it. But Lieutenant has come a very long way.

It's a shame and a blessing most of his development had to happen off screen. He was an incredibly difficult person to get along with before the Lost Light, and Lieutenant is thankful for that change. He still thinks he has to do better because as of right now, he's pretty sure he's only tolerated by everyone else on the ship.

Boomer (talk)00:38, 17 June 2017

For Lieutenant - It seems like a lot of familiar faces are showing up for him, how's he taking it all considering he can't forget any of his interactions?

For Bladerunner - Has a conversation ever had to turn into charades because someone didn't know Chirolinguistics?

Themilokin (talk)20:17, 17 June 2017

Lieutenant, surprisingly, was very distant from the war. He knows a lot about a good portion of the Autobots and Decepticons because he would hack to read profiles, read up on incidents, or articles. So he's had extremely little interactions with most mecha.

He knew what was going on, who was a part of what, etc. So there are those like Rodimus, Soundwave, Hound, Wheeljack... on and on, that he knows, and with most Autobots he's just 'okay' with them. Decepticons, he gives them a chance. Particularly after his Commander, he's more open to approaching them to give them a chance.

Like Vortex. Torturer, morbid humor, drops the flightless from deadly heights, yanno, the kind of guy you think of when you say Decepticon. Lieutenant gave him a chance and went from tolerating the mech to liking him. (Not like-like though, no. Their kiss was nothing except regret on cheating the rules.) So in short: Lots of familiar faces, but not familiar personally. They've just been names with faces until now.

Bladerunner has had a lot of charades in his day because it's common to come across someone who doesn't know chirolinguistics. He's not the best at it since, up until the Lost Light, he's had effortless communication with his previous crew. It's a whole new crew now, and a whole new process he has to learn. He finds just grabbing a tablet and writing much quicker for both him and whoever he's trying to converse with.

Charades is ridiculous and you either get laughed at or people just don't understand.

Boomer (talk)07:03, 18 June 2017

THAT PICTURE. <3 Also, ummm... tell me more about Lieutenant's love of libraries. Why are books so important to him? Why does he want to care take them and the places they reside in?

StringTheories (talk)06:16, 18 June 2017

Ohohoho~ Lieutenant's one true love to never abandon him: Books.

Being a tiny, unstable spark, he was in medical every day. Sure, he had Fantoccini to visit when he was recovering from his latest surgery, but other than that, it was real, super, BORING. Lieutenant (or Ten at the time) spent years stuck in a medical center because he wasn't strong enough to be out on his own, so he started reading.

And thus began his literary journey and discovery of his outlier ability: retaining perfect memory. Which lead to being given more books, more medical tests (because they were curious to see how it would affect his processor and spark), and even more books. Lieutenant couldn't put anything down, getting lost in the stories and information. The histories of Cybertron, the science, the religions, and even the instructions on how to build things. When he was alone, they were there for him.

He didn't know he wanted to be a librarian until the Decepticon attacks began - before it became an all out war. Lieutenant (actually going by Lieutenant now) heard Decepticons destroying a library. That's what got him started going around Cybertron with a majority of Decepticons/sympathizers, takings books and storing them himself for safety. When the war began, and he joined up with the Autobots, he had amassed a mini library of his own with a couple thousand titles. He promised that when the war was over, he would open his own library to start bringing back what was lost. Especially when MTOs came into the picture and Lieu found out a majority of them couldn't read more than a few "important" words.

Libraries would definitely increase interest and education to others. Besides, it's nice to open up a book and go somewhere else without leaving the comfort of your seat.

(Fun Fact: His own book collection was brought to the Lost Light and were the first titles contributed to the ship's library.)

(A not-so-fun fact: They're all destroyed now. R.I.P.)

Boomer (talk)06:49, 18 June 2017

What's Disaster's earliest memory as an MTO and how is he adjusting to basically being on his own, despite Lieu being *right there*

Beachcomber (talk)18:08, 20 June 2017

Ahhh my precious baby's first memory?

Blood, bodies, and metal everywhere. Disaster was the last of his batch to come online and when he did, his body was broken and bleeding. All he could see was the ground and whatever was scattered on it. He didn't know what to do so he just lied on the ground until he felt it was safe enough to move.

As for being on his own, Disaster is definitely holding his own. It's just new faces to him and he just has to get to know everyone! He may seem like a little naive baby, but he's very adept at handling himself. 2017-05-20 Unstoppable Force, Meet Immovable Object This was a 'recent' log where he does show he's got a solid handle on his own. DeeDee is doing well on his own <3

He tries to have little to do with Lieutenant, still and it's not something he's given thought to move past yet. (Except that one time he found out Lieu lost his head so he checked up to make sure he was okay. The baby isn't heartless.) One day he'll think about it, but for now, he just wants that to take a backseat.

Boomer (talk)23:07, 20 June 2017

PAYBACK. What would your characters say their strengths and weaknesses are?

Pteropoda (talk)01:09, 22 June 2017

NooOO! How dare you throw this back at me! >C

Fiiiine, I'll start from easiest to hardest to write.

Bladerunner sees many strengths in himself. He finds his speed his number one strength, and he feels his pride goes hand in hand with it. This speeder is also very collected but forward in his thoughts and actions. There's no time for dancing around anything! Get to the point and get moving.

Weaknesses though, he's easily insulted with little things. Bladerunner can also be very careless of what he says and pretty nonchalant and easy to order around. Particularly if it sounds like a challenge. Wanna race? You're on! Want to see him You need him to kill someone? Sure. Also, he sucks at tight/sharp corners when running or speeding. His biggest weakness.

Disaster finds himself strong in compassion and forgiveness. He sees the bright side in everything! He's friendly, he's physically strong and his drinking game is A-1 for a minibot. Easily adapts to his situations, and ready to lend a hand to anyone!

The thing is, Disaster sees things on the bright side too brightly. For him, everyone has the potential to be good and he trusts in them far too easily. His trust and kindness, thankfully, have really only been abused once and he's since gotten over it.

Memory's strengths: Existing. No weaknesses, he's perfect as is. (Okay maybe overly needy because he must be held and given affection by all! Blame Lieu for that, he spoils the baby with love and affection behind the curtains.)

For real though, he's a baby drone. He doesn't actually have doubts or goals outside of his programming. There are no personal strengths or weaknesses.

Oho boy, Lieutenant. Personal strengths? None. Zip. Zero. He hangs onto the remainder of pride for being an obedient subordinate. Other than that, nothing.

Weaknesses: Anxiety, Cares too much of what others think, Chronic Migraines, Constantly compares himself to others, Constantly looking for something (legal) to take to forget his memories, Easily Guilted, Emotionally Constipated, Hypothermia, Honorary Monoformer, Insomnia, Inability to give a damn about himself, Lacks in communication, Manipulated, Never good enough, Self-conscious (extremely so), Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Negligence, Suicidal, Survivor's Guilt, Thinks everyone hates him because he remembers everything awful he did around them, Vertigo, Wallflower, Weak Spark, & Worry Wart (That's all I can think of off the top of my head)

Boomer (talk)05:15, 22 June 2017


I think I only have the three... i think...

