From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: TBD
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Light Tank
Faction: Autobot

Outburst is a former Decepticon, who turned coat to the Autobot side in the war. Everything was terribly awkward, though, because his twin sister Serenity did not. He joined the Lost Light's crew at the war's end, after his mentor was killed and sister went missing, and has been a laid back, pleasant sort of mech to interact with ever since.


Laid-back: Outburst doesn't let things get to him. At first, this can seem like he takes things in stride and just manages his emotions really well. In reality, this is more like Outburst is good at telling himself things don't bother him and not taking life too seriously as a defense mechanism. This could also be described as "conflict avoidant."

Impulsive: Outburst doesn't really "do" critical thinking and planning. He goes with his gut and does what sounds good. Sometimes, this means he jumps in with a bright, brilliant idea. Sometimes, it means he can say something very funny. Sometimes, it means he does something very stupid.

Temper: Outburst can get very angry, when the right things (his dead mentor, his maybe-dead sister, whether the war had any point) come up. If prodded and poked, he can lose his temper. Then, he can start shouting, yelling, and generally making a scene.


Melee Combat: Outburst is skilled at fighting with an axe, having been taught to do that by his mentor. He is best with an axe and combines this with his ranged capabilities -- specifically, the cannon from his alt-mode, which can lower over his shoulder.

Mining: Outburst used to be a miner. Yes, like Megatron. Yes, he used to think this was significant. Yes, now he finds it embarrassing.


Outburst was forged on Cybertron before the war ever began. His spark was harvested with another close by, practically touching it: his sister, Serenity. They were harvested together in the Sonic Canyons, and there they grew up in the midst of the roar of industry. They were as different as could be, but Outburst looked out for her right away. He was the bigger one, but that didn't mean much. She could be just as fierce as him, and she was smarter too.

They became miners, because both had functional alt-modes. Outburst was originally a digging rig, and under the Functionalists, that meant they were destined to be lower-class miners ripping precious metals for the industry of their homes. Outburst was a big, friendly, gregarious sort. That hid the fact that he wasn't terribly happy: that he didn't think so much of a society that said he could never be anything but a miner. He thought very little of a society that said the same thing of his sister.

When he was told that he was being deceived, he believed it. Megatron was a miner, just like he was. More than that, Megatron was a fighter, and Outburst wanted to be a fighter too. He didn't want to live out the next few millions of years under a corrupt Senate and the Uprising inspired him. Serenity agreed with him, maybe a little more vehemently, and they joined the Decepticons eagerly. Outburst had his alt-mode remade, becoming built for war instead of mining, and it was a big robotic middle finger to the Functionalists.

At first, the Autobots were something he hated. They were a reminder that no matter how much Outburst wished it, not everyone could understand what Megatron was doing. When Optimus refused to surrender, it was another indignity. As far as Outburst was concerned, they prolonged the war. They didn't /understand/ Megatron: a mech of the people, a mech who embodied a leader and a champion in one, a mech that could be like him... even if Megatron was nothing like Outburst. He was a hero to Outburst, even if he had said no more than six words to him. And three were: "Outburst, inside voice!"

Outburst was always very loud, being from the Sonic Canyons.

But the war went on. The war changed and it changed the Decepticons, too -- or maybe the war changed Outburst. The atrocities became harder to ignore. Organics were massacred, something that never quite sat right with him. Megatron became less and less of a champion, and the Constellate felt more like a conquering empire than a liberation movement. Megatron entered an omniglobe, and commanded on a level that seemed utterly divorced from the miner, pit fighter, and freedom fighter of the past.

He wasn't happy about everything that happened and he made a decision: he wanted out. Maybe the Autobots would take him, though he couldn't know for sure. He had spent three million years as Decepticon, after all. He approached Serenity and told her his concerns, and he expected her to agree. He thought his sister, who was always smarter than him, would see the same thing he did. They had argued before -- him being kind of a dim meathead, her being self-important and snappy -- but they never really fought.

That time, they fought. Insults were hurled back and forth. Wisdom, past decisions, and implications of improper spark-handling during forging were lobbed about. Shouting was common and quite loud. Serenity didn't -- couldn't -- understand. Where Outburst had wavered, she had doubled down. Where he had questioned, she only grew more resolute. At the time, they were on a two-mech long-range patrol on a jungle world on the edge of former Constellate space. They never fought each other with cannons, blades, or fists, but words cut deep enough.

Outburst stormed off and Serenity shouted that she was glad to see the back of him.

