From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: NPC
Combat Medic
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Ambulance

Mercy is the embodiment of her name. Soft hearted, gentle, she's a 'bot with a heart. She is a combat medic who does what she does because she has to, not because she wants to. Fighting doesn't solve anything - why couldn’t they just get along? She'll do what she can to keep those she considers friends and allies up and running. While she generally doesn't want to fight, she will use her weapons to defend her patients.


Mercy is curious and, in many ways, naïve and easily distracted. Her whole existence has revolved around the war, and her patients. Now that the war is ‘over’, she finds herself with a lot more time on her hands, which means she’s able to indulge her curiosity. She hasn’t often had the chance to ‘stop and smell the roses’ but now that she has time, she’s taken the phrase quite literally. She is far too likely to stop and oooh and aww whenever she gets the rare chance to see new flora or fauna in person.


Mercy was created just before the start of the war, and has known little besides the fighting that has lasted most of her life. Although she was never one of the ‘front line’ fighters (many of those in charge seeing her as too small to be of use right in the heat of things), she nevertheless has seen her fair share of fighting and dealt with the after effects all too often. There’s nothing she hated more than patching someone up only to find out they hadn’t made it through the next week.

And then the war ended, and Mercy found herself on this ship of misfits. She had to work with people who had hurt her friends only a short time ago. She might not like it, but learning to adapt to it is proving...interesting. Only time will tell how it will work out.



 Start DateSummary
Denied26 August 2016All our space credit and debit cards are being denied! Time for the crew of the Lost Light to come together and bum some gas money.
Zarazee Casino15 August 2016The Lost Light stops by mecha-friendly space-Vegas aka: The Zarazee Casino. Upon arrival, its clear that the glitzy casino is anything but friendly. Viscount Valeen, the overseer of Zarazee, rules over the casino with an iron fist and ensures debts are paid one way or another.
Colony: Eukaris17 April 2016As the Lost Light arrives at Eukaris, they receive a distress call from Elita One, who is missing an away team on the surface.
Colony: Devisiun22 March 2016Tailgate is dying. Rather than linger and allow others to watch his suffering, he runs off to die alone. Pfft, like the Lost Light is going to let that happen. So of course they follow him.
Beneath the Skin8 March 2016A nanotech virus designed by First Aid's evil twin runs rampant on the Lost Light, striking down whole swaths of the crew at once with an illness that takes them out of action.
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