From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Ems
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Mobile Artillery
Faction: Neutral

"I do not Attack. I terminate!"


Strika doesn't really do "soft" or "sympathetic". She is a very tough love kind of femme, wallowing in self pity is not something she will do or support in others. A strong believer that if something is wrong, do something about it!

She also tends to prefer facing things directly, whether that means being straight about a problem or kicking in a door thats stuck.


Super Strength- the lady is real strong.


Strika was amongst those in Elita One's crew as they travelled and explored, their journey coming to a climax upon saving the Lost Light. Now back on Rigard, she is working with the crew to defeat Unicron.



 Start DateSummary
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
Trobble Yall29 June 2017Fortress Maximus buys an adorable, fluffy pet from a pet shop on the Elemens' space station, PR-138. What he doesn't realize is that this cute little 'trobble' is about to become a problem much bigger than cleaning litterboxes and keeping it off the furniture.