Beachcomber (talk)17:08, 20 June 2017

I'm just getting around to this now, shame on me

Watts' life on Caminus must've been vastly different from his time on the Lost Light. Does he ever miss his home or think he made the right choice in coming on board? Does he know much about the Cybertronian war? And does he ever fear that because he's on a ship of many soldiers from a war that he's not doing a good a job to help ease them?

Boomer (talk)18:38, 20 June 2017

He certainly misses his Amica and some of his familiar comforts of home, but seeing new places and, y'know, learning to use his alt are things he never anticipated being able to do with his life. It's very exciting to be in a place where his alt mode isn't deemed completely useless, and to be around others like him, but I think there's always the question in the back of his mind of 'is this the right thing to do'. I think it's a pretty normal response to a major change to have little twinges of regret and introspection of your reasons for making the changes, weighing the losses that you take for it.

Knowing how the crew feels about neutral parties, Watts does feel some intimidation in regards to his work. He came with good intentions, hearing that there was only 1 mental health adviser on board for such a large crew, but once he learned more about the situation he was definitely feeling in over his head, but part of maintaining a professional relationship is not letting yourself get too involved with the lives of your patients. Not everyone wants help, and you can't help people who aren't ready or willing to change themselves, and that's something he has to bear in mind when the feelings of guilt and failing start to creep in. He's a stranger and they have no reasons to trust him, so of course he can't help everyone, but his goal is just to do what he can. If he can help someone then it'd be worth it.

Beachcomber (talk)21:19, 20 June 2017

What do you think brought Beachcomber into the Autobots?

Pteropoda (talk)01:31, 21 June 2017

I think Beachcomber sort of drifted there, less by choice and more by chance? Like, he's a scientist, he's a geologist and he's a tiny little guy and he hates violence and it sort of makes you go '????' as to why a guy like that would sign up with the army yeah? His abilities and his experience as a survivalist and nature-dweller could have been put to much much much better use with the neutrals looking for safe places to hide and fuel to consume them right?

I kind of feel like there was maybe a series of events, little delays and omens and things that kept him from leaving with the NAILs. Creatures he wanted to protect, things he wanted to try to save from the fighting, a planet he wanted to understand why it was dying and how it could be healed or how to prevent it from happening elsewhere. There's instances in his lore where he's tried so hard to save the living creatures of the planet no matter how small, from the infamous Golden Lagoon to him hiding mechanical fleas in his wheel wells to give them a place to live. I think he's just the kind of guy to rush into the fray to get a frightened animal to safety more than a guy that wanted to 'fight the bad guys', but unfortunately Cybertron sort of ran out of animals to save....

Beachcomber (talk)06:21, 21 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:08, 21 June 2017


I think Beachcomber's strength is his, y'know, flexibility. Not the physical sort but like, an openness to new ideas, a willingness to learn and understand about why people are different and what they can teach to each other. Weakness is probably his vice when the materials are available. It's always been a recreational sort of thing but the war has been damned long and they've seen a lot of shit and he's almost died a couple times and he's seen friends die and he's been responsible for the deaths of people that likely knew and trusted him and so it's definitely turned into something of a crutch. Meditation only goes so far when you're waking up because you think your head is exploding again.

Watts... is a little harder. His neutrality is both a blessing and a curse, since he can see them from an outsiders' perspective and they all just look like the same tired, frazzled, poorly adjusted, post traumatic stressed out bots to him; but they also likely don't trust him further than they can throw him. Though his weakness might be that he's a bit lonely for company on a ship where most people are patients and professional decorum demands a certain amount of standoffishness to separate them from his personal life.

Fanto's strength is his fashion sense and his weakness is the fact that he'd fall over in a stiff breeze.

Beachcomber (talk)06:35, 21 June 2017

Minimus Ambus of Ambustus Prime

I'm a little fried on questions so I may not dig out very many either but I am here if you want to ask me stuff!!

Sao (talk)22:44, 16 June 2017

the pickle and Soundwave seem to get along very well, but does Minimus consider him at all anything more than just a like-minded coworker?

Araneiform (talk)22:46, 16 June 2017

Minimus considers Soundwave a ffff .... fuck you.

Honestly, up until that little blowup, it was probably a tentative friendship, unacknowledged. Minimus would say "colleague". He had/has a lot of respect for Soundwave and for him that's not very disconnected from where friendship begins? But he was still pretty wary. It's hard to overlook the past, particularly when it becomes clear -- as it did in that scene -- how much of the past IS NOT past.

Sao (talk)18:44, 19 June 2017

What would Minimus change about the current Command structure to make it ideal, in his mind?

Pteropoda (talk)00:33, 17 June 2017


Honestly, he's fine with the current command structure but being at the bottom of it rankles in a way that he didn't balk at being a rank-and-file, despite the fact that he put himself into both positions. Being Ultra Magnus has been his profession for a long time, really, and he's good at it, and Ultra Magnus is a command officer.

There's a degree to which he's just kind of ignoring that part except when it comes up. I fully expect that, like, he will not hesitate to try to boss around Drift, Hound et al, even while paying lip service to where he's actually supposed to be in the command chain.

Sao (talk)18:37, 19 June 2017

What, in Minimus' opinion, are his strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:12, 21 June 2017



Tez (talk)21:35, 16 June 2017

So we finally achieved something! The Knights- or what's left of them- have finally been found! So how is Rodimus taking this, and how does he feel about them now? Expectations must be shattered.

Boomer (talk)21:45, 16 June 2017


This would be a banner-worthy occasion, if only the ship were intact enough for there to still be a space large enough for them to party. Calling Rodimus's expectations shattered is more than fair for a couple of reasons:

  • Anialus doesn't exactly seem like a sparkling paragon of wisdom and justice. In fact, the Knights of Cybertron were maybe people Just Like Them. They might not have all of the answers that they set out on this whole quest to find. In which case, why are there even out here?
  • Also, that asshole AI doesn't like them. WELL FUCK THAT GUY AMIRITE?

This is as close as they've come to the Knights -- to the real Knights: to seeing them, or a shadow of one, and being able to talk to him face to face; to walking the same halls the Knights once walked, just as sure as they walked the ruins of the Acropolex (later Metroplex) in Nyon; to actually holding in hand artifacts of the Knights, things that meant enough to them for them to make sure they survived millions and millions of years to come to them now. They are achingly close to the Knights--

Which makes it seem like they've never been farther from answers. Rodimus hasn't quite been able to bring himself to ask Anialus about Cyberutopia or the Knights or any of it. He's pretty sure he's not going to like the answer.

Tez (talk)00:49, 19 June 2017

What would Rod say if he ran into Bumblebee again? Bonus: Starscream

Cornet (talk)23:02, 16 June 2017

Rodimus has actually been in contact with Starscream and Bumblebee a fair amount: Starscream as the representative of Cybertron, Bumblebee as the other face of Autobot high command. Also Prowl. As Prowl (Prowl (Prowl)). The Lost Light was only out of contact with Cybertron during season one. During season two, the Lost Light made initial contact with the colonies -- but after that, relations were transferred back and almost exclusively handled with Starscream. There's probably a council of worlds at this point, come to think of it, although otherwise the events of RiD have largely not happened on Cybertron, due mostly to the fact that Megatron hasn't made a reapparance.

