From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Mynoris
Warrior Philosopher
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Proto-Tetrajet
Faction: Neutral

"Strength must be tempered with Mercy; Justice must be tempered with Wisdom."


Patience is at the core of Swiftblade's personality. Instead of fighting her early fate, she internalized it all, leaving her one of those individuals that is hard to ruffle on the surface. Years of slavery taught her humility and politeness, and freedom gave her a fierce protectiveness over others and a need to stop slavery wherever possible. She is polite, somewhat reserved, and wary of others, but she doesn't wish ill on people just because she doesn't fully trust them. Despite everything, she's doesn't have a bitter personality, and wants to see the good in people. Also, she has quite a thirst for knowledge, particularly in history and culture of Cybertron.


Master: Melee Weapons Veteran: Bodygaurding Professional: Ambidexterity, Duelist, Inspire, Patience, Stillness, Stoicism, Transportation Novice: Fortitude, Honor, Humility, Philosophy, Repair, Singing, Stealth, Unarmed


Born 6 million years ago, Swiftblade was barely out of primary programming when she was hired aboard an exploration vessel. After the captain threw her under the bus by selling her into slavery to save himself, she was passed around a lot, where she did many things for her various owners including: dueling in arenas, bodyguarding, nannying, being a tour plane, being a courier, generic manual labor, and finally a research subject. After her last master used her as the project to get into his world's top scientific academy, she was finally set free. From there she worked as a bodyguard, but gave it up to be a freedom fighter saving slaves.