Personalized Weapons

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Personalized weapons are another way that you can spend your Luck Points.

For two luck points, you can fill out the following information and send it in by +request (+help request). Staff will review the information, follow up with any questions, and add the weapon to the database. You may have more than one personalized weapon. Each item will be 2 LP.

Name: A short name for your weapon - one to two words is best. Please keep in mind that, in combat, these will be prefaced with your name. For example, Rodimus's Energy Bow.
Description: A few sentences all about how great your weapon is.
Weapon Type: Ranged or melee. This will determine if you use firearms or melee_weapons to +roll your attack. Defenders will defend against firearms with reaction, and melee with their own melee_weapons skill.
Damage Type: Physical, Burn, Acid, or Stun. Stun damage heals more quickly than other forms of damage. Other than that, it is largely cosmetic. Custom damage types are also available.
Lethality / Penetration / Autofire / Accuracy: These stats are where the core of weapon balance lies. You can pick one thing to be awesome, one thing to be good, and one thing to be bad. As an example, below I've listed various default weapon stats.

That's all you have to send! YOU DO NOT NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE NUMBERS YOURSELF. Just tell us what you want the weapon to be great at, good at, and bad at, and we'll balance it against the other weapons.

But if you're curious about how the numbers do work, here's a little breakdown:

AP_RIFLE: Standard-issue projectile rifle with armor piercing rounds.

-10 | 6 | 1 | 0

AP_SNIPER_RIFLE: Sniper Rifle with armoring piercing projectile bullets: can be cumbersome, heavy recoil.

-10 | 6 | 0 | 1

PLASMA_RIFLE: Standard-issue plasma rifle.

0 | 4 | 1 | 0

WEAPON_GREAT_SWORD: Great Sword. Extremely rare!

-5 | 6 | 0 | 0

Armor-piercing rifles have great armor penetration but are less likely to inflict severe wounds. Sniper rifles can't be autofired but they are more accurate. Great Swords, being neither accurate nor capable of autofire, have penetration equal to armor-piercing weaponry, but with less of a hit to their lethality.

What's this all mean?

  • Lethality: This determines the severity of the wounds, IF you hit, IF it penetrates armor.
  • Penetration: This is your ability to cut through heavy armor.
  • Autofire: This determines if you can use +combat/attack <target>/burst or +combat/attack fullauto. It's a straight up yes or no, so don't waste your 'awesome' on this!
  • Accuracy: This gives you a flat bonus to rolls and can be the most powerful.

If you need help determining what would be best for your weapon, talk to Tez or Roz, as they are most familiar with the guts of the system. Have fun!