From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Fathom
Division: Command
Alt-Mode: Police Cruiser
Faction: Autobot


Prowl hailed from the strict city of Petrex, as a 1st wave Cold Construct. He'd eventually made it to Iacon to work in the Mechaforensics division to be partnered with Tumbler. During an investigation of murdered senators, Prowl was saved by Orion Pax, but wouldn't buy into Orion's conspiracy theories of the Senate targeting Decepticons, so he'd refused to take part in further delving. Prowl went on to work for Sentinel Prime in the Autobot Security Services in Kaon, and becoming a part of the system saw the end of his close relationship with Tumbler.

In an attempt to shut down Kaon's rising pit fighting circuit, Prowl was sent to arrest participants. The eventual jailbreak that destroyed the security HQ, and the defeat of Sentinel at Megatron's hands forced Prowl to take control and evacuate the security forces from the city-state entirely.

Later, Prowl worked with the scientist Mesothulas on ethically unsound inventions, up until Mesothulas crossed a certain line with artificial life. With Impactor's help, Prowl disposed of Mesothulas and made a deal with the creation, Springer.

As insurgency brewed, Prowl aided Orion Pax in a team sent to Nyon to put a stop to Swindle's supply feed to the local rabble rousers. When the rabble-lead, Hot Rod, convinced Orion to turn against their own government, Prowl grumbled about it up until Zeta Prime began to attack the city.

When Orion Pax became Optimus Prime, Prowl remained at his side and aided in sending out the rallying call to arms across Cybertron. During the exodus, he saw riots erupt at the Starsreach spaceport, and joined in the fray when the Decepticons decided to attack.

At some point, he tried to leave Cybertron and become a neutral, but his ship was shot down, and resigned to facing the war rather than running from it. He'd bare witness to the Aequitas trials, and afterward worried over Tyrest's mental state, sending Skids and Getaway to alter his memories.

Optimus Prime would see Prowl in command positions throughout most of the early war. Prowl's stint on Earth had him working covertly with a team to defend the planet from Starscream's Decepticon insurgency. His strict adherence to protocol had teammates often going behind his back to avoid his ire. He clashed with Hot Rod and Bumblebee frequently.

Frustrated that Optimus Prime only seemed to listen to the reckless, sweeping plans of mavericks, Prowl sent the charismatic leader Kup to get his brain altered at the Kimia Facility, in the form of a mind-link that could be controlled remotely.

Bolstering good morale was never a strong suit, and after the Autobots had been thoroughly demoralized post a heavy attack involving Devastator, Jazz ended up taking command from Prowl. They fought the Swarm and eventually drove the Decepticons off the planet. Three years passed, and Prowl was sent to aid humanity by going undercover as a cop car. He ended up getting captured by Earth's answer to the lingering Cybertronians on Earth, Skywatch. He was rescued, then joined Hot Rod's splinter team, which formed an alliance with Skywatch.

At long last, Prowl dealt with Garrus-9 which had been taken over by Overlord three years earlier. He sent Ironfist with the Wreckers to be sacrificed, whom he had a special arrangement with. The Aequitas data was retrieved, delivered, and "accidentally" destroyed.

Megatron returned and surrendered himself, and Prowl interrogated him. He learned that Spike, who had been a close friend at this point, murdered a Cybertronian in cold blood. The betrayal undid what little progress Prowl had made in trusting people.

Within Bumblebee's burgeoning government on their war-torn planet, Prowl was left in charge of a police force made up of Decepticons, to shepherd the returning neutrals. He wasn't particularly keen on the NAILs, embittered towards them after Rodimus and Ultra Magnus left them in his 'care'. When the Lost Light was gearing for launch, Prowl goaded Rodimus into taking Overlord aboard, and attempted to coerce Chromedome into deep reading the warrior to learn the secrets of creating a Phase Sixer. Chromedome grew angry when Prowl tried to blackmail him over his past, and wiped his memory of the threat and the knowledge that gave it teeth.

The recent attack on Bumblebee had Prowl searching the security footage for suspects. NAILs with matrix tattoos carried out the attack, and Autobot Command received reports on Primalists the Lost Light crew keeps running into, so Prowl left Cybertron to investigate.



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Khepri30 September 2017An artifact signal leads to the discovery of the floating colony of Khepri, an insect altmode based society of traders with a love of organic things and fancy clothes. It's up to the Lost Lighters to find the artifact, make peace with the locals, and have a little R&R while they're there.