Rodimus and Starscream don't ... get along. They don't NOT get along, but Rodimus will take Soundwave over Starscream any day. Starscream's probably not happy about the fact that the Lost Lighters are the ones making contact with the colonies, but in our game canon, they were the ones that found the colonies through the Matrix map.

If he ran into Bumblebee again, his first, second, and third questions are all going to be about the Matrix: any chance there's been any sign of light, of life, of power in it? ANY CHANCE YOU HAVE A WEAPON TO KILL UNICRON, BUMBLEBEE? He'd also probably want to put the other half of the Matrix under Perceptor's microscope again to make sure they didn't miss any secret clues. Possibly also to look for more information on the Guiding Hand, and if there's anything about Unicron in there.

Also, he has some news about Autobot leadership on the ship that he should reall gives Bumblebee a heads up on....

Tez (talk)04:09, 19 June 2017

How does Rodimus feel about the crew's confidence in him right now? Obviously his confidence in their confidence took a blow after the vote, etc, and previous events, is he going into this badge removal thing preparing for the same thing, or does he think that it will blow over? Does he think that, even without the reveal, he's come to prove himself as Captain right now and stick it to any (AI) parties that say he's not doing a good job?

Pteropoda (talk)23:08, 16 June 2017

Even before Magnus's complete failure to understand why he would want to do this, Rodimus was pretty sure that there would be portions of the crew that would feel like this is a bigger betrayal than stashing Overlord on board. At least they had Overlord on board so that they could tease secrets out of him that would further the Autobot cause, amirite? But this...!

So, he's braced for it to get a little ugly. He is not, however, going to be putting anything up to a vote. The Autobots will still have Hound and Ultra Magnus (sorry, Drift, you don't count for this) to look to as Autobot leaders in command. The ship will run the same in every other respect: by Autobot rules, in the name of Autobot values (which aren't that different than Decepticon values in THEORY; it's the rules where they really differ). The code of conduct isn't changing. Just the figure at it's head. But -- that can mean a lot to people, so he expects people are going to ignore how everything ELSE is all the same and focus in on how he's ABANDONING the CAUSE. (Or them. Looking at you, Mini.)

But he also has confidence in the crew, despite that. They are facing maybe their biggest challenge, literally and metaphorically what with Unicron being the size of planet and EATING PLANETS. So even if they are pissed at him, that's not going to stop them from doing what has to be done.

His sense of offense where Anialus was concerned was less about any sense of personal insult and more that he's mad at the AI for sassing a crew which has done everything they can and for mostly the right reasons. Because he DOES believe in them. He's proud of the Lost Light. It's not that he's proved himself, it's that his crew has.


He does also think he's proved himself to be, if not a good leader now, then capable of becoming one. He's still learning -- every day, all the time -- but you see in small ways and in large ways that he's Trying To Lead. People fall back on old ways of thinking of him as much based on player's OOC as character's IC patterns of thinking, I think. It's always hard to change, and people will always think of you first as you were instead of looking at what you are doing now.

Rodimus has never been a terrible leader, in my opinion. (I'm biased.) He's personally reckless, but he's far from careless with his crew. (Not like he used to be. AHEM, OVERLORD.) Even when he totally ignored datapads that crossed his desk, he always trusted that anything that was truly critical would be brought to his attention by his command staff, and he checked in with area heads frequently. This is still true, but he's slightly better about getting at least an abbreviated overview of what hits his desk. Magnus was -- and is -- an incredibly good influence on him. I've basically been pouring Rodimus's XP straight into command for like the past year to reflect that.

Side bar: I've talked about how some people out there in the universe headcanon Rodimus's struggles with the busywork of command in comics as an issue of dyslexia, which is not a headcanon I hate, by any means, but one I've decided not to retroactively apply. BUT I AM FOND OF IT. I think there is very strong support in canon for Rodimus not being that great with words. Drift writes his best speeches and Rodimus misuses words and phrases TERRIBLY. ALL OF THE TIME. He doesn't have a strong vocab. He was raised dirt poor -- rust poor, maybe; the area in Nyon we first see is literally called the Rust Narrows -- and I think he lacked an education before he hit the Autobot Academy. He undoubtedly struggled to keep up and probably did the equivalent of graduating with A+s in PE and Theater and C-s in English and History and Ds Math and Science. Smart, but he never had the chance to catch up, and anyway this is who he is now.

I think Rodimus keeps a pretty close eye on what happened on Cybertron -- with Starscream being in charge -- and takes it very much to heart as a warning. If the combined goodness of Bumblebee and smarts of Prowl couldn't stop Starscream from taking over--

As has been said -- as he told Magnus -- the Autobots won the war but they are going to lose the peace.

Tez (talk)16:08, 19 June 2017

How's Rodimus feel about the ship getting grounded and the crew being (sort of) stranded at the mercy/stewardship of a planet's population/Elita/etc? Is he feeling like this change of events/destruction of the ship reflects on him at all, or is he seeing this as an opportunity to try something new (and still shine, probably XD)?

StringTheories (talk)23:18, 16 June 2017

RODIMUS DOESN'T LIKE BEING AT ANYONE'S MERCY. He's a low-key stage of thrashing impatience feeling like his wheels are glued down.

He very much prefers to think of them being here on the Titan's sufferance than at the mercy of a politicking bunch of chuckleheads who can't even keep their division from leaking out to the crew. Fortunately, they aren't really -- stuck. The spacebridge can go literally anywhere because the Knights are basically gods and they are welcome to use it to go bascially wherever -- except Cybertron. Although they can go real close to Cybertron, or one Autobot or Decepticon stronghold or another.

So that keeps the thrashing at low-key. Repair of the Lost Light is ongoing. It's not an issue where they lack for resources or ability to get them so much as they lack for time. It will take a long time to repair the Lost Light with how extensive the damage was.

He doesn't particularly see this as an opportunity for him or a reflection on himself. He thinks the crew did well getting them away from Unicron in one piece(ish). That's more a reflection on them doing well than on his leadership. As for Unicron waking -- try though Anialus might, Rodimus also refuses to accept blame for that. There was literally no way that they could possibly know what was happening, and there are a lot of unanswered questions that he's hoping to get answers to regarding the Thingy and how Unicron was killed.

They are, by necessity, doing something new, but that's just adapting to the situation. They are a functional, agile enough crew to be able to adapt to even this kind of crazy circumstance. It's not an opportunity he was looking for, but it's a challenge he knows they'll beat.

Tez (talk)16:35, 19 June 2017

Magnus has a very personal stake in what Rodimus is trying to achieve by giving up the badge. I know y'all are going to reconcile this (right??? )<) but I wonder, how would Rodimus react if they couldn't? If there was always this wall between them from now on because of Rodimus removing his Autobrand?

