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Moonpie sez.png
Played by: NPC
"Communications" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: compact vroomcar
Faction: Neutral

Moonpie is a short-packed, short-stacked monster on the track with Velocitronian ingenue eyes and unfairly advantageous freckles, a delightfully dynamic darling of the racing circuit. Pretty, petite, and personable, not to mention a name of some renown on her own planet, any shred of shyness or plan to disappear into a crowd is off-set by her eye-searingly energetic paint job of of bright teal and slightly-shaded titanium white.


Effervescent. Ebullient. A Genuine Delight, right up until she Isn't, Anymore. Her optimism is a little on the naive side, and she much prefers puns and pratfalls to punching -- but that doesn't mean she won't, if provoked. She worries that she won't be taken seriously as anything more than a racer, that her freckled face and good-natured cheer mean everyone underestimates her actual level of badassery.


Velocitronian native from the drag-reducing lines of her teal and white exterior all the way down to her shocks and struts, Moonracer has lived up to her name -- and then some.

(she didn't /just/ race at night, /after all/.)

If it's Velocitronian, it races, and if it races, she's gone up against it -- and probably won. Not content with just being /faster/ than anyone -- she made a Name For Herself racing against city-on-wheels Delta for an entire day; some 'bots called her crazy for braving the outdoors, but ask her and she'd call herself /determined/.

(truth's somewhere in the middle).

Bound and determined to prove herself more than just the fresh and freckle-faced darling of the Velocitronian circuit, Moonie Moonpie's off-track entertainment options expanded early on to include a more-than-a-hobby level interest in exhibition shooting. The result? Ask her friends, and she's the best sharpshooter in the galaxy; ask /her/, and she's the best in the universe.

Not content to keep her cheerfully ebullient, often irreverent nose in her /own/ business, a recent playful (and unsanctioned, tsk!) drag race between herself and a friend was cut short by the discovery of giant footprints, scuffle-y skirmish-y footprints! Which, of course, had to be /investigated/. And then /reported/: She nosy nellied the information on up the information pipeline to Override, who was still managing to remain in charge of Velocitron.

(That day).



 Start DateSummary
Animorphing23 October 2016The Lost Light comes upon a space station of mechanical aliens, the Elemens, who are eager to show off to Cybertronian visitors. One said Elemen is a little too eager, and ends up turning a group of visitors temporarily into robot animals.
Colony: Dunia11 July 2016The Lost Light arrives at the lost colony of Dunia, where they discover the survivors of the place living in traveling convoys underground, hiding from the wrath of their sleeping Titan. The Titan wakes, and in an effort to save the survivors of the planet, the Lost Lighters are forced to kill him.


Concept: Darling little vroomcar. She's sugar and spice and improbably nice besides, and trying to be taken seriously as more than just a racer in spite of it.


Pretty, petite, and personable in a teal and white package.


Aesthetically appealing as a spark plug secure in a cylinder head, her chassis is all fuel-efficient, drag-resistant lines snubbed just-so; they down-shift shy of powerful, truculently trundling into place at prettily, perfectly petite. High-beam headlights blaze bold: hers are brightly blue and slightly bigger than the stock-model of her helmeted head should support; paired with the artful-airbrushed spray of primer-grey freckles they're installed above, the entire effect emphasizes the air of over-eager exuberance her entire frame projects. Her original production run's moon-pale aqua has been emboldened: the primary portions of her paintjob are a vividly vivacious teal designed to draw the eye. It is paired with pristine white, and the stark contrast softened by cleverly applied accent-hints of pale grey, half-shades lighter than her freckles.


Kind of a big deal on the Velocitronian racing circuit, which translates to being at least a household name on most of the planet itself. Some rumors, not entirely the quiet kind, that she may be just a little bit cracked in the headgasket. The fame and notoriety seem to go hand in hand. Otherwise, has a reputation for being sweet but a little bit nosy, and is known to be kind of excitable.