From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Shipsgenius
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Snowmobile
Faction: Autobot

Once a promising medic, at one point even involved in the construction of MTOs, Glaze has thrown his past aside over guilt for sending numerous innocents to their deaths. Believing himself undeserving of the right to practice medicine, he took on a new name and a gun, swearing to make it up to those he created. His participation in the search for the Knights is just the latest attempt at that.


Glaze was once a promising medic, and was even invited to help with the construction of MTOs. Just don't expect him to tell anyone.


There was never a mech in Polyhex named Glaze. Instead, there was one Snowstep, of Iacon. Forged about one and a half thousand years before the war, Snowstep began his life as a rescuer. Small but agile, his altmode gave him the ability to easily traverse terrain that proved difficult for medics with bulkier altmodes. His job was thus: to locate the injured mech, and, with the help of a sled that attached to his own altmode, bring them back to a hospital, all the while ensuring that they survive the journey.

Given the often hazardous locales of his rescues, he was equiped with enough medical knowledge to stabilize a patient on-site, and, if need be, continue to care for them for an extended period of time. His talents began to really show when he managed to safely deliver a baddly injured mech despite a massive storm that left them stranded for several days in a cave, far from civilization. This caught the attention of one of the more senior medics, who began to quietly tutor Snowstep in more advanced medical practices that would generaly be of little use to a rescuer. Snowstep was an eager, promising student, quickly picking up new skills, and when the war started, he was eager for the chance to put them to good use.

He signed on with the Autobots readily, seeing them as the protectors of the masses from the violent Decepticon anarchists. The general need for medics gave him the opportunity to further develop his skills, without the fear of reprecussions due to his origin. He rose quickly, garnering praise as a very much capable medic.

The sucess got to his head, and when he was aproached with the oportunity to not just save lives, but help create them, he jumped at it readily. For the next several centuries, he worked on MTOs, helping design and construct them. He never looked back at them after they were sent out onto the field, too busy bathing in the esteem he though himself to be earning in the practice of creating new life to care about what happened to them afterwards.

This was not meant to last forever, however. After a particularly brutal battled left many injured and a shortage of doctors, he was pulled back to the practice of medicine. Many of the injuries were horrific, but what struck Snowstep the most was that many, if not most, of the injured were MTOs. Infact, he realized, he could recognise some of them as coming from those batches that he helped design. The final straw came when he found himself desperately trying to save the life of one of those he had helped bring into this world, only to watch as the light left the mech's optics. It is then that he came to the awareness of what he had done. He was a medic, he had sworn, wholehartedly, to do no harm, to heal, and protect lives, and yet, he had sent countless of innocent mechs straight to their deaths.

Soon after, Snowstep disappeared. A while later came a similar, yet very much different mech going by Glaze of Polyhex. Finding the actions of his past life abhorable, Glaze swore off medicine, beliving that anyone who would so readily forsake their oath and duty to be undeserving of the right to call themselves a healer. Instead, he took up the mantle of a simple soldier, placing himself in the same position that he had once sent others to. He did not expect to survive, nor did he care to. He no longer saw himself as working for a greater good, having been disilusioned with any faction that would support such practices. He simply swore to stand, fight, and die besides those he had once condemned to this fate. With a stray welding torch and some scrap metal, he converted his sled into a makeshift shield and took up a gun - and when the ammo ran out, he would take up anything nearby that he could club or stab with and, charge head on.

The release of death, however, did not come easily to him. Though he had regularly found himself beaten and injured, even coming close once, fortune, with its cruel sense of humor, always put him in reach of a medic. As if to mock him further, it eventually put him within reach of an engineer, who, upon hearing of his tactics, decided that what he really needed was a better shield. Feeling forever indebted to his fellow soldier and bound to do anything to preserve their lives, Glaze could not bring himself to refuse. This new modification, and his growing combat skills made death an ever harder goal to attain. Despite his expectation, Glaze did make it out of the war.

Glaze found himself alive and well, but utterly unsatisfied with the results. Despite his crimes, all of the innocents he had sent to their deaths, he was still somehow alive. He saw this as a failiure on his part to pay for even a fraction of his sins, so when the recruitment call for the quest to find the Knights of Cybertron went out, he jumped on the oportunity. If he could not repent by joining those he had doomed, he could atleast help make sure that their sacrifice was not in vain, and leave a better Cybertron for the survivors. If he died during the journey, then that would be his fate.

He's been keeping fairly low ever since, working hard, but avoiding too much attention, and keeping his past a secret.



 Start DateSummary
Forced Fighters2 July 2017Eight Lost Lighters have am artifact search go south when they find themselves forced to fight. Will the be able to fight for their freedom and well as all the other prisoners, as well as find the artifact?