From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Blue Oatmeal
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Microscope
Faction: Autobot

Pitch is both the rust spot on the shining Autobot badge and the photographer who fogs up the lens so that all imperfections are blurred out in the resulting image.

...Dramatics aside, Pitch is an outgoing and nosy communications Autobot with a mean streak. She's a fantastic artist, but her specialty is the art of deceit.


Pitch is confident in herself and holds some very strong opinions. She trusts no one and has developed several strong anxieties and fears. She makes friends easily, but typically only maintains shallow friendships. She speaks what's on her mind when it suits her, without much care for others' feelings--unless they're someone important. She's also allergic to leadership.


Deception. It's practically her whole life.

Art! Drawing, painting, music, dance, acting--you name it, she's probably done it. She specializes in visual arts, and made a living off of mostly 2D art for a long time.

Hacking, particularly planting or erasing data.

Acrobatics/Transformation tricks. Through extensive practice and experimentation, Pitch has has figured out a number of unusual ways to take advantage of the ability to transform and size-shift. Partial transformations take more effort though. Hiding, attacking, snooping, running away--all are made easier by a mastery over one's form.


The Siege of Gangue was an ethical disaster and total loss. It was in a remote location and was struck from the records of both factions through sabotage. Only Pitch, a Decepticon MTO, survived the battle. She was constructed using parts from a deceased microscope alt mostly identical to Perceptor, and a Seeker head that was previously a war trophy.

After the battle, Pitch was collected by a team of Autobots who patched her up and quickly convinced her to switch sides. They were the first bots she met who seemed to care, and she didn’t like her chances as a Con in Bot custody. Better to just join up, she figured. Her decision was cemented as the battle’s cover up began, and she knew enough to reason that the Cons would be quicker to snuff her than the Bots.

As the only known remaining piece of evidence of the mortifying battle, and a turncoat to boot, Pitch became used to laying low and lying to save her plating. All of her records and files were edited (by some unknown higher-up, herself, and paid help) to reflect her identity as, officially, Pitch of the Battle of Iacon, an Autobot MTO from a generic battle in Iacon.

Pitch was transferred early on to a travelling Research and Development team because of her microscope altmode, and quickly became the resident scapegoat and punching bag. It was a low-priority scientific team, and was often tacked onto whatever battles were happening nearby at the time.

Due to zero scientific ability and many screw-ups, she was pulled off the team by a passing Communications mech. In Comm., she worked on regular propaganda and black propaganda, anonymously pissing off bigshot Cons and inspiring Bots with news of fake victories. She not only made posters and videos, she also spread misinformation, edited news, engaged in covert psychological operations, and helped spread some of the most damaging rumors about anyone labelled as an enemy. She notably began and spread the rumors that Megatron eats sparks, and that Soundwave's cassettes are mind-controlled slaves or drones.

She was frequently pulled into battle even in Propaganda. She was in so-called “General Communications” much longer than she was in R&D.

After the war ended, she cut all ties to propaganda and returned to Cybertron. There, a former coworker and fellow propagandist named Tilt of Yuss (AKA ToY) began to stalk her, eager to exact vengeance for an incident during the war for which Pitch was responsible. After living in constant apprehension for three years, she decided that the Lost Light would be her best bet for losing Tilt, avoiding Megatron, and finding a place where people would probably at least tolerate her.