From Transformers: Lost and Found

Ratchet transformers pictureboxart 160w.jpg
Played by: TBD
Co-Chief Medical Officer
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Ambulance
Faction: Autobot

Ratchet is an old spark, past his prime and crotchety beyond his chronological age. The war made him a medical legend, serving as the foremost of the Autobots, but his hands aren't what they used to be. The Lost Light could be his last great adventure. Or his worst ever bellyache.



 Start DateSummary
Denied26 August 2016All our space credit and debit cards are being denied! Time for the crew of the Lost Light to come together and bum some gas money.
Colony: Verander8 October 2016The home system of the lost Verander colony is a protoplanetary disk, ever-changing as the surface of Verander itself, which constantly transforms under the influence of the titan Drieger. A recent hovership battle on the surface between the townsfolk, who live in space stations orbiting Verander, and the pirates, who live out upon the disk, resulted in many deaths, and signs point to Drieger offering up a new crop of sparks, possibly including some from those who were lost.
Monster Mash1 October 2015The basement monster gets loose.
Late to the Party20 July 2015We visited. It didn't go as planned.