From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: n/a
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Casette
Faction: Decepticon

One of Soundwave's most loyal, reliable and competent spies. Possessed of great capacity to move unseen and engage in subtefuge, his ruthlessness and efficiency are matchless.


Even in the current state of affairs Ravage is unwavering in his dedication and loyalty, not only to Soundwave, but to the Decepticon cause as a whole. He believes in the ideals Megatron founded the faction on, and the current 'truce' aboard the Lost Light is simply the most applicable pursuit currently towards bettering Cybertron and finding the missing commander. Highly intelligent and cunning, despite his dark, speak softly attitude.

The fastest way to tick Ravage off is to treat him like a mere beast because of his animal form. He is a sentient intelligent being regardless if he has opposable thumbs or not, and deserves to be respected as such. Such respect is part of why he is unbreakingly loyal to the likes of Soundwave and Megatron.

In short, don't patronize him if you value keeping all your actuator digits intact.


Ravage is a professional in stealth and other forms of espionage, as well as survellience, counterintelligence, and various computer/communication skills such as encryption and hacking.

Ravage has an very heightened sense of smell, as well as exceptional hearing. His optical sensors are fine-tuned for operation in darkness, which is also the source for his infamous weakness to bright sudden lights.

While not extremely powerful, Ravage's precision and efficiency makes him a very dangerous opponent in combat. It is hard to fight what you cannot see after all...



 Start DateSummary
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!
Colony: Velocitron30 May 2016On Velocitron, speed is what matters. Their mobile cities, the Velocites, traverse the surface to stay ahead of the searing heat of dawn. In the capital, Delta, the upcoming Inevitable 250 race is about to determine the new leader. The slow workers banished to the polar city of Mu are seething with rebellion. The older city of Transit, mysteriously slowing down, may require evacuation before it burns up.
Colony: Shivah13 March 2017The Shivans believe they were created at the hands of Nova Prime for the purpose of suffering, to prove their worthiness for their final release thanks to the deliverers, who they determine are the crew of the Lost Light. An enormous black monolith saps the energy of everyone and everything around, including the ship's engines. Soon, according to the Shivans, a great Immolation will burst forth from the monolith to end suffering for all.
Zarazee Casino15 August 2016The Lost Light stops by mecha-friendly space-Vegas aka: The Zarazee Casino. Upon arrival, its clear that the glitzy casino is anything but friendly. Viscount Valeen, the overseer of Zarazee, rules over the casino with an iron fist and ensures debts are paid one way or another.
Colony: Eukaris17 April 2016As the Lost Light arrives at Eukaris, they receive a distress call from Elita One, who is missing an away team on the surface.
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