In Too Deep

From Transformers: Lost and Found


A Decepticon amphibiod from Eukaris named Springload is after the fabled Well of Endless Energon ... and the Lost Light gets caught up in his chase, with energon needs of their own!

Discovering the lost world of Nibiru and then on it the lost city of Doradus, the Lost Lighters embark on a quest to recover crystals to save the planet, basically to make up for causing the problem in the first place.


First there was the arrival on Nibiru where a pirate gang of sharkticons roamed the watery surface. There was some fighting and Grimlock was named captain!

Then Nautica met the Nibiruans and she was named captain!

Then Springload made a mess, so the robots had to go recover what was lost. The first piece was on a world/reality where powerful giants were locked in a civil war over self expression. Ultra Magnus was assumed to be the captain!

The second piece was in a world/reality were sentient redundant vehicles were sent to Castaway Island, where their overseer 'Pop' held games to entertain them. Grimlock was the captain again!

The last piece was claimed by The Sphinx, an ancient being of lore who dazzled with riddles. Brainstorm was clearly the captain here.

With all the pieces retrieved the well was fixed and much energon was produced. The Nibiruans came together (literally) and disappeared, though they will forever be recorded as 'Comboganicons' since Mercy deemed it so.


You get to be a captain and you get to be a captain! (As long as you are not Rodimus)

The Lost Light is all full up on energon again and ready to sail into the next adventure!


  • Grimlock, pirate captain of sharkticons
  • Ultra Magnus' sweet 'Say Anything' moment with Rodimus
  • bully trucks
  • 'Are we there yet?'
  • Mercy demanding riddle night on the Lost Light (OOC, but still)