Season Three Player Notes

From Transformers: Lost and Found


  • Primalists refusing to speak to faction mechs were found on Clemency, burying bodies of the Worldsweeper crew (??) along with the monster (???) that killed the crew. Primalists presumably took off with the Worldsweeper. (Known by: Crew)
  • The monster was a creature tainted by Unicron energy, and thus capable of tracking The Thingy. Brainstorm devised a Unicron tracker based on that principle (Known by: S/E Department, Crew??)
  • Followed Worldsweeper to Luna 1, which has engines and was being piloted by Primalists that have converted the Circle of Light Knights living there. They claim the do not have ties with the group of Primalists that attacked Bumblebee on Cybertron, and it was confirmed they were telling the the truth. They are having visions from the Guiding Hand, telling them to keep the moon away from Unicron. The hot spot's sparks are missing.
    • Hot spot's sparks found along with the Worldsweeper, which was being piloted by Bludgeon. The sparks were were used in an experiment wherein they were exposed to tainted energon from the Toraxxis Plains/Trypticon, in an attempt to create super sparks. Instead, members of the crew were caught and changed, while the sparks themselves died.
    • Bludgeon currently in custody. He has offered access to his research in exchange for his freedom.
  • Studied the hot spot that has cropped up where Rodimus, Skystalker, and Swivel's 'hand of Primus' hot spot once was. Data comparisons show it does not match readings from the hand-shaped hot spot, and that in fact the latter more closely matches readings from ancient records of hot spots. This means sparks after the Hand hot spot, including the reignited hot spot, diverged in signature for an unknown reason. (Known by: S&E, Arrow, Crew?)
    • The reason has been discovered, and it all points to...


  • Quintessons! Quints are at the top of the chain when it comes to this mystery. Calling themselves 'Servants of the Guiding Hand', Quintessons have been working with their own little crew of constructed-cold mechs, all who think of themselves as Knights. The Quints also appear to have been behind Primalist activity, including:
    • Stealing Bumblebee's half of the Matrix
    • Sending their Knight, emBer, to persuade her former mentor Bludgeon in aiding them.
    • Giving the Luna 1 sparks to Bludgeon in order to continue experimentation toward creating 'super sparks'. The first instance of this was that of the Primus' Hand hot spot, where Rodimus, Skystalker, and Swivel were harvested.
    • Growing the photonic crystals Bludgeon was using to hold these sparks. These crystals may also be involved in attempts to build new a new Matrix; several broken halves have been recovered, though it is unknown as of yet if any are the stolen half of the original.
    • Could be, in order to build this new Matrix, searching for Optimus Prime, who has some metal fragments belonging to the original.
    • Meddling in Cybertronian 'birth' since ancient times, which accounts for the similar readings in ancient mechs/constructed cold mechs/the Hand hot spot mechs. Quintessons used Cybertronians as a merchandise brand, selling them from malls and the like as products - the original Thirteen tribes were 'model lines', in this sense, with Prime being the term for the mech who led each 'brand', not as a term for the Matrix bearer.
    • Released Unicron the first time around, splitting Cybertron, because of their meddling. Were decimated by Unicron, leaving very few alive.
  • So originally, the Quintesson interference in Cybertronian development and evolution caused Unicron to split from ancient Cybertron. Unicron then proceeded to destroy the Quintesson population so utterly that many in the present day believe them to be no more than myths. This left the Cybertronian Knights to deal with defeating, dismantling, and sealing Unicron.
  • An editable list of remaining questions regarding the Quintessons and their affiliated parties (Bludgeon/Primalists) can be found here
  • The missing half of the Matrix, previously belonging to Bumblebee, has been found, as well as the remains of the half Rodimus once owned. These were left behind in a Quintesson facility, where they had been reduced to dust by the Quintessons' attempts to create more Matrix halves.
  • A hostile code entered through 'security backdoors' in the sparks of several Lost Light crewmembers, including Windblade and Prowl, that brainwashed them into believing the Guiding Hand were the gods that should be prayed to. This virus spread through prayer, and it was discovered that those immune to it (Rodimus, Drift) had visited Vector Sigma in the past. Upon taking Windblade, Prowl, and Wheeljack to Vector Sigma, the security breaches were patched and the hostile coding removed.
  • It is speculated the Guiding Hand coding was released by the Quintessons

Megatron/Optimus Hunt

  • Drift, Soundwave, Prowl and Ratchet pinned down the Primalist responsible for selling Megatron's armor/cannon and Optimus Prime's blaster, on a seedy, lawless planet once within the Quintesson empire's territory. It was emBer again!
  • The LLers confronted her in a Primalist church of sorts, and everyone felt a very strong pull in their sparks, a desire to commune (EXCEPT DRIFT, who should've, according to our data). Soundwave "prayed", received some divine direction, and got a map to our two missing faction leaders. We have emBer in custody. She claims Megatron and Optimus Prime were meant to fight the Unmaker.
  • Megatron and Optimus Prime were found in a simulation created by the Quintessons, where they believed themselves to be two humans married in a suburban town on Earth. The rescue party was caught up in the same simulation for about a week before Soundwave hacked an exit for them. It seems that Megatron and Optimus were reluctant to leave, at first.
  • Megatron and Optimus Prime, upon rescue, returned to Cybertron
  • Optimus Prime claims to have the Matrix. From the memory banks of a drone core that Arrow hacked, it appears that something was placed into Optimus' chest by the Quintessons, though what it is has yet to be determined.
  • The Quintessons currently possess the original casing of the Matrix, taken from Optimus Prime's chest.

