From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Tachyglossus
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Turboflip ATV
Faction: Neutral

No longer played.

A cheerful exploration scout who is surprisingly durable despite her small size. She left Cybertron when the war broke out, and would have returned upon learning the war concluded, if she wasn't offline and marooned on some planet. Despite having been forged pre-war she still exhibits a fair amount of naivete.


Although inherently cheerful and social, Swivel's experiences have caused her to develop a lot of anxiety that inhibits her expressing her true nature. Coupled with a crippling lack of self esteem, Swivel tends to not stand out overly in most situations. She behaves very differently with those she considers her peers as opposed to those she views as superior. Although prone to low moods rife with worry, Swivel does usually cling furiously onto hope, especially when compelled by her depth of compassion to try and help others through a crisis.


Swivel was forged in Nyon just prior to the Kaon Uprising. Since neither war nor exploration were the planet's policy, her alt mode was deemed unnecessary and she was assessed as a mere courier. For a while she acted as a personal 'gopher' to a minor Senator's aid, but when her novelty wore off, she was dismissed. Since physical conveying of messages was obsolete due to communications technology, she had little to offer society and was relegated to life as an 'empty'. However, as trust was lost in government near the end of Sentinel Prime's reign, private courier services cropped up. Swivel found work, and for once her view of the world expanded. Slowly becoming disillusioned with the law she believed protected her. Swivel had opportunities to observe the actions of both Nyonian Rebels and Decepticons, but although she believed there needed to be change, she was not sold on either's methods or attitudes towards procuring that change. At one point, Swivel single-handedly attempted to save as many lives of some disposables who were being sold by their owner as parts to enable his own drug habit. However, her smuggling some of his cleaners away gave him the idea to claim insurance, so he had the rest of them 'stolen' and got a hefty claim. After this she decided to interfere even less and keep her head down, knowing that 'freedom fighting' simply was not her niche. Swivel attempted to maintain pure neutrality even when civil war did break, until such a time as it was dangerous, even perceivably impossible to do so. Thus Swivel was one of many Cybertronians who fled their home. Swivel's light-hearted and engaging personality helped her get gainful employment on a variety of ships doing a variety of odd jobs. Eventually she was recruited onto an exploration vessel where her alt mode and sensors came to be relied upon. The vessel was manned by an organic species that did not have advanced space travel technology, and thus they were often in suspended animation on long journeys between systems. Swivel, however, was often online during these lonely voyages. During one of these long journeys the ship ran afoul of a dangerous space anomaly. Swivel did not have bridge access, and by the time she had awoken command from stasis, it was too late. The ship crashed onto an uncharted planet. Swivel was knocked offline, although he spark remained unharmed. However, without someone to reboot her systems, Swivel was left to sit in a comatose like state for millions of years.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

Swivel's artifact is a sliding tile puzzle.



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Khepri30 September 2017An artifact signal leads to the discovery of the floating colony of Khepri, an insect altmode based society of traders with a love of organic things and fancy clothes. It's up to the Lost Lighters to find the artifact, make peace with the locals, and have a little R&R while they're there.
Colony: Abyssalas12 August 2017Members of the Lost Light visit the colony of Abyssalas, an underwater society populated primarily by scientific-minded individuals with various aquatic alt modes, ranging from underwater vehicles, to alts modeled after organics, to organic-shaped vehicles. It's like a whole city full of Wheeljacks.

Swivel was forged with an array of sensors and the capacity to safely collect and store samples for transportation (thus her highly mobile alt mode) as well as transmit or log data. Swivel, does not, however, have the knowledge or capacity to analyse data. She is mostly meant to head into an unknown or dangerous place, get readings, and report back. She can determine immediate threats, of course, like alarms that will blink if radiation is too high, or if the air is volatile and likely to explode at the smallest spark. A detailed list of her sensors are: Infrared Thermograph ('heat vision'), Barometer, Geiger Counter Hygrometer & Ionometer, Seismometer, Topical Auto-Cartographer (resource intensive), Ultra Violet optic filters (MW and LW), Gas Sniffer (can be calibrated to detect various 'dangerous' gases, whether because they are toxic to Cybertronians or likely to combust) So, though Swivel, as a scout is in Navigation, she can also be loaned out to S&E for sample/data retrieval.

Note on Swivel's Alt Mode: Although Swivel's alt-mode was based on an RC car ( ) her alt mode isn't an RC vehicle. I just thought how that little toy moved was AWESOME. Apparently this has caused confusion in the past and Swivel's alt mode HAS been mistaken for a toy - which is why I listed her alt-mode as an ATV. However, she doesn't look like the typical 'ATV' found on Earth. Probably because she has never been to Earth.