Araneiform (talk)16:30, 19 June 2017
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "everyone has these really serious good questions and I'm over here like"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "WHAT IF MAGS AND ROD BROKE UP"
[Public] Rodimus says, "they might"
[Public] Rodimus says, "sao and i haven't discussed it"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop ;A;
[Public] Prowl! Lieutenant says, "ROD PLS"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "yeah I knew it was a possibility"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop sniffle, wipe eyes, I-I'm not invested or anything, whatever
[Public] Rodimus says, "lol"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "christ"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "dont do this to me"
[Public] Rodimus twist knife
[Public] tips pls Penchant bleed on your face >:|
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "pls no it's like my lone OTP"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "fuck me"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "omg Pench"
[Public] Sulkman Soundwave says, "Pench needs the red and blue"
[Public] tips pls Penchant lie on face

That depends very much on what you mean by reconcile this. Will Rodimus and Ultra Magnus talk out the issue, instead of leaving it to fester? Yes. They are grown ass adults who have come pretty far in their professional and personal relationships. They've had to learn to talk out a lot in order to be able to make this balance they have with the three of them -- Drift, Rodimus, Magnus/Minimus -- work.

But will they agree at the end? No. Not necessarily.

I've definitely had to stop to ask myself what Rodimus would do if Ultra Magnus says no. If Magnus walks away. If the choice becomes Ultra Magnus ... or this.

And the thing is -- I really think Rodimus would be wrong to change his mind because of that. This is an issue that is so much bigger than the two of them. If Rodimus made the choice to step back because he was afraid of losing Magnus, he'd be a little bit less of a leader. It would be different if Ultra Magnus's arguments persuaded him, but they don't. Rodimus has listened to him, he's considered it, but he disagrees. The only reason for him to step back would because of that fear of a personal loss.

Leadership's hard. Sometimes it's even brutal. And sometimes you have to make decisions that people won't agree with, and won't make you popular, but you have to do them because it's the only right thing to do. Because you think it's the only right thing to do, of course. It's impossible not to acknowledge that there's an arrogance in Rodimus assuming that he knows the way to the future, and that HE'S the one that's right, even when the very best around him -- Ultra Magnus, Hound -- have reservations. Rodimus thinks he's the only one looking to the future.

I think that no matter how it falls out, even in the best possible world, there's also going to be a wall that they will have to work to step over when Rodimus removes his Autobrand. A gap that they have to bridge. But it's either going to be something that they work to move past -- or it's going to get very wide, very big, very fast.

Either way, there's no one else I'd rather play it with than Sao.

Tez (talk)17:16, 19 June 2017

Awwww. <3

Sao (talk)18:47, 19 June 2017

What, in Rodimus' opinion, are his strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:11, 21 June 2017

Penchant/Roughshod/Whetstone/Air Raid


Fathom (talk)01:29, 17 June 2017

Whetstone - how does he feel about the only Knight being the prick that is Anialus? is he going to ever talk to the AI? how does he feel knowing they're searching for artifacts left by the Knights?

Roughshod - haven't seen the horse around lately! how's he dealing with everything the Lost Light has gone through wrt Unicron and Rigard?

Penchant - is there any part of him that feels demeaned at all over Soundwave asking him to become a cassette, especially considering Rat-Bat was made one as a punishment? and also since he can't smooch Skystalker anymore, are there any other mechs he's got secret crushes on?

Araneiform (talk)01:46, 17 June 2017

Whetstone - Whetstone hasn't been deterred by that personality, not yet anyway. Granted, he hasn't be subjected to it. In the face of Anialus, he just stands reverently and murmurs prayers. He may try to talk to Anialus about Cyberutopia at some point, if someone doesn't beat him to the punch. As far as getting to go out and dig up artifacts, he's naturally ecstatic about it. It's all real! We're on the cusp! He goes on at length about this to Rodimus in 2017-06-18_Learning_Styles.

Roughshod - Roughshod is trying to keep busy. There's big, grand, sweeping things that are happening around him, and he feels as though he can't really do much to help. It's all very larger-than-life and he's just a simple crewmate, in his mind. So he's looking out for those close to him, and trying to build on friendships, mostly with Sterling, Deluge and Hunker.

Penchant - Penchant tries to play the long game in a lot of cases. An insanely important (or terrible!) figure in their race's tremendous history has asked him to hold a slightly more permanent position beside him. One way or another Soundwave is deeply influential, and Penchant wants to wield that influence - somewhere, somehow, and at some point in the future. It could be a very long game. But Penchant isn't immune to poor choices, and it doesn't help that he actually likes Soundwave's company. He's grateful for being taught how to use his telepathy. He can go to Soundwave with his problems, his secrets, his doubts. He can count on Soundwave to get a job done. And he likes his dry humor. If he could just toss that purple badge!

Penchant failing to put in the time and effort with Skystalker has pushed him further towards this grim decision. As far as Rat-Bat goes, he's aware! He tries not to think about it. It'd be amusing if someone actually brought it up to him in-character.

Regarding romance... he likely won't try to act on anything for a long while. Who would want a crappy luggage bellhop anyway. :( But he might steal some glances at Static.

Fathom (talk)05:50, 19 June 2017

What would have happened to Whetstone if he didn't have the Circle of Light?

Pteropoda (talk)01:47, 17 June 2017

Whetstone ended up with the Circle of Light because of Dai Atlas' mass exoduses. He didn't hop off at a spaceport, for whatever reason, instead lingering with the 'zealots'. Perhaps because there was nowhere else to go, no one waiting for him anywhere. Without guidance from some very kind and patient teachers, Whetstone may have gotten himself kicked off Theophany. He'd only know how to make money by fighting, so he'd scrap with spaceport thugs and end up in a bad way. Basically, while he's gotten in a bit over his head with knighthood, it was the best situation for him to fall into. He has a temper still, one way or another, but at least he's got some Primus-fearing guilt.

Fathom (talk)06:00, 19 June 2017

What are Raid's feelings towards each of the Aerialbot team members?

StringTheories (talk)02:03, 17 June 2017

Air Raid's team means the world to him, naturally. He has close relationships with each member, but Skydive and Fireflight are the most important. Skydive, for teaching him almost everything there is to know about dogfighting, patience and perseverance, and Fireflight for bringing him cheer and mirth in the darkest hours of his life. He has an annoying-kid-brother relationship with Slingshot and likes to war with him a lot, and endless respect for Silverbolt, despite his /ridiculous/ phobia.

Fathom (talk)06:05, 19 June 2017

Does Penchant ever think about reaching out to the neutrals he once led? Why did he join the Lost Light anyway? Was it because of what happened with Turnaphase or did he really believe in the journey he was about to partake in?

Boomer (talk)05:06, 17 June 2017

Penchant left his settlement in the hands of one of his most trusted officers. He's confident that it's still going strong and thriving as a peaceful, neutral bastion. He plans on returning, one day. I always thought it could be fun to do a little plot around that, just for other players to experience a small, regular transformer settlement that wasn't a colony, and the challenges they faced sharing a planet with a different race. Part of Pench tries not to look back too much. His big angry split with Turnaphrase did spur Penchant to join the Lost Light, after their return to Cybertron. To him it was a way forward - THE way forward, and away from the heartache. He believes that Rodimus is the person to follow, if they're to recreate a thriving society.

Fathom (talk)06:13, 19 June 2017

Roughshod- How do you feel about some of the Lost Light members? Example: members of security or the people he's grown close to

Penchant- One of the previous questions brought up a thought for me... does Penchant even know Ratbat was forced into a cassette body by Soundwave? And if not how would he react to finding out this information?

