From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Vap
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Spider
Faction: Neutral


Clothes Making: Sequin has had an eye for fashion since the day he was sparked, his designs only spurred on further by the love of clothes among his people. He most often uses his own silk to make said fabrics, able to consume certain materials in order to process different consistencies and colors in his threads, though he is not above using certain higher quality products he himself can't make.

Entertainment: Sequin's first job, before becoming a servant of royalty, was in the entertainment industry. This is where he honed his skills in dancing, acrobatics, and persuasion, allowing him to charm and allure with hypnotic dances and suggestions.

Ninjutsu: A skillset taught to him by his Queen before she even became one, Sequin has had extensive training in the arts of infiltration, spying, assassination, combat, stealth, and various other disciplines to aid in the protection of his kingdom.


Sequin was sparked over five million years ago on the mobile colony of Khepri during the reign of His Majesty, King Titanus. During this time, Khepri's trade market wasn't as well managed to its full abilities and none but the military class knew how to fight, making attacks from rival trading factions and thieves more frequent. Sequin managed to find his niche, however, in the entertainment industry, using his creativity, charm, and ability to make his own outfits to put on dazzling shows.

It was here that he met Scorn, a very high ranking military officer at the time and frequenter of Sequin's shows. Over time the two would grow close, Scorn charmed by his beauty and loyalty, and Sequin by her brilliance and love of the people. They both wanted change, more opportunity for their colony, more protection, to flourish like they should.

Already forming a coup, Scorn would invite him to help her take the throne from Titanus, a mech spirally to keep order, yet still clinging viciously to his title as trade routes began to run short and their image was being tarnished by the Cybertronian War. It was under her council that Sequin would train in the art of stealth, deceit, and assassination, molding him into the knife in the dark she needed. He did this without complaint or question, wanting what she did and spurred on by their close bond. Using his skills and his charm, he would infiltrate the King's inner circle, learning of them, the castle, and the perfect time to strike, eliminating him with a single stroke in his chambers.

With the King dead and the scramble to put a body on the throne, Scorn's rallying and favoritism with the colony would earn her the seat of power. Fulfilling a promise long kept, Sequin would join her side, outwardly acting as her personal clothier while secretly remaining her most personal guard and assassin, keeping her opposers at bay and infiltrating enemy trade empires.

But with the arrival of the Lost Light and the news of Unicron came a choice for the mech. Stay by his Queen and do nothing, or join these strangers in their quest to put a stop to this evil and find the ancestors of them all. The decision was difficult in the end, but he knew it must be done to protect his Queen to the fullest, eventually convincing her to offer his services to the Lost Light to help the fight on Khepri's behalf.