From Transformers: Lost and Found


On the trail of Ignition and the stolen Circle of Light, the Lost Light makes it to Hedonia. A preliminary holoavatar investigation reveals the Scavengers being there, in possession of something they mean to sell. After a scuffle and some legal wranglings, Lockdown shows up to grab the mysterious 'Thingy' that the Scavengers were attempting to hock. Due to clever teamwork it is the Lost Lighters that end up with the Thingy... and the need to clean up after everyone.

Before it is all over, Ultra Magnus learns he is not the only appointed Enforcer in operation and that things are generally bigger in scope than previously imagined.

Oh, and the Scavengers are so very scampy.



  • The Scavengers!
  • even NPCs hitting on Blast Off
  • Pipes almost dying
  • UM and Ignition going face-to-face
  • Grimlock dinohandling a pair of minis


A party!

It sure feels like things ended in the win column, save for poor Ultra Magnus, so Rodimus arrives to make sure everyone celebrates in style! The Scavengers work out a deal to trace Ignition's ship in exchange for getting off Hedonia with the Lost Light when they go. Plus, the LL now has the elusive, mysterious 'Thingy'! This calls for drinks!

Which of course leads to a bar fight. One that a grumpy UM is all too happy to break up.