From Transformers: Lost and Found

Null d2 post.png
Played by: Chi
Field Medic
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Starfighter
Faction: Neutral

Null is a Knight of the Circle of Light and a typical hero complex.


Null has a very strong conviction for doing what's right and he does his best to be kind! ... Usually. He's a bit hotheaded and while he definitely tries to look for the best in everyone, he's also quick to judge and can get a bit testy when someone's not acting properly. Whatever that means.


Null uses a lance instead of a sword! Weird! He is actually very good at jumping, something to do with the configuration of his engines and a lot of practice. He's a field medic and nurse-in-training. Have you heard of Primus and the guiding hand? Null's got the deets on theology's favourite boy band.


Null was forged in Stanix and came online with a near-obsessive investment in the history and lore of Primus and the Guiding Hand. When civil war broke out, it seemed natural to follow the Circle of Light and shelter with them in their attempts to avoid the conflict on Cybertron, and their later exodus. It wasn't long into his time with the Circle that Null began inching toward medical studies and battle training in lieu of his scholarly pursuits. Theology is important... but he wasn't really helping people, not with his words. By the time they fled Cybertron he had sidelined the theological studies, instead focusing on learning everything he could from the medical personel within the circle. He never managed to excel with swords, but his light frame and thruster placement made him a perfect candidate for the lance. For millions of years he's been training and learning within the confines of New Crystal City. With recent events, that isn't a possibility anymore, and while he longs for the simple life back on Theophany, he's sure that here on the Lost Light he can really make a difference. Help people. Be a hero, you know?

All in all, he's a bit boring....