Learning Curve

From Transformers: Lost and Found


Rivets, the mysterious bot that came aboard on Luna 1, reveals himself to be Savant, a brilliant mastermind behind several of the complications the Lost Light has encountered - and maybe even responsible for Brainstorm! There's a schuffle, Daytripper is turned inside-out and the engines are exploited for dark matter collection! The whole universe is threatened to be collapsed ... and somehow Pipes still does not die.


Rivets, now calling himself Savant, steps out to battle some of the crew. He unleashes his own brand of super science on the crew, for which Daytripper is the one mostly affected (though she is saved by Nautica!) This turns out to be a delay tactic however by a clonebot (like the one discovered on Ca) which leads to a showdown in the engine room.

There Savant has converted the engines into a collector of dark matter from across all realities. He plans to 'overload' the universal system, to cause it to reboot with himself as part of that code, to thus be able to rewrite everything according to his whims. Brainstorm gets a clever idea on how to stop Savant so that all of reality is saved.

Poor Nautica, who had just finished fixing the engines must do it all over again!


Following the defeat of Savant, Brainstorm (and Swindle) are visited by The Brain Trust, representatives of a collective of Brainstorms across all realities - that don't include the real one because they deem him too dangerous! They ask for the last remaining bit of Savant to try and track him, since he does not exist in any of their realities. Brainstorm relents and surrents the Savanthead knowing how that Savant and the Trust are out there.