From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Dash
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Monowheel
Faction: Neutral
Outlier Ability: Rare Spark Type


Gyro has few endearing characteristics. He is somber, antisocial, and socially awkward. Spending most of his youth alone out in the wilderness he never developed the social skills required to fit into polite society. He is blunt to the point of being rude, and at times only communicates in a string of curse words. While largely non-verbal, when he does speak or sign in chirolinguistics he tries to make his point in as few words as possible; although, he prefers to make it in none at all if at all possible.

Because of his perpetual silence and avoidance of people, along with his chosen career path, many find Gyro to be extremely unsettling.

Beneath it all, though, Gyro is a mecha of surprising passion and high ideals. He has, perhaps, a little too much of both. In his younger years Gyro threw his support behind an extremist movement seeking Luna 2's independence from Cybertron, and even though the faction has ceased to be he still spends every day mourning their failure. He is leery of both factions alike, considering both subjugated Luna 2 during the war for her resources, and blames them for the desiccated state of his homeland.

His self-imposed banishment from society is fueled by his bereavement for Luna 2. With every body that he sees buried, he also lays to rest a fragment of hope for Luna 2's future.


Gyro, by and large, prefers to make his living as a mortician. He is an expert at preparing and preserving bodies for burial, even going so far as to memorize hundreds of burial rituals for various Cybertronian sects. He also has the ability to repair the living, but he does not take to the task with the same zealotry.

Having worked as a prospector in the past, Gyro also is a decent hand at cartography. While his career path has changed he continues to pursue it as a hobby.

Outlier Ability

Gyro has a rare spark type that works on a frequency most medical equipment and life scans cannot detect.


Gyro was harvested from a hot spot on the surface of Luna 2, drawing some curiosity for his unidentified spark type. For a short time medics studied him in depth, but when it was determined that it did not herald any special skills or superiority like a 0.01 percenter interest was forgotten. As an ATV he was assigned as a prospector, tasked with finding mineral and energon deposits on the surface of the moon. It was a hopeless job. Luna 2 had already been scoured thoroughly, but Cybertron was desperate for supplies to fuel its burgeoning population.

Even finding a measly deposit required climbing into the most remote and difficult-to-traverse corners of Luna 2. Over time, he became an expert at scaling the moon's rugged terrain. The lonely nature of the job also proved to suit him well enough. As the years passed Gyro learned to love Luna 2's beautiful, though hostile, wilderness. The landscape did not love him quite as much, though, and one day Gyro had a near-fatal fall.

The helm trauma left him temporarily paralyzed, and while he commed for help none came. The cost of mounting a rescue into such remote wilderness was not worth his life in the eyes of the state, and so he was left to rust. Hours turned to days turned to weeks. It wasn't until he was discovered by a group of revolutionaries (intent upon securing independence for Luna 2 from Cybertron), using the rough terrain to mask their escape from pursuers, that he was saved. At first thinking he was a corpse, the group stopped to scavenge the energon from his veins and a few spare parts. It was his screams of agony when they cut into his frame that corrected them.

At the insistence of the medic in the group, curious about the readings from Gyro and wanting a chance to study them more in depth later, that they brought him along. Once stabilized, they fled to the nearest large city and disappeared into the crowded slums. It is here that Gyro began his slow recovery. The medic and he became friends, and to help earn his keep Gyro assisted the medic in stripping corpses, both scavenged from the streets and illegally purchased from the local morgue, in order to help fund the faction's efforts. He also used his knowledge of Luna 2's terrain to help his new companions determine ideal locations for their demonstrations (and their more violent attacks).

Gyro eventually recovered from his fall, relearning how to walk and function, but he was left with partial paralysis in his faceplates from the accident.

As the war kicked into full gear, though, the efforts of the group proved to be in vain. No one had ears for a handful of extremists with the Decepticons raising the cry. While they tried their best until the very end, the group eventually dispersed as they watched their homeland crumble around them. One day Gyro made the difficult choice to join a group of neutrals fleeing the chaos. These years were spent teaching himself more about medicine, moving from the dead to the alive, in order to make a living for himself. He also perfected his skills as a mortician. There was plenty to do of both, repairs and burials, during the war.

In an attempt to leave behind who he had once been, Gyro also had a frame change (changing from an ATV to a monowheel).

Once the war ended, though, Gyro could not help his curiosity and longing. He returned to Cybertron to once again see his homeland, only to find the planet so ravaged that only Iacon was habitable. Devastated by the condition of Luna 2, Gyro could not bring himself to stay on the planet that represented so much grief for him. He took the first opportunity to leave, taking a position on the Lost Light to escape back to space.



 Start DateSummary
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
A Midventure Night Dream14 February 2017A medic looking to create a vaccine for Rust Rash recruits some live test subjects, something goes a little more awry than usual.
Losing Inhibition25 November 2016The personality ticks are back! No queen this time, they've just gotten loose on the ship. Hopefully the ship doesn't descend into chaos before these things are contained once more.
Animorphing23 October 2016The Lost Light comes upon a space station of mechanical aliens, the Elemens, who are eager to show off to Cybertronian visitors. One said Elemen is a little too eager, and ends up turning a group of visitors temporarily into robot animals.
Colony: Verander8 October 2016The home system of the lost Verander colony is a protoplanetary disk, ever-changing as the surface of Verander itself, which constantly transforms under the influence of the titan Drieger. A recent hovership battle on the surface between the townsfolk, who live in space stations orbiting Verander, and the pirates, who live out upon the disk, resulted in many deaths, and signs point to Drieger offering up a new crop of sparks, possibly including some from those who were lost.


Because Gyro has partial facial paralysis he rarely verbalizes. Instead, he prefers to speak through chirolinguistics. When he does speak aloud, the words are slurred and difficult to understand.