From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Mynoris
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Medical Drone
Faction: Decepticon

Probably one of the meekest Decepticons out there.


Meek. Oddly loyal despite being forced into the faction and being treated like garbage. Is absolutely terrified of the DJD. Passive and patient. Likes to sculpt and garden. Has a secret resentment towards Autobots that she doesn't fully understand herself; it has nothing to do with the Decepticon propaganda. Not a pacifistic exactly, but she will never shoot first, never shoot unprovoked, and won't shoot someone unarmed without a direct command to do so (and she's not good with guns anyhow.) Believes in the power of oaths and in keeping promises. Tries to be a team player, even when the team doesn't really want or like her.


+======================== Action Skills =======================+

Firearms: Nov @@@ Inspire: Nov @@ Medicine: Mas @@@@@@@@@@@ Repair: Pro @@@@ Stealth: Nov @@@ Transportation: Vet @@@@@@@ Unarmed: Nov @

+====================== Background Skills =====================+

Bedside Manner: Pro @@@@ Cleaning: Pro @@@@@ Cosmetics: Pro @@@@@@ Escaping Notice Pro @@@@@ First Response: Vet @@@@@@@ Gardening: Pro @@@@ Sculpting: Nov @@ Trick Landing: Pro @@@@


She was one of the neutrals that left during the exodus (circa 4 million BCE); she was barely past her primary programming years. Her group of refugees landed on the planet Xanyd and claimed it as their own, building a beautiful city that disrupted nature as little as possible. They were a bunch of scientists and spiritualists. During the Decepticon expansion, the planet was taken by the Decepticons (circa 3 million BCE) and all the citizens were forced to join or die. A few of them might have escaped, but Panacea wasn't so lucky. Since she didn't want to die, she joined. Most of her life since then has been spent fixing Decepticons. Eventually most of the 'Cons pulled out of Xanyd, leaving in the hands of a few rejects that weren't deemed worthy of returning to Cybertron for the final push.

Eventually Skywarp and Swivel found Xanyd and gave(?) her the opportunity to join the Lost Light. Semi-recently she was 'loaned' to an outpost that was badly in need of a medic. She's returning to duty during a situation quite different than the one she left.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

A floaty, glowing bauble.


Oh. And she has a plant named Tibby.