TrickyToaster (talk)14:13, 17 June 2017

Roughshod is consistently surprised by how kind everyone is. Or how forgiving. He'd spent a long, long time aboard the 'con vessel that destroyed his settlement, and the crew was about as thuggish as it got for late-term Decepticon recruits. They abused him and whoever else that survived the pillaging, for as long as they could, until he got 'mean'. So he remains cautious, even with the 'bots he likes. He spends most of his time with Starstruck and Deluge, and he's particular fond of the latter, though he's been kinda' awkward with Deluge since 2017-02-15_Horsing_Around. He likes Hunker so far! Good, solid box.

Penchant is aware of Rat-Bat's fate. If someone were to bring it up to him IC, he'd probably get all puffy or brush it off. He might be a little emotionally compromised right now.

Fathom (talk)06:26, 19 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:11, 21 June 2017



Pteropoda (talk)22:37, 16 June 2017

does Hound like being as high-ranking as he is, or has he just kind of been climbing because of promotions/his dependability and taking what life gives him?

Orbitall so far has befriended Chimera and Conduit quite easily, it seems, as well as ended up dating Swoop. one could say he's attracted to danger. why is that, considering how unassuming and quiet he is?

does Static miss his found fam of Eukarians/his amica? completely biased, but what sorts of call homes/gifts maybe does he send Mudwalker?

Araneiform (talk)22:38, 16 June 2017

Hound has very mixed feelings about his current rank. He's proud of the work he's doing, and he knows he can do it competently, even though he may not have as good a hold of the whole bureaucratic aspect as some other previous members of the ship who have held the position and shall remain nameless. It helps that he's had some time to get used to being in this position on the Lost Light, and that the crew has gotten used to seeing him in that position. He's grown into it some, and settled into the rank by now.

That said, he doesn't necessarily like how high he's been getting in the ranks. Hound doesn't have ambitions of leading the Autobots or anything, and although he's satisfied with his ability to lead when called upon to do so, he knows he's not an Optimus Prime or anything like that. He doesn't give grand speeches, he doesn't cut an inspiring silhouette, and he doesn't want to be that. He doesn't want to be the one making the big decisions for an entire army, or a quest, or anything like that. He's okay with getting his orders handed down to him from above, though he may at times agree or disagree with those orders, he's a loyal soldier at heart and by training. He doesn't mind staying in that role.

Also, he has a lot of skills that he is also very proud of, and wants to be able to use out in the field. The tracking and holograms and things he doesn't get to do so much when he has to be on the bridge giving the orders. There's definitely a large part of him that misses being a simple scout, and just going out on the trail to collect information.

So in short: he isn't completely happy with it, and he won't climb the ranks any further if he can help it, but he will do the task he's been given to the best of his ability and find his peace with it.

Pteropoda (talk)23:53, 16 June 2017


I'd say that Orb doesn't befriend people so much as he just finds people who show confidence and direction, and kind of ends up drifting along in their wake. It helps when they show some form of consideration or affection for him as a person. He is the fly most easily caught with honey. He's been on the ship for a while now, but spending time around people who seek him out and interact with him still manages to surprise him. Given his own inability to create direction or meaning for his life, he kind of... siphons purpose off of those stronger-willed people who he falls into orbit around. Honestly, it could have happened with anyone, not necessarily just the dangerous ones.

... That said, I do like the thought of him accidentally becoming a death cultist. So that affects things too.

does Static miss his found fam of Eukarians/his amica? completely biased, but what sorts of call homes/gifts maybe does he send Mudwalker?

Static does miss his family a bunch. Maybe even his amica. He guesses. But he knows they're doing okay where they are, and leaving with the Lost Light probably settled an itch to wander that had been building in him a while. He plans to go back eventually, and he'll probably use the space bridge for that at least once, with the threat of Unicron hanging overhead. Most of the things he gives them are stories, though. The Lost Light is rich fodder for entertaining anecdotes. Mudwalker specifically, he doesn't have to get anything super fancy to make him happy. Just some silly tourist souvenirs, or like a rock or something with a story behind it.

Pteropoda (talk)00:13, 17 June 2017

ORBITALL it's been so long since he's been around so he deserves some love. So does he feel including in the Spacer love or does he feel ostrisized because he's a satellite and not a shuttle/UFO/Starfighter? Would he ever consider changing alts or does he love himself as is? (Like he should bc he's a cutie <3)

Boomer (talk)22:47, 16 June 2017

I need to get him out more! I love my space bouy even if he's difficult sometimes.

Orb never got the Spacer Superiority thing, mostly because he tended to be out of contact of people (though some of his other satellite connections got it. Ask me about Aphelion sometime). Sometimes he feels awkward and useless because once he's in space he's just drifting out there and unable to maneuver, but mostly he's grateful to have people who understand what it's like to be out there, alone.

Changing alts-- he would consider it if someone he admired suggested it, but not until then. He is what he is and he wouldn't think to change it.

Pteropoda (talk)00:16, 17 June 2017

Who's Aphelion? I feel I should know but I don't ;;"

Boomer (talk)00:20, 17 June 2017

He's never come up in the MUSH actually! He's another satellite who is, depending on the universe, Orbitall's brother, or his mentor and nearest contact in this whole being a satellite business.

Pteropoda (talk)01:03, 17 June 2017

This is not a question but I want to know more about Aphelion. :o

Fathom (talk)06:28, 19 June 2017

Okay so, picture Blast Off. Now paint him white and turn him into a satellite instead of a shuttle. And take away the wine thing.

That's basically Aphelion.

Aphelion was probably Orbitall's most frequent contact before the war broke out. Their orbits around Cybertron brought them into brief but not uncommon contact, and as a more experienced satellite, Aphelion tried to take Orbitall under his wing, but he wasn't particularly good at it-- most of his advice focused on "Spacers are the best" which didn't really stick with his audience. He disappeared during the early days of the war and Orbitall hasn't seen or heard from him since.

Pteropoda (talk)11:02, 19 June 2017

What does Hound think of the Decepticons? He's a loyal Autobot, but I wonder if there are part of the Con cause that Hound can empathize with.

StringTheories (talk)07:23, 19 June 2017

Okay, with the caveat that I am not at all caught up in MTMTE and the way that might affect Hound's characterization in answering this question...

I think there's some of the Decepticon cause that Hound once agreed with. I headcanon Lower Monoplex as being an area that's kind of poor, so I could imagine that, had he not joined the Elite Guard, he could have agreed with Megatron's messages. Especially since there is, I imagine, some tensions between Lower and Upper Monoplex with regards to the inherent status of mecha whose sparks were uncovered from each area. The idea that things don't have to be like this, that they could demand change and make things better, would absolutely have resonated with him.

But of course the Decepticons didn't really exist back then, and by the time they did Hound was advanced within the Autobot ranks. That didn't mean he didn't have some sort of sympathy for the dissenters. He could definitely see flaws in the government of Cybertron, and it's leaders, but Hound might have bought some into Autobot/Senate propaganda about Decepticon terrorist tactics, which would make him disapprove of them a bit. He also did see a lot of the results of their insurgent actions, when he was working with Sentinel's forces, and later with Orion Pax, so he knew the damage they were causing in pursuing their goal. That said, I definitely think his faith in the system was slowly being worn down. If Megatron and Orion Pax had continued to work together after defeating Zeta, he would have earnestly gone for it. He might have argued against the Decepticons' methods at time, but he wouldn't have considered leaving their combined forces.

