From Transformers: Lost and Found

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 Start DateEnd DateSummary
Megatronland16 February 201825 February 2018Lost Lighters are flung into a reality where the Decepticons have won the war, and Autobots are enslaved or running an underground rebellion.
The Thrillsought Gauntlet28 January 20174 January 2018Angered by Vortex's sudden disappearance following the recovery of Megatron, Air Raid runs off to manage his stress with high risk racing matches in the illegal flier tournament - the Thrillsought Gauntlet. Vortex and Skydive seek to retrieve him, and enlist Arrow's help.
HOA Hell22 November 2017The Lost Lighters end up stuck in a virtual simulation of a pleasant Terran suburb.
MMMeteor12 October 201719 October 2017An artifact mission runs into a sect of a certain extremist group and things go a bit pear-shaped.
Colony: Khepri30 September 20174 October 2017An artifact signal leads to the discovery of the floating colony of Khepri, an insect altmode based society of traders with a love of organic things and fancy clothes. It's up to the Lost Lighters to find the artifact, make peace with the locals, and have a little R&R while they're there.
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