Papers Please

From Transformers: Lost and Found


After touching down on Constancy, the Lighters are arrested on suspicion of being fugitives from justice.


  • A ship leaving Constancy orbit impacts the Leading Light on its way down.
  • Outpost 113 law enforcement arrests the Lighters on landing and brings them to a containment cell to verify their identities as escaped fugitives.
  • Ultra Magnus leaves the Lighters behind as he goes to argue their case.
  • Grimlock, in Galactic Council custody, positively identifies Rodimus, and the team is held in detainment.
  • The Lighters investigate an escape and/or cargo pod that Grimlock has been guarding in custody.
  • After some attempts to break the forcefields holding them in, Rodimus persuades the guards to provide them with a fuel supply while in custody.
  • The Lighters blow up their fuel supply and successfully escape custody, returning to the Lost Light with Grimlock and the mystery pod.


The Lost Lighters decide to get out of prison in the only way appropriate: jailbreak. Using their rations, those imprisoned blow the stack and short circuit the power to escape. Stealing a ship- adding theft to their long list of crimes-, they return to the Lost Light with Grimlock and the mystery pod in tow.