But Megatron betrayed Orion Pax after Zeta's death, and I think that strongly affected Hound's view of the Decepticons. This is the point where he realized that no matter what they might have in common, Megatron, and therefore the Decepticons, wouldn't stop until they'd destroyed everything of the old system no matter what value it might have had, and remade it in their image.

After millions of years of war, I think his opinion on that has changed some, because the Autobots have done some terrible things as well. He's willing to reconcile, and willing to hope, but he's still kind of wary of that aspect of the Decepticons.

Pteropoda (talk)01:35, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:10, 21 June 2017

Fortress Maximus/Grotusque/Trailbreaker/Nightshade


Cornet (talk)22:20, 16 June 2017

Nightshade - what's your favorite thing about the Lost Light?

Trailbreaker - do you ever try to catch up with the old outlier crew?

Araneiform (talk)22:29, 16 June 2017

Nightshade likes the idea behind the Lost Light's mission itself, that of finding the Knights of Cybertron and trying to progress past the war and DOING SOMETHING, DARNIT. She's terrified of being left idle and without something to strive for, especially since the Decepticons lost. So for her, anything that can be seen as progressing/evolving as a whole is good. Even if they never find the Knights, they're doing something. In her mind, anyway.

Trailbreaker probably tries to catch up with Windcharger sometimes, though due to his low self-image he sometimes worries about feeling like a loser in comparison. He sometimes wonders what happened to Glitch.

Cornet (talk)22:38, 16 June 2017

Alllllrighty, Nightshade! Because you're new, you get questions.

So being a tiny tiny scientist, Decepticon scientist now less, was Nightshade ever scrutinized for her size? Made even her skill? She's not like a lot of Decepticons after all, so it seem like maybe she had difficulty fitting in.

Boomer (talk)22:30, 16 June 2017

She did have trouble proving her worthiness and usefulness, especially since her spark wasn't really suitable for a frame transfer. (And she might not have gone for it anyway, being a Beastformer with a bit of spiteful pride attached to that.) She was often dismissed and laughed at, and it was thought she was mostly there because the (now-deceased) mentor who taught her chemistry in Kaon was a Decepticon herself. But this was really nothing new to Shady, who was a tiny, physically weak Beastformer in the era of Functionalism. She more or less made herself useful by her willingness to use her skills for whatever the Decepticons asked of her, which left her a liiittle Morally Compromised, let's say. Oh, and that forceful, extroverted personality and tendency to make grand speeches might have helped.

Still, there's a reason she's so gracious to anyone who doesn't dismiss her outright.

Cornet (talk)22:52, 16 June 2017

Does Fort Max feel like he fits in with/belongs among the crew of the LL? with the Autobots?

Pteropoda (talk)01:06, 17 June 2017

...Sooooort of. At first he felt like he didn't have much choice. He was disoriented and his mental state was all over the place after waking from his coma, and everything he heard about life on Cybertron felt intolerable. Going on the Lost Light was...something. But Fort Max is warborn and never really conceived of peacetime as a real thing he might experience someday, just an abstraction at the end of an eternal war. So he's still not at all at ease with Rodimus's Con-friendly policies, thinking they're foolish. He sometimes feels like he has to pretend to be more "okay" with it (and "okay" in general) than he is, in order to fit in. At the same time, he's self-conscious regarding his reputation. To a lot of people he assumes he's either The Famous Fort Max, The Unfortunate Fort Max, or Fort Max Who Lost to Overlord, Which Was Karmic Justice. So he's been closed off from people for a while and has only recently started opening up and making friends. When he DOES open up and feel more at ease with someone he definitely does start to feel more at home on the Lost Light. At any rate, he feels like it's where he is now and for the forseeable future. "Home" was the battlefield and Garrus-9, and they're gone now.

As for the Autobots, Fort Max is very vocal about his Autobot allegiance (sometimes to a point of assholishness tbh) but he also hasn't forgotten who took 3 years to save him. He's also starting to put together that the Warborn got a pretty nasty lot from a faction devoted to autonomy and freedom. This has left him feeling more conflicted than he wants to admit, and guilty for doubting, so he doubles down on the Autobot loyalty and Decepticon suspicion to compensate. It's kind of messy.

Cornet (talk)01:47, 17 June 2017

Nightshade - What does she think about constantly being around all these Autobots?

Shipsgenius (talk)16:16, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017


Ask me anything. Except that.

Whirlyturd (talk)22:46, 16 June 2017

What would Buzzkill do if Lockjaw found out she was fooling around with Tourniquet? Would she not care at all what Gatormama thinks? Does she think the tribes should still be separated?

Boomer (talk)22:50, 16 June 2017

Drift - What's his opinion on Skystalker's friendship with Quicksight?

Shipsgenius (talk)00:00, 17 June 2017

Drift is perfectly fine with Skystalker and Quicksight's relationship. To be perfectly honest, he thinks it's great! It makes him happy seeing Skystalker happy, which he is with Quicksight. He knows they have a very strong friendship and he doesn't want to come between them hence why he tries to plan his hang-outs with Skystalker when Quicksight isn't around. Well, that and also the fact that Quicksight hates him. Truth be told, Drift doesn't even hate Quicksight, he just hates that he can't get over the whole 'traitor' thing.

Whirlyturd (talk)15:08, 18 June 2017

Nauts - what will he do when he sees the SeaCons again?

Drift - he's come so far! does he ever look back on where he's been and where he is now, and how different/better for him it is?

Araneiform (talk)00:15, 17 June 2017

Has Nautilator ever considered a voice synthesizer so he stops getting the obvious reaction

Pteropoda (talk)00:33, 17 June 2017

Fun fact: Nautilator wasn't always a lobster, he used to be your standard vehicle former until some bureaucrat assigned him to the Seacons. This meant he had to undergo extreme physical modifications (i.e: a new alt mode) so he would be able to withstand the crushing pressure of the deep sea. Needless to say, he fucking hated it. Everything about him was changed against his will to please someone else. The only thing that wasn't changed was his voice and he desperately holds onto it despite the issues it causes him on a daily basis because it's the only thing left that is truly him.

Whirlyturd (talk)15:20, 18 June 2017

What makes Nautilator happy?

Cornet (talk)01:38, 17 June 2017

Given what he's lived through since Wing and Roddy and Ratchet and all, does Drift ever consider going back to being Deadlock? Is there a temptation to return to the ways he used to be because it's 'easier' or 'safer' for him?

Beachcomber (talk)18:12, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017


Ask away :v

Vapzhu (talk)18:19, 19 June 2017

Chimera - does she ever grow tired with these youngins and their rambunctious ways? I'm not sure if it's come up in a log but does she avoid water, and if so, how much of it is because Cat and how much of it is because electricity and water mixing is a very bad idea?

Riptide - does he ever think about how his life would be different if he had been forged or constructed cold before the war instead of being an MTO?

