From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Araneiform
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Cybertronian helicopter & dune buggy
Faction: Autobot

Sandstorm likes action. He's always been a mech who wants to throw himself into the fray, and not in the helpful way other Autobots do - he just wants excitement. It's gotten him into a lot of trouble over the years.


Recently? Sandstorm is kind of a grump, and a jerk. The Wreckers created quite an impact on his psyche (as they tend to do) and this is how he copes, by being an irritable fixer-upper of mechanical systems. Yet, the playfulness, the drive for adventure, all of that remains. They've just taken on different forms.

Someone needs to help remind him that he's not actually such a butt. In most respects.


Sandstorm is a competent maintenance engineer. He's also good at getting into trouble, doubting those around him, dealing mentally and physically with bad situations (the Hardiness) and smuggling. Considering how long he spent doing the latter, it'd be ridiculous if he wasn't an expert at it by now.


Sandstorm is a triplechanger who joined the Autobot cause early on, believing this would be the faction to quickly stomp the Decepticons and win. He was very wrong. As the war continued, despite the violence, Sandstorm found himself restless, and began working on the side as a smuggler in the shadier edges of the galaxy. That ended (mostly) when he joined the Wreckers and was given all the action he could ever want, being there for the annihilation of Squadron X by Impactor, for fighting Thunderwing (twice!), etc. etc. At one point he was captured by Turmoil and, of all mechs, freed by Drift.

While on a mission for the Autobots when Earth came into play, Sandstorm ended up behind enemy lines. What they didn't know was that he used said mission to sidle back into his smuggling ways, and worked somewhat closely with a few 'Cons. Old habits die hard, I guess.

As he'd followed Hot Rod on Earth, after Optimus turned himself in to Skywatch, Sandstorm decided to follow Rodimus when the Lost Light took flight. If you're near the Science & Medical deck look behind you, because Sandstorm is probably removing a panel from the wall and cursing to himself as he fixes whatever the hell has malfunctioned this time.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

A 'sparkstone', or a small blue crystal meant to be given to a loved one or special friend



 Start DateSummary
MMMeteor12 October 2017An artifact mission runs into a sect of a certain extremist group and things go a bit pear-shaped.
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!