From Transformers: Lost and Found


An investigation turns into a bloody disaster when religious extremism meets Cybertronian diplomacy.


  • Soundwave tells Rodimus about a mysterious message from Ca that contains a possible clue to Megatron's location.
  • Rodimus, the Autobots, and a few Neutrals go down to say hello and are attacked by the Puritans.
  • Soundwave, the Decepticons, and a few Neutrals sneak down to find Megatron and are attacked by the Puritans.
  • A chase through the Lefallin's holiest temple -- including priests throwing themselves into lava! nearly dismembered cybertronians! -- ends in a showdown at the volcano's summit.
  • Mercy and Blast Off free the Lost Light from where it had been held in a field, while the rest of the crew punches, shoots, and smashes their way to freedom.


The Cybertronians probably won't be invited back to Ca again soon, and stagger back to the Lost Light bloody and battered.