From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Robustus
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Medical Hover-Transport
Faction: Neutral

This middle aged mech trained at an early age to be a medic and since then has kept up with the medical advances. Often seeking out other medics as well as taking any classes in order to remain up to date. Familiar with all worker and military class designs, both past and present. Willing to listen to a patient as they talk about what happened to them and may offer advice if he thinks that they need it. In his own way, he tries to treat the whole being of a patient rather than just their physical wounds. Takes his medical oaths very seriously. Respect and trust must be earned, but once you have them he will be your most loyal ally and a good friend. Earning those, however, will take time and earnest dedication. Alt mode is that of a hovertruck with a long, wide bed to carry patients upon. Can easily carry Cybertronian nearly 1 and half times his size. Will avoid questions about his past and good luck finding out much about him via research. When not doing repairs you may find him singing, dancing, or drinking. There is a secret here for those willing and able to find it when it comes to Robustus.


Interest in what the patient has to say before during and after repairs is important for proper medical care. Patience and understanding is paramount for this mech. Will grapple with that become unruly. Bravely will go out dangerous situations to get the injured. Knowledge is power, seeking it to improve the species and to help the injured will be sought when it presents itself. Susceptible to stress that comes from his job will show itself via singing, dancing, meditation, or drinking. Respect will be given to those that respect him. Trust will be earned and given out in return. Great listener and good at soothing fears or even giving out advice. At times repair is not just about the physical wounds, but the mental and emotional scarring as well. Always willing to learn new things when it comes to the medical profession and as such he will sometimes go out of the way to find out what others are up to medically so that he can better serve patients' repair needs. To him there is honor among medics and to deny a fellow healer new medical techniques is breaking your medical oaths. To pass the time when there are no repairs he may be heard singing or seen doing desk work. A competent and dependable medical professional. Stands behind his medical oaths. Considered to be among of the best of the medics alive. Listens to the woes of others and sometimes comes up with inventive answers or at least is the voice of reasonable advice.


Command 2 Fortitude 5 Inspire 3 Medicine 12 Repair 2 Transportation 5 Unarmed 3 Chirolinquistic 5 Courage 4 Dancing 4 Drinker 4 Kindness 4 Meditatation 4 Patience 4 Singing 4 Swearing 3


His history is not common knowledge, in fact you would be lucky to find any records about this mysterious healer. If you happen to ask him about him past he will most likely avoid the subject claiming it's too painful to remember. For those of higher rank, however, he will simply tell them what he feels comfortable in stating. If anyone is able to dig up any history on him they would have to do some sleuthing, especially in regards to when he began his medical training; where he trained, how long he trained, what he trained in, reviews on performance, commendations and that sort of thing. To actually find where he was created and when, however, would prove extremely difficult, but not impossible. If one does find it will give a date about one eon before the First Great War and a location as Mecha, which was a small city that no longer stands today. Other medics in battle situations may recognize him assisting in a medical capacity happened to be in the area. Robustus has been a travelling medic for nearly as long as he's been one. He's been all over Cybertron and to other worlds where Cybertronians live. This is how he'll come upon the Lost Light crew, via one of their stops to gain supplies and such.



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