From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Shipsgenius
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Alligator
Faction: Neutral

A scalewalker warrior with protective tendencies


Though hardly the oldest Eukarian around, Lockjaw has been around long enough to know a thing or two about fighting. Though she was fairly adept at swimming, the nature of her alt-mode meant that she stood with the Scale Walkers. Her aquatic abilities did not go to waste, however, often giving her the element of surprise in combat. She enjoyed fighting, and took pride in her contributions to her tribe, but over time she began to grow weary of fighting the same enemies time and again. She craved change in her routine. The Lost Light gave her the perfect chance, but she didn't jump at it, reluctant to abandon her tribe, and her friends, whom she felt obligated to protect. It was those friends that finally convinced her to go. Realising that she would simply grow more unhappy if she remained, they did their best to convince her that they could take care of themselves without her looking after them. It took a (friendly) brawl for them to prove it, and for her to finally concede, and sign on to the Lost Light.



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Abyssalas12 August 2017Members of the Lost Light visit the colony of Abyssalas, an underwater society populated primarily by scientific-minded individuals with various aquatic alt modes, ranging from underwater vehicles, to alts modeled after organics, to organic-shaped vehicles. It's like a whole city full of Wheeljacks.
Tomb Raiders13 July 2017An artifact of the Knights of Cybertron is detected in the ruins of an ancient tomb, left smack dab in the middle of a great jungle on an organic planet. A crew from the Lost Light is sent to retrieve it, and along the way participate in a classic Indiana Jones-style adventure.
Beast Park15 June 2017{{{plotsummary}}}
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!
Functionist Station29 December 2016The Lost Light stops by a spacestation run completely by Cybertronians. Seemingly occupied by neutrals, its actually run by Neo-Functionists.
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