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From Transformers: Lost and Found


For PC users, we recommend Potato to connect to the game. For Mac users, we recommend Atlantis. If you need help, check out our client guides.

To connect to the game, use the server address and the port 1984. On the welcome screen, type connect guest to connect as a guest. You'll be on our Guests channel by default, so type +g Hi! to say hi and get started. We're happy to help, whatever your level of experience.

One easy way to connect is to use a web client such as ChroMUD. Just click here!


Keep in mind when considering your application that all characters must be crew members on the Lost Light. They can be Autobots, Decepticons, or Neutrals. They don't necessarily have to be Cybertronian. Their plausibility as a crew member is the primary concern. As such, we ask that all concepts be discussed with staff before application.


We have a roster of suggested characters which can be browsed on our wiki at the NPC category or on-game using the +roster command.

Character Sheets

We use Faradays's FS3 system for character sheets and combat. Learn more at the linked guides!


Characters can be created at the login screen at which point you will be able to proceed through chargen (character generation). You must finish chargen before you will be allowed onto the grid or onto public channels. You will have access to the +Creation and +Newbie channel in the meantime.

Please make sure to read the policies outlined in Player Policies before applying.