He found his way to an Autobot base and turned himself in, pleading for clemency. Outburst wasn't a high-ranking Decepticon with much to share, but he had an uphill battle. He had to convince the commander of that base that he was sincere -- and then up the chain. He was accepted into the Autobots provisionally... and he had to learn the Autobot Code. This wasn't an easy task; after all, Outburst wasn't a big fan of data tablets, rote memorization, studying, and the rest. It took a few months.

But he liked the basic tenets. He found they appealed to him -- though not perfectly. Outburst felt more at home with the rougher sorts, who tended to punch or shoot first. He didn't want to murder organics, conquer worlds, and the like -- but he wasn't much of a scientist or a philosopher. Still, he found that he was impressed with the Autobots. He aspired to be like the Wreckers.

However, there was a matter of trust. His sister had stayed a Decepticon. Outburst never learned why she hadn't turned him in, but Serenity continued to fight the Autobots for Megatron -- and some of them wondered how loyal Outburst truly was. They wondered if, perhaps, he was an agent of Megatron -- or a fool following a flight of fancy. (Autobots always avow a lot of awesome alliteration.)

Outburst found that he was a rank and file -- and for the longest time, he couldn't climb higher. He stuck it out, because despite having a laid back personality, there was an inner resilience that was hard to deny. He spent thousands of years as a loyal soldier, and while some Autobots recognized his worth, others still doubted. It was hard to forget that he a Decepticon sister who was a sniper, after all.

The exception was the mech who would become his mentor: Axehandle. This old 'Bot saw in Outburst someone like him. Axehandle was old -- old enough to remember the first Ark, though he didn't go on it -- and it was genuine when he acted like a big brother figure to Outburst. They had a lot in common: both were laid back in their day-to-day lives, excitable and impulsive, sometimes boisterous, and had tempers that could flare. That they could laugh it off after a shouting match helped.

Axehandle took him under his (figurative) wing. Before that Outburst was a scrapper and an average shot with his shoulder-mounted cannon, having assumed a Cybertronian tank alt-mode as a Decepticon early in the conflict. Axehandle taught him to fight with a battle axe: a rough, hard, and brutal style that fit Outburst's personality and his image of himself. It was here that Outburst excelled most. Axehandle also smoothed edges and made inroads with Autobots. Outburst started to make friends and feel that he fit in with their encouragement.

He never managed, however, to join the Wreckers. He did become a fanboy.

Eventually, the war began to come to a head. Outburst fought away from Earth before the Surge, battling across various outposts, stations, and remote planets against the Decepticons with Axehandle. When the Surge came, they were fighting on a derelict space station, trying to hold off Decepticons while some wounded were evacuated. They managed to succeed, though losses were high. Before they could get on the ship, though, a sniper's shot took out Axehandle -- blowing out his spark in one go. Outburst suspected it was Serenity. He got very, very angry about this.

He was among the Autobots who fled to Earth in the wake of the Surge. He spent some time there -- he wasn't with the Autobots that left with Hot Rod, though he thought he was a swell fellow. He ultimately left with the others, though, to return to Cybertron with Optimus Prime in the events that led to Vector Sigma starting a new game of Civilization: Cybertron. (This time, he picked the Babylonians!)

With the war over, Outburst was left on a reformatted Cybertron. He helped the Autobots with keeping the peace -- and he talked to a few imprisoned Decepticons. It was very, very awkward. He knew perfectly well that, had things been different, he could have been the one behind bars. When he did, he learned that Serenity had gone missing in the last days of the war.

Outburst took stock of his situation. Many of his friends and acquaintances were dead or missing after the last days of the war. The mechs he grew up with were nigh unrecognizable after six million years of fighting, if they still lived. The Sonic Canyons were reformatted and he found no home to go back to. His mentor and best friend was dead, likely killed by his sister. And his sister was missing.

He never questioned whether the war was worth fighting. He questioned if he really should have survived it, though. He didn't see anything left -- and he didn't really have anywhere to go to. The questions that remained, such as what to do about the Neutrals returning day after day, were ones that he didn't know how to answer. He didn't feel at home on the new Cybertron... because the people that could make it feel like home were gone.

It was easy, when he heard that Rodimus was leaving with the Lost Light. He didn't really believe in the Knights of Cybertron -- he was a simple sort, focused on the present, who just didn't put much stock in legends beyond fun stories. But, maybe, they existed. Maybe they could answer whether any of this was really worth it, because he kept asking that question and kept not finding an answer.

Or maybe they couldn't. It would be a chance to get away, though. The Lost Light's voyage has been far more about running away for Outburst than he would often admit to. He has been a loyal Autobot ever since -- and taken things in stride, including the presence of Decepticons on the ship. He has been around for the events that have occurred on MUSH, though never in any decisive manner (and some details may be left to figure out with other players, if it makes a good hook).