Deluge - not the most up-to-date on logs, but I'm assuming Deluge has at least tried to contact Fray during this whole Unicron thing. Is he worried about Fray getting in Unicron's path? Has he considered using the space bridge for any quick visits?

Araneiform (talk)18:27, 19 June 2017

While Chimera is from older times and even older ways of thinking, she's very open minded and is interested in today's 'youth' and how much has changed with her kind's society since her last contact. Some ideas may bother her, such as clinging to factions/tribes and Mortilus' name being besmirched, but for the most part she likes all you youngins. As for water, she finds it mildly irritating, at most. She'll get wet or swim if she has to, but may fuss a little after. As for why, it's about fifty-fifty between cat instincts and electricity. Her mane takes the longest to dry, which is annoying, and she can't build up much of a charge when it's wet or in water.

Riptide sometimes thinks about it, yeah. He understands that life was pretty crappy for a lot of people before the war, but that doesn't stop him from daydreaming about what a domestic life would've been like. Maybe he wouldn't feel so empty, now that the war is technically over, and would have had a life or job to go back to. He would've liked to live around one of the major oceans, maybe have a job in shipping, in a realistic world. Unrealistic, though? He would totally be a surfing champ or some sort of marine biologist.

Deluge has indeed contacted Fray in the background now that they're able to. It's been a lot of worry and regret on Deluge's end, which is making him slip backwards a bit into old habits that he's trying very hard not to. He's likely gone over some contingency plans with Fray, if Unicron was anywhere near one of them. Using the bridge would be one of them, which he'll likely use on the side to try and see Fray more often now that he can.

Vapzhu (talk)18:56, 19 June 2017

What are Skydive's feeling towards each of the other Aerialbot team members?

StringTheories (talk)19:37, 19 June 2017

Air Raid: He is possibly the closest to Skydive among his teammates. After being enlisted in the military as the war began, he ended up in the same training camp as Air Raid and was often paired up with him during drills. Despite their different backgrounds, they quickly bonded and helped draw out each other's strengths. Skydive helped Raid with his flying and Raid helped Skydive come out of his shell, both of them always looking out for one another and offering support.

Fireflight: Fireflight's innocence sets off Skydive's protective nature something fierce. He finds the young-at-spark bot incredibly endearing, though his short attention span can sometimes test his patience. Still, he's fond of his inquisitive nature and hopes to teach him everything he knows... and hope it sticks. In reality, Fireflight reminds Skydive a lot of an inexperienced flier he tried to help back in his academy days, which eventually led to a friendship. But another top tier mech's actions, out of jealousy and fear, led to the inexperienced one's expulsion and eventual disappearance within the military. Because of that Skydive always tries his hardest to keep Fireflight safe.

Slingshot: Because Slingshot was Air Raid's friend before they met, Skydive has respect for him. His cocksure and shameless attitude often test Skydive's nerves, but he's known the mech long enough to know they have a better understanding of each other beneath that.

Silverbolt: Skydive holds the deepest respect for Silverbolt, seeing him as much as his friend as he does his leader. Skydive may have the skills and tactical knowledge, but Silverbolt's ability to command has Skydive gladly following him and makes him proud to be his second in command. In truth, Skydive might not be alive today if Silverbolt hadn't taken him under his command to form the best flight team in the Autobot army, and for that he's eternally grateful.

Vapzhu (talk)21:57, 19 June 2017
D :D :D :D :D
Fathom (talk)22:20, 19 June 2017

The first morbid question that popped into my head: if given a chance to go back in time and sacrifice herself for her amica, would Torque take it?

AND TO MAKE UP FOR IT. What would Riptide's favorite kind of shark be

Pteropoda (talk)00:36, 20 June 2017

Damn you for asking such a hard question! (But this is good, it gets me thinking.)

Anyway, this is very tough because Geode's life would've gone in a very different direction if he lived. Both he and Torque admired Megatron's original stance, because they were part of the working class and got no help or respect from those higher in society. They wanted change. But, should Geode had lived, he would have joined the Decepticons when the fighting began. He was a drilltank, pretty much a miner with a slightly better job in construction, so of course he would choose them. This would've hurt Torque even more, losing her friend this way, and Geode likely would've had a dishonorable death on some battlefield, alone without his amica.

So, ideally yes, Torque would go back and sacrifice herself in Geode's stead. But in reality? No, she wouldn't, because she knows he's better off not experiencing the war. Better being buried on the mountain than being thrown in some communal smelting pit. She misses him, but is thankful he left the world uncorrupted.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE. All sharks, every shark. His top fav is a mako shark, but he's also really fond of hammerheads.

Vapzhu (talk)16:35, 20 June 2017

Of the current LL crew, would Chim keep any part of anyone's remains when they die as part of her altar to Mortilus? If so, who and why?

How's Deluge holding up between his estranged husband and his ex boyfriend? Sounds awkward.

Beachcomber (talk)18:54, 20 June 2017

Some of the reasons Chimera keeps Hephaestus' head on the alter is to honor his passing, but also to never let herself forget the sin she committed. In that respect, she would keep things of those who were close to her and probably make their own, mini altars. If allowed she would hope to keep something of Beachcomber, surrounding it with specific stones and Primalism things. She'd keep him because she's fond of his expanded thoughts on the universe and its workings, always finding him comforting to talk to and be around. She would also like to keep something of Whetstone and model it after Primus. He may be bristly sometimes, but she enjoys the bestial connection between them and their spiritual beliefs. Also he's fun to tease and she's going to make it her goal to sway his thoughts on Mortilus. Quicksight would be there, too, but she isn't sure how to honor him. His lack of knowing what to do now that the war is finished and seeking guidance draws out her more matronly aspects, hoping to help him down the right paths to a fulfilling life outside of fighting. More will be added to the list in time, I'm sure.

Deluge is.. doing his best. He's really not the best boyfriend. Before the war he was fine when he was with Fray, but when they got separated during it he went a bit downhill and always wanted companionship, so his arm was always on someone. The war worsened his lack of self preservation, which piggybacked off his previous work as a firefighter where he'd throw himself in bad situations all the time, so it didn't matter to him much back then since either he or that person would possibly be dead the next day. This carried into post-war with Lieutenant, where he finally realized he had to stop it. He had to stop and make sure Fray was still out there before he did anything else. It was.. a shitty move to leave Lieu, so he's keeping contact to a minimum now. He still flirts, since he's alone again and Fray is so far away, but at some point he has to have a long talk with him and try and straighten himself out.

Vapzhu (talk)19:39, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:09, 21 June 2017


Ask away, my pretties.

Soundwave (talk)21:46, 16 June 2017

What're Soundwave's thoughts about this whole keeping a Decepticon spy among the Bots thing?

Shipsgenius (talk)21:59, 16 June 2017

ho dang, we haven't really touched up on that, huh? WE PROBABLY SHOULD SOME TIME, or something.

But seriously, a spy among the Bots is sorta... Run of the mill? He was the Decepticon Spymaster, keeping up with their spies (among his long list of duties) is something he did all the time. Its kinda like, a backburner thing? Even as he's come to trust the LL Autobots and Rodimus more, it's just habit/second-nature not to say anything because it so commonplace for him. That said, if he were really stop and think about it, he'd... Probably still not say one word to anyone about it. Stack the deck in his favor if there were a falling out. SW may not be exactly who he was during the war but he's not about to tell anyone of a possible advantage- especially an advantage as brilliant and useful as Brainstorm.

