Knock Out

From Transformers: Lost and Found

Knock Out.jpg
Knock Out
Played by: NPC
Co-Chief Medical Officer
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Racecar
Faction: Decepticon

Knock Out is prettier than you.


Knock Out is far smarter, prettier, and more skilled that pretty much every bot he comes into contact with. That is to say, that is his general mental assessment of those around him. With an obscene level of vanity complemented with an intense work ethic, the racer/medic believes that because of the latter, he deserves the former. Apart from his good looks and clever hands, Knock Out has had very little handed to him in life, which makes him even less hesitant about demanding much for himself.

He cares for a small list of things. Himself, Breakdown. Himself. He makes friends, but the depth of his trust is difficult to evoke. He fought with the Decepticons for years, but his loyalty is one of aligning interests and a certain level of gratitude, but not a deeper sense of idealism or dedication to the cause. Excitement is a great motivator for him, as are puzzles, curiosities, and the like; he likes stretching both his mind and his body, which is why he's done so well with the combination of engineering and racing.

In the end, all Knock Out really wants is a planet to own full if riches and an admiring public and all the science he could ever want. Is that so much to ask for?


quality medical care
Knock Out is very skilled and experienced in the mechanical sciences, and has done a great deal of work as a medic for the Decepticons. He also has a considerable flair for disassembly, which he happens to find more interesting. His skill and interest also extends beyond repairing and destroying bots to less sentient research and construction. Knock Out is also a fairly skilled (amateur) racer; he was never a celebrity like some bots, but he gets an absolute thrill from racing. (He actually totally misses racing unknowing humans back on Earth.)


Knock Out was constructed cold to prove every future prejudice wrong about those of his origin being any less talented, beautiful, and all-around better in every way. Because that’s what Knock Out is: better. That’s also what life has generally refused to recognize him for.

Constructed with particularly clever hands and a wildly attractive appearance, Knock Out was nevertheless not allowed the opportunities of more favored bots. He was constructed, so clearly the Functionists saw no reason to allow him opportunity to join the Intellectual Class and pursue a medical education. His alt-mode might have been as attractive as he was, but speeders were still common, and he was relegated to jobs far below what his talent dictated he could do.

It was quite easy to see the appeal of the Decepticon movement.

As a Decepticon during the millennia of the war, Knock Out was finally allowed to pursue his real talents, and his value was no longer dictated by his origins. He grew into a truly talented surgeon, with a streak for experimentation that was a bit less savory than saving lives. But mostly he enjoyed the position he had fought his way to — and one that had the side-benefit of putting at least a little space between him and the front lines most the time.

(The Decepticon movement also introduced him to the bot who would become his partner in his, his Conjux Endura: Breakdown. <333)

And then a couple of millennia passed, and the war’s — over? And Megatron’s gone, and the whole thing is kind of a mess, really. Staying home on Cybertron to rebuild did not strike him as very appealing, and running around questing on the Lost Light is slightly less unappealing, and at least some of his friends are coming. So here he is.

Rodimus Stars



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Velocitron30 May 2016On Velocitron, speed is what matters. Their mobile cities, the Velocites, traverse the surface to stay ahead of the searing heat of dawn. In the capital, Delta, the upcoming Inevitable 250 race is about to determine the new leader. The slow workers banished to the polar city of Mu are seething with rebellion. The older city of Transit, mysteriously slowing down, may require evacuation before it burns up.
Beneath the Skin8 March 2016A nanotech virus designed by First Aid's evil twin runs rampant on the Lost Light, striking down whole swaths of the crew at once with an illness that takes them out of action.
Colony: Hubworld25 February 2016The Lost Light arrives at the next colony only to find an abandoned, mined-out metrotitan (Amazodon) and a Galactic Council outpost. Hesitantly welcomed at first, the LLers discover a mystical lens to view other realities when one of them invades, resulting in a lot of chaos and conflict.
Arena10 January 2016Some of the Lost Lighters get abducted and forced to fight in gladiatorial style combat!
Ticked Off!11 November 2015Following the conclusion of the events on Luna 1, some of the lingering resentment literally came into play! The mysterious Rivets took advantage of Swindle to access everyone's subspace to exorcise their demons, causing the crew to lose inhabitions and to act out. A crew full of Rodimii!
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