From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Pax
Quantum Engineer
Division: Support
Faction: Neutral
Outlier Ability: Polymath

Nautica has studied more subjects than you can shake a stick at, from literature to cartography to moral philosophy. Relentless and relentlessly upbeat, she absorbs knowledge with as much acuity as enthusiasm and she has a lot of enthusiasm. By trade she's a quantum mechanic—an engineer with a focus on faster-than-light starships—and as such can usually be seen carrying her trusty wrench.


When she has things to work on and is ensconced in her "safe space", Nautica tends to be fairly cheerful, if often a bit socially awkward; she gives the impression that despite enthusiasm, she hasn't always had a lot of friends to actually practice being social with.

When put in a situation with enough other Camiens around to judge her for her technical leanings, she becomes a bit shy and uncertain of herself.


Nautica considers herself a top-notch quantum mechanic, and this is certainly true. However, she tends to undersell herself on other skills; she's a good engineer, a quick study at languages, and quite a few other things. She is, in short, a polymath, though she only considers herself a nerd.

Outlier Ability

Though Nautica is not aware of this herself, her polymath nature would almost certainly qualify as an outlier ability were anyone to try and quantify it. She's a quick study for almost any field she needs, able to go from novice to highly skilled with a frankly ridiculously short amount of study time.



 Start DateSummary
Learning Curve20 November 2015Rivets, the mysterious bot that came aboard on Luna 1, reveals himself to be Savant, a brilliant mastermind behind several of the complications the Lost Light has encountered - and maybe even responsible for Brainstorm! There's a schuffle, Daytripper is turned inside-out and the engines are exploited for dark matter collection! The whole universe is threatened to be collapsed ... and somehow Pipes still does not die.
Purge10 August 2015An investigation turns into a bloody disaster when religious extremism meets Cybertronian diplomacy.
In Too Deep17 June 2015A Decepticon amphibiod from Eukaris named Springload is after the fabled Well of Endless Energon ... and the Lost Light gets caught up in his chase, with energon needs of their own! Discovering the lost world of Nibiru and then on it the lost city of Doradus, the Lost Lighters embark on a quest to recover crystals to save the planet, basically to make up for causing the problem in the first place.
Future Tense29 April 2015The Lost Light from the past goes to save the Lost Light of the future.
Evolve1 April 2015The team finds a dead planet (mystery), a new friend (more mystery), and some strangers (even more my-... well, more like they're strange).