From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Played by: [[User:|]]
Alt-Mode: Speeder
Faction: Neutral


Someone who has plenty of talent and potential but never put into a position in which they are forced to push themselves or achieve something great - the classic 'gifted child who acts out in class'. It's difficult to tell if she isn't aware that she's capable of being better, or she's aware and resents the notion that her talent -must- be used for society's benefit. In either case, what you have is someone who enjoys risk-taking, trouble-making and seeing just how far she can push the line and get away with it.

Hustle is approachable, laid-back and can be immensely charming at times, but she has a high need for mental stimulation in the form of challenging problems to solve. She is willing to help others and doesn't particularly like seeing living things hurt or killed, and this is a check against her inner "Bart Simpson". She may enjoy toying with someone, playing pranks or attempting to break into alien holy site to try to swipe their version of the shroud of Turin on shore leave, but it's never done in an intentionally malicious or destructive way. Her intentions are usually either to try to test her limits and improve her skills, or to try to challenge someone to change their perceptions - or what she might see in them as destructive/self-defeating behavior. It's her reasonable intentions that kept her from becoming a hardened criminal.


Forged on the colony world of Caminus, Hustle showed great promise as a protector, set on a path to one day guard the most important of Camien citizenry. The training went well, but Hustle was not satisfied with waiting, watch or being patient - she started becoming more proactive. Taking unnecessary risks. Breaking into secure areas. Taking valuable objects and making puzzles for the Camien law officers to solve to find them.

This did not sit well with her superiors and she was eventually punished for theft, trespassing and general trouble-making and imprisoned for her crimes. Talk about distant Cybertron and a call for the colonists to return whet her appetite for challenge and risk. Slipping out of prison and sneaking aboard the very ship occupied by Windblade and her crew, Hustle may have finally bitten off more than she can chew.