From Transformers: Lost and Found

TF L&F - Mir.png
Played by: Fencat
Division: Intelligence
Alt-Mode: Portable audio player
Faction: Neutral

A Neutral Cybertronian wanderer that likes recording and collecting sounds, Mir is relatively calm and polite but is often absent-minded when working on their sound collection.


Mir is polite and relatively calm most of the time, but can be more absent-minded when working on their sound collection. They are naturally inquisitive and gets excited over talking about their interests with people, even showing off a bit when they really get going. Mir can get a little nervous when either under pressure or out of their element, though they are calmer and more relaxed when they have someone they know nearby. Though they seem oblivious at times, it is only because they lack the information to connect the dots. With new friends, Mir tends to gauge on how much affection is considered alright from interactions, and acts accordingly. Otherwise, they are simply polite and friendly.


As a sound recordist, Mir also has an interest in musicology - the study of music. Due to their background in entertainment, Mir specialises in social musicology - particularly how people use music as a connection between their own experiences and how they perceive the music piece. With this knowledge, Mir uses it to predict which soundtrack is the most suitable to current circumstances.

They enjoy collecting all sorts of sounds, and their personal collection has grown extensively due to their travels. From the panting sounds of a turbofox on cooldown to the crunch of organic debris underfoot, Mir has a recording of every sound that they have come across so far in their life. Although they are willing to share their collection of sounds with others, there are a few very personal ones that Mir prefers not to share. Recently, Mir has taken an interest in photography and writing, to help supplement their skill in sound recording.

Due to their non-combatant background, Mir has learned some interesting skills and tricks over the years to avoid head-on confrontations, both during their time working on prewar Cybertron and while wandering around space. Though they’re able to fix and upgrade their neurospeakers, Mir doesn’t have enough knowledge of the drone’s inner workings to build another entirely from scratch. Though they work best from afar as interference alongside another combatant or two, Mir has enough tricks up their sleeves to keep most enemies distracted until help arrives.

Mir’s light frame and above average senses allows for quicker reaction times while in combat situations. Mir relies on their tricks to confound enemies so that other stronger combatants are able to take them down. For enemies of lesser intelligence (wild beasts and such), the loud sounds of a predatory species is enough to make them run the other way.


Mir was sparked in Harmonex some time before the Great War. They worked as a relatively freelance sound recordist around Harmonex, though they were temporarily moved to Rodion for an unspecified contract. While stationed in Rodion, Mir occasionally visited Maccadam’s New Oil House for inspiration. While working as a sound recordist back on Cybertron, Mir used a number of personal add-ons to enhance the audience’s listening experience, such as their mobile neuro-speakers while on the move and their personal audio docking station while in their alt-mode. Otherwise, these add-ons were kept in their subspace.

Mir left Cybertron a little while before the war, alongside a few friends. Since leaving Cybertron, Mir has gotten used to jury-rigging their own equipment with whatever they could scavenge or trade. Although they know enough about their neuro-speakers to instinctively know which parts to replace, they have yet figure out how to upgrade them beyond their initial purpose. For most of the war, Mir had little contact with either of the warring factions, mostly working and riding along with fellow Neutrals, other mechanical beings and a few friendly organics. However, there were some close encounters with bots from either side... and from these few encounters, Mir learned to turn their knowledge of sound into a defensive weapon to deter and confound foes.

On one of the many planets they landed on early in the war, Mir stumbled upon a blind child of a native organic species named Tokwa that had been abandoned by his tribe. Though their relationship started rocky due to a series of misunderstandings, Mir and Tokwa soon became close friends and the pair bonded over Mir’s collection of sounds and travels. But in what only felt like a couple of months for Mir, Tokwa grew old and eventually died. To mourn their friend’s passing, Mir compiled a soundtrack in Tokwa's memory so that he could continue travelling with them. With his death, Mir continued to record every sound they came across, even picking up an interest in photography and writing to document those sounds properly.

When not avoiding all possible conflict with the warring factions, Mir spent most of their time either collecting sounds for their sound collection or practising how to use them effectively in combat. Though most of the sounds they collect aren’t fit for such a purpose, they gradually created a series of soundtracks compiled of a mixture of sounds, where each track was designed for a specific purpose in combat... and if all failed to phase enemies, Mir did have some skill wielding a gun.

After hearing Cybertron’s call for all wayward Cybertronians to come home, Mir hitched a ride with some of their old Neutral companions to return to Cybertron. However, they returned to a planet they no longer recognised. Old Cybertron was gone and a whole new world had taken its place. Though they stayed to record the new sounds that the newborn planet made for a while, Mir did not wish to stay on a planet they could no longer recognise as home. They yearned to return to explore the cosmos once more.

When they missed their opportunity to join the Lost Light due to being waylaid by an old employer, Mir got a job at Maccadam’s Old Oil House in Iacon, working as one of their musicians. After having two near-death experiences almost consecutively, Mir used a few of their surviving contacts to hitch a ride back into space. Mir eventually managed to secure a place within the crew of the Lost Light in a chance encounter. While travelling with the Lost Light, Mir hopes to continue their personal quest of expanding their vast collection... and in light of the ongoing quest for the fabled Knights of Cybertron, perhaps even record certain sounds that have been lost over time and space.