Soundwave (talk)22:15, 16 June 2017

Phantasm - how badly would he break if someone graffitied him in permanent marker

Araneiform (talk)22:03, 16 June 2017

He wouldn't break. If anything, he'd be rather upset that someone violated/deface his person without permission. He'd remove it immediately and huff over it but he'd eventually look back and maybe realize how artistic the graffiti was and make a cape inspired from it.

Soundwave (talk)22:17, 16 June 2017

How much time does Soundwave spend with Tama? Aside from Rodimus, would he have his cassettes help him take care of it?

Sunstreaker still think about what he did? Does he feel justified in his actions or remorse? And how's it going with Sideswipe?

Boomer (talk)22:20, 16 June 2017

Soundwave spends waaaaay too much time with Tama. Its his Kwazy Kupcakes. Gifts are important to Soundwave and taking care of things is ingrained deep into him- so it makes sense he'd treasure and care for Tama so ferverently. And yes, the cassettes help. He'd get less sleep than usual if they didn't. No one tell him that Tamagotchi die of old age. He'll learn.

Sunstreaker thinks about what he did a lot but he tries not to dwell on it. He fails a lot but that's why there's Bob, Bob helps keep him more functional than Sunny will ever tell anyone. Sunny feels remorse and justified, to an extinct. He can't seem to let go of that last bit of hurt from everything the Humans did to him. But he feels remorse, if you catch him sleeping, he tends to mumble apologies in his sleep.

Hah. Haha. Sunny doesn't know what to do with Sideswipe. On one hand, brother. On the other, their tumultuous and estranged past that diverged so dramatically in one visit to a little mudball called Earth. Sunny never realized how much he missed his brother until Sides wasn't around- now its getting that goldenrod idiot to actually say that.

Soundwave (talk)22:39, 16 June 2017

Now that Vortex is getting ~weird feelings~ when he does bad things, do you think he would get It's-not-guilt-I-swear feelings if put face to face with some of his pre- Lost Light victims, and the direct damage he did to them?

Pteropoda (talk)00:30, 17 June 2017

Okay, now this is fun. I love delving into his very wrong moral compass- or lack thereof. So here we go!

Vortex would not feel bad. He didn't feel bad about it then, he doesn't now, and he won't in the future. Because his guilt is based on a line of empathy that doesn't have anything to do with his victims. Tex feels bad when his actions hurt those he cares about or who's opinions matter to him.

He doesn't feel bad about stealing Skydive's watch, he feels bad because he used Air Raid and he likes Air Raid. Every time Vortex feels bad its bc he either hurt someone who matters to him or it ended up hurting him. This pattern isn't new, he just never cared about so many people before. During war, he was to please Onslaught and superiors while helping take care of his team. The way he did this was through brutal tactics, torture, interrogations, etc so those victims were just a means to an end.

Also, he knows what he did was bad. He know he shouldn't like it and that it should bother him but it just doesn't. He's better at distinguishing what's morally and socially acceptable and what's not and is now deciding what he cares to follow and what he doesn't. But, yeah. Faced with his victims again, Tex would probably just do it all over again. (mind you, the closest he's ever come to feeling bad about all of that is when he saw fresh protoforms wiggling around. He has since pushed that memory into a corner to avoid thinking about it. He doesn't have time to feel bad about what he's done)

Soundwave (talk)22:28, 17 June 2017

So, how WOULD Vortex react if Blast Off and Onslaught became a thing? (Answer as much or little as you want) :)

Is it true that the more that Soundwave learns about Autobots, the more OK they seem to be? Or not? He seems to be friends with some Autobots- how does that stack up/how does he justify that against the pure righteousness of the Decepticon cause as opposed to theirs?

StringTheories (talk)01:52, 17 June 2017

Vortex is a mech who's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY used to getting what he wants, when he wants. Sometimes he'll dance around an issue if only so he can entertain himself for a while. But, honestly, he sees what he wants and he goes and gets it. It FRUSTRATES him when others don't do that. Especially with pining. Like, damn, just go make out with them for a minute and see where it goes. Honestly, there's reasons why I've drawn two comics with Tex going 'will you to just frickin DO SOMETHING ALREADY'. Its not really a big deal to him, tbh. He'd like, thumbs up and go back to, idk, carving someone's name into the wall so he can go put them in the brig for defacing ship property bc he's bored.

Okay, okay, honestly? SW is NOT okay with Autobots. He is okay with Rodimus's sect of Autobots. The crew, if you will. He's distrusting and probably pretty dishonest with Autobots outside of this, or would be if we encountered a secondary Autobot group. (he doesn't talk to Autobot command but I imagine he would fucking love to stand in the shadows behind Radius as Roddy talks to Bee or Prowl or whoever. LOVE it.) SW's trust in LL Command is strong but not unbreakable- he's still got some more time until he doesn't worry, in the back of his mind, that this will all go bad. He's not willing to sacrifice being prepared for the worst just to trust his fellow Command to the full. He sees this as one big attempt to see if they cannot move past everything to make a society for equality and freedom and he will sacrifice a lot to see it become a success- he WANTS it to succeed. He does not befriend nor does he try to be friendly with anyone on the crew who does not uphold Con ideals- which he might admit at some point, intersects with the Autobot Moral Code but SHUSH. With Radius's recent decision about his badge, SW has never felt more confident in a future with peace and equality.

Soundwave (talk)17:01, 19 June 2017

Has your Soundwave met elephants yet? If so, what kind is his favorite? What does he think of them having a matriarchal society or does that not register on his radars in any way?

You said bit ago, 'He does not befriend nor does he try to be friendly with anyone on the crew who does not uphold Con ideals'. Does that mean he isn't attempting to be friendly with Beachcomber or does he just feel guilty that the minibot is scared of him?

Beachcomber (talk)19:37, 20 June 2017

Actually... He has met elephants! In fact, he's met them enough to have an established relationship with the herd! He doesn't have a favorite kind, though his is closest to a herd of African Elephants. And naw, that sort of thing doesn't quite matter to him- it'd matter a lot more if there was a class disparage between the male and female but, ya know. Elephants are better than people.

Ya know, I should have been clearer with that. 'Con ideals' are, like, basic human rights. Equality, peace, everyone working together as a whole for the benefit of the whole. Those're 'Con ideals- they just happen to be things any decent Autobot or person would agree with too.

And, two answer your question, Soundwave is attempting to be friendly with Beachcomber. He recognizes that some of his actions were probably... In the wrong, during the war. But he's really bad at letting folks know he's sorry though. Probably bc he says it in a monotone. While he stares in a default menacing way. And also doesn't say the words 'I'm sorry' bc he's a prideful sunabitch. But he would like it if Beach wasn't so scared of him anymore. He's working on it.

Soundwave (talk)21:57, 20 June 2017

To all characters: What, in their opinion, are their strengths and weaknesses?

Boomer (talk)05:08, 21 June 2017