Tempo and the Rigardians

  • Each Pagoda is dedicated to a face of the Guiding Hand, as embodied in Rigard's social structure. (Known by: Crew)
  • Databanks in the Pagoda of Knowledge kept off network for security. Knowledge of how artifacts were crafted can be found there. (Known by: Crew)
  • Artifacts are designed to capture unused spark energy and store it. It will take a tremendous amount of spark energy to defeat Unicron. (Known by: Crew)
  • The weapon is meant to channel the gathered energy in a single strike, to mimic the impact of the Matrix. It will not harm Tempo's colonists. (Known by: Crew)
  • The weapon must only be used for defeating Unicron himself. If used for any other purpose it could irreparably rend space-time. (Known by: Perceptor, Prowl, Windblade, Arrow)
  • Tempo is the weapon (Known by: Brainstorm, Perceptor)
  • Using specs from Tempo's space bridge, it was possible to repair Abyssal's space bridge. We can fix space bridges now guys! (Known by: Crew)

Knights of Cybertron

  • Anialus died in a fight against Unicron. He died protecting his apprentice. The foes were metallic. (Known by: Crew)
  • One of the Knight corpses found appears to be a matrix bearer, seems to have died confronting Unicron. (Known by: Crew)
  • The Matrix bearer was found in the epicenter of a blast of some sort, though not an explosive one (Known by: Crew)


  • The artifacts that the crew members have been hunting down are somehow keyed in to an individual's spark signature, and seem to be charging, battery-like, from proximity to them. They even carry the spark signatures of their bearer, in addition to some faint remnants of another spark signature. (Known by: Wheeljack, Brainstorm)

Unicron and the Harbingers

  • Harbinger sparks have tainted energy signatures that aren't congruent with Vector Sigma's. (Known by: Perceptor, Command??)
  • Unicron energy is the antithesis to normal spark energy (Known by: Brainstorm, Lieutenant)
  • Spark Energy is capable of nullifying Unicron energy to some extent (Know By: Brainstorm, Lieutenant)
  • All 13 original Prime colonies have a piece of Unicron buried inside them in the form of monoliths. 9 of the 13 have been gathered and formed into Unicron. (Known by: Crew)
  • Starscream and the Council of Worlds together have been keeping a honeycomb prison, where high profile prisoners - and harbingers - are being held. Known prisoners include:
    • !Windblade
    • Shatter
    • !Sunstreaker
    • !Fireflight
    • !Tracks
    • The Decepticon Justice Division
    • !Rung


Submitted By: Prowl

Submit Date: 09/14/17

Description: Requesting information about Bumblebee's condition, and what exactly Ratchet or other medics can do for him if anything. Info about the armaments needed to trek outside of Iacon to the hot spot. Possible info from NPCs we can shake down regarding local Primalists.

Comments: Bumblebee is in a coma, same as Springer is. It's one of those comas where they are fine, medically, they just aren't waking up. He's stable. He'll wake up as soon as he has an app. Having Ratchet and Prowl around gives him better readings. Ratchet can suggest that friends of Bees on planet spend time hanging around. Ironhide can play bodyguard as a result. More promising vitals. Etc.

Cybertron is a wilderness. Be prepared for the planet to react unpredictably, occasionally even lashing out through wildlife / growth / plants.

The hot spot is not that far outside the city. Primalism is one of the most widely practiced religions. But not a lot of people claim to receive DIRECTION from the GUIDING HAND. That's ... ridiculous? The guiding hand are dead? Or a myth? Everyone knows that? But maybe they've heard something from a friend who knows a guy--. How's your street cred with the religious types?

Submitted By: Arrow

Submit Date: 09/22/17

Description: The primalists mentioned secrets! Be it through research, hacking, or some third option like actually talking to people (y'know, like a regular person) I'd like to have Arrow start digging into these secrets and trying to figure out what the Primalists were keeping back.

Comments: SECRETS.

It turns out that these primalists are the remnants of a faction active in the Senate before the war. When the hand-shaped hot spot first appeared, one of their number received a vision from the Guiding Hand, telling them of it. That the shape -- a hand -- was their mark. That they created the Hot Spot. That they were kindled to be theirs.

In the vision, the Guiding Hand said their chosen Prime would be born of the hot spot, and would hear their voice in their waking hours.

But they were on the wane, and Sentinel feared a return of the functionists. They were not able to gain access to the hot spot -- and in a clash with Optimus, the sparks were harvested. Rumor said they went to Nyon, but then Nyon itself fell, and all were presumed lost.

It had been very rare for there to be visions -- at least not visions that anyone really believed in -- until recently, but it is notable that those who receive them are cold constructed, or very old forged mechs. More recently forged mechs, including all war borns, have not received visions, and judging by their age, the hot spot of Nyon wouldn't either.

Except they do, obviously. Very clearly.

Except Rodimus.

The Debadging

  • As a captain willing to put the ship at the top of his priorities and foster a belief that they have moved past the end of the millions-year war of Cybertron, Rodimus removed his Autobot badge. This has resulted in others praising or condoning his decision-- or alternatively judging it as a poor or treasonous decision. Regardless of Opinion, there have been others who have followed his lead and removed their Autobot or Decepticon badges.