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"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Escape Car

Getaway is an Autobot with a well decorated service record ever since his creation, as he makes no efforts to hide his origins as a MTO and rarely the actions he has carried out. He is a master of getting out of any situation he finds himself in, after all. Now on the Lost Light to reunite with his lifelong pal Skids, he participates as an active member of the crew, fielding concerns to hopefully head off unwanted conflicts.


What a fun, likable guy!


Diplomacy and social navigation. Resourcefulness and assessment specialist.


Getaway came late in the M.T.O program, as his spark was shoved into his body on the dropship that carried him to the battle he would be born into. The Corcapsia Incursion was supposed to be an easy victory, only Megatron was there. With this as his sight sight, Getaway ran away - and thus earned his name.

He more than made up for it however as he worked alongside many a famous Autobot after that, which brought him into the notice of Prowl. Getaway was recruited into the Diplomatic Corps and partnered up with Skