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2018-02-17 To: Fortress Maximus, Perceptor

TO: Fortress Maximus, Perceptor
SUBJ: Udunus Bridge

Fortress Maximus, Perceptor,

While we implemented the device that contained Udunus using his own space bridge, there was a complication resulting from interference during activation. Brainstorm traced it back to Tempo's shuttle bay, and our own ship. I want to look into what caused this interference, as it nearly created a devastating cascade effect that could have done serious damage to Tempo and his bridge. I'd like your help in investigating this - it could have been the ship's engines, or something far more sinister.

Perceptor, I'm including the data we gathered from diagnostics run during and after the devices' activation. Fortress Maximus, I've attached Brainstorm's information on where we believe the interference originated from.

Let me know if you need anything else.


[attached are several packets of data labelled in ways Perceptor will immediately recognize, while Fort Max's document is simply labelled 'possible coordinates']

2018-02-16 To Rodimus

I felt like your attempt deserved a proper, logged response. So here it is: You're forgiven.

And I apologize as well.

Also, I misspoke - this isn't an acquaintanceship. Don't slag this up.

2018-02-12 Re: Prowl


I've referred the matter to Chimera, with an open invitation to any other actual or aspiring religious officiants, mediums, or sorcerers who want to try their hand at double reverse resurrection.

They function, as well as they did before. Medically, there's nothing wrong them, except that they should be dead. Which is not the typical problem that walks in the door. I'm happy to continue monitoring them and running any test you want me to. But, for the record, I missed the lecture at the Academy recommending a course of treatment for Evil God Resurrection Syndrome. Really biting me now.

Ratchet of Protihex

Chief Medical Officer

2018-02-12 To Ratchet

Ratchet, what's the status on the cure for our Unicron-afflicted crewmates?

2018-02-11 TO: Prowl

TO: Prowl
FROM: Minimus Ambus

One of the perquisites of no longer being romantically involved with Rodimus is that I no longer have to interpret missives like this.

Primitive organic civilizations undergo a ritual known as the casting of the bones to interpret signs and determine meaning. I believe it may be your only option.


2018-02-11 Fwd To Minimus

Prowl has forwarded Rodimus' message of broken text and emojis to Minimus.

What is this? Can you translate? Why can't he just communicate with words like a normal mech!

2018-02-10 TO: Prowl

A datanet comm comes from Rodimus without subject or other desperately needed information like context that consists almost entirely of emoji and fractured words. Frankly, it's a struggle to imagine what it might look like; decoding it is nearly as unimaginably difficult. The most repeated emoji is 🙇.

2018-02-08 TO: Dead End, Fortress Maximus

TO: Fortress Maximus, Dead End
CC: Hound, Minimus Ambus
SUBJ: Reprimand

Fortress Maximus,

Please record an official reprimand on the record of crewmech Dead End to today's date and assign a minimum of 10 hours of rivet duty.

Even off duty, I will not tolerate my officers being spoken to in such a fashion. Hound is my deputy and will be afforded the respect owed to a Commander aboard the Lost Light. This is a ship at war in defense of the galaxy. Insubordination is not acceptable.

This is your first warning. Do not expect another.

Ignition of Crystal City
The Lost Light, Commanding

2018-02-04 Support; Intel

To: Support, Intelligence

Subject: Not As Threatening

For the past thirty-nine days, we have learned a bit about the condition Pipes and I have. Prowl had informed me that those in the scientific field have an idea on how to help us. While I look forward to learning what that may be, for me personally, I request not to be touched for any further scientific endeavors. I find that my immunity to death will be a great deal more helpful than taking that away. Please respect my wish.

Now, I understand that because of our Unicronian 'sparks' that we are not trusted. We show signs of wanting to return to him one way or another. However, a few days ago with Penchant, it was discovered that upon touching an artifact that my mind becomes free from Unicron's clutches. This test has been conducted similarly with other artifacts. Even as I write now, I wear mine. Unfortunately, the pain of touching or holding these is agonizing. Therefore, the lucidity is temporary, depending on how long one can withstand the pain.

I think because I am around my artifact all the time, despite not wearing it, this may prevent me from losing full control of my willpower. It is something to still be tested. This is all that I know about myself thus far. If I can keep you updated with further knowledge, I will. The respected wishes of Fortress Maximus that I am monitored on a weekly bases should and shall remain in place, regardless of these finds. In the meantime, I would compare the differences between Pipes and me to see if what I write is true.

Now, I would like to ditch this artifact that is burning a hole in my frame.

Thank you,

Fmr. Lt. Lieutenant of Iacon

2018-02-02 To Support; Prowl

TO: Support (Perceptor, Wheeljack, Brainstorm, Bulk...)
CC: Prowl (Prowl)

You're all aware of the issue. The Harbringers have a combiner with Prowl supplemented into the Gestalt and acting as the head of the unit. A new Devastator.

None of you are proficient in the field of combiner technology. Luckily for you, I have collected one who is: Bombshell.

He has carried out a great deal of Shockwave's incomplete projects and completed them- in some cases, improving upon them.

Use him as you see fit within this area.

Lost Light Command

Note: Hey, uhhhhh, Boss had us send this out after he left. But we- Oh! This is Frenzy and Rumble!- but we think the other Devastator should be Prowlastator. HA! It's freckin' ridiculous, best name-- Rumble says I have to say it was his idea- SHUT UP RUMBLE, I KNOW. Primus, fraggin' scabby little aftplate. Anyways, Prowlastator! Learn it, love it, put it in all your reports. Oh. And sorry you gotta work with a creep, suckers!

2018-02-01 To: Command, Intelligence, Support

From: Windblade
Subject: Unicron's Purpose

I have to apologize for not knowing how best to phrase this in a scientifically accurate fashion.

I've been meditating on my time inside of Unicron's mind. Now that I have some distance from the event, I've been able to pick out some details that will be of use.

The spark fragments that my consciousness was trapped with were not simply the remnants of past victims. Reflection and study of my time there inclines me to believe they are in fact partial-melts waiting to be crafted into something new. Unicron is one half of a process which requires Primus to successfully complete-- that of the creation of new sparks. Separated from Primus, Unicron's purpose is stifled. However, he continues to act as a forge. A huge forge. What he consumes is reduced, rendered and refined into sentio metallico. The ratio must be immense, given his size and appetite, the amount of raw material needed...

I've no proof. But I do think I'm correct in this: Primus and Unicron were meant to work together, balanced halves of one whole whose ultimate purpose was to create... us. Separated... his processes have run wild, without check.

My own spark tells me this is the truth. This feels right. I have no idea what to do with it but this seems true.

If anything else comes to me, I'll keep you updated.

2018-01-31 For Windblade

Minimus Ambus provides Windblade with the following extremely eclectic playlist of songs on a datastick:


Track 1: A bold orchestral recording he purchased during his brief stay on Caminus. It is fully instrumental, dramatic and full of absorbing, sweeping crescendo.

Track 2: A bright, playful piece he purchased during his brief stay on Caminus, after he observed a performance of aerial dance. It is sprightly and full of woodwinds, chimes and heavy percussion.

Track 3: A bittersweet vocalist's performance of an old Camien ballad about wandering far from home.

Track 4: A slow, sleepily rhythmed Cybertronian sung quartet from the late Functionist period to theme of "making the best of it".

Track 5: An orchestral arrangement of a warrior's march from Cybertron's musical district early in the war. It starts slow but reaches for epic partway through.

Track 6: A spunky amica endura theme from a mid-war Cybertronian operetta. There is a steady theme of heartbreak and loss buried beneath the upbeat-sounding music surrounding the lyrics. THIS IS FINE.

Track 7: Cybertronian rock ballad about defying convention and choosing your own path. The guitars and drums are so loud they almost drown out the lyrics.

Track 8: The love theme from a popular late war romantic musical that Minimus would probably never admit to liking if someone asked him out loud.

Track 9: Chopin - 24 Preludes Op.28, No 15 in D-flat -

Track 10: Alien musical piece that sounds like mostly harps and chimes in a language that neither Minimus nor Windblade speak. The lyrics, run through a translator, speak about galactic peace and embracing your neighbors.

Track 11: "Face the Fire" - Michelle Chamuel

Track 12: "As Time Goes By," - Dooley Wilson (original Casablanca soundtrack) (

Track 13: "I Am What I Am" - La Cage Aux Folles (Gloria Gaynor recording)

2018-01-29 To: Skystalker

TO: Skystalker
SUBJ: Waspinator


Can you do me a favor? I heard that Wasp was in a battle recently with Unicron's zombies, and that his artifact influenced them in some way. Can you ask him about it? I'm hoping he might be willing to help us with Udunus, when the time comes.

I'd do it myself but I'm swamped in prepping the tech for that. I'll owe you one if you can; and let me know what he says!


2018-01-29 To Quicksight Again

ok sory i didnt mean to peach


2 make up for it i owe u a milkshake or somthin I OWE SO MANY MILKSHAKES D: D: D:

2018-01-29 To Trailbreaker

To: Trailbreaker

From: Quicksight

Subject: No

You have no idea what happened, so don't tell me how to deal with my personal relations. I will keep them out of further meetings, but I can't just pretend it didn't happen. If anything, it reminds me of why we need ethics committees in the first place.

2018-01-29 To Quicksight


It's good of you to come forward about this. I understand we all have personal feelings that get in the way. I'm guilty of that, too. But remember we do have to think about what's the right thing to do, even if it's the right thing for people we dislike or distrust. You should always feel free to share your concerns. Just remember we're here for debate and dialogue, and if your temper starts to fly, start thinking about something positive instead. It's what I do. Trailbreaker

Hours later, in the middle of the night

hey hey hey qs quicksi qksite listen ur a good guy but u hold grudges sometimes? it feels really good to let them go. let them fly away like big angry butterflies of grudge. they flutter like uh big red bubbles and then you feel less crudy and stres is bad for ur spark dont forgive if you dont want to & definitly dont forget but

About 20 minutes later

its like u have limited space? not u, not to cal u short ur not short u got a big presence but i mean anyone like mad can fill us up like....................................booze except w booze u burn it out and anger just burns U up FUK thas potetic

About an hour later

okay this is not me talking as etix guy this is me as bubls guy ur frend try leting go of anger at one person you hate



u don't need to not hate them just like, ul fel beter like a good burp and buterflies and lol

2018-01-28 TO: Bulkhead

TO: Bulkhead
FROM: Ignition
SUBJ: Re: Udunus Bridge Plan


2018-01-28 To: Trailbreaker, Skystalker, Fireflight, Swivel

TO: Trailbreaker, Skystalker, Fireflight, Swivel

FROM: Quicksight

Subject: Regarding my conduct at the meeting

I wish to apologize for allowing my personal feelings on the matter to affect my tone during the meeting.I understand that it was unprofessional, and unbecoming a Decepticon soldier.

2018-01-28 To: Lieutenant

TO: Lieutenant
SUBJ: Titans


I know things have been kind of...tough, for you, recently. But I was wondering if you could do me a favor. You've always been the most historically knowledgeable mech I know, and something's been bothering me since we got back from our mission. Can you research Metroplex's history for me, especially his relationship and history with Caminus? Anything you can find on the timeline of when they might have known each other would be great.


2018-01-28 To: Ignition, Nightshade

TO: Ignition
SUBJ: Udunus Bridge Plan


Trailbreaker notified me of the Ethics Committee's decision regarding my idea to use Udunus' space bridge to contain him, and I'd like to formerly request permission to begin working on this project.

Thank you,


TO: Nightshade
SUBJ: Space Bridges


Your work on the colonial Titans' space bridges was incredible, and I'd like to ask for your help again. I've attached some documents on a theory I've been working on that will allow us to contain Udunus, the Titan revived by Unicron, and hopefully keep him from causing any more damage to himself or others until we've defeated Unicron for good. Let me know if you're available to lend a hand!


[attached are said documents detailing the theory in question, along with some notes to make reading through the quantum language a bit easier. also included is a potential blueprint for Udunus' space bridge, based off of the designs of the other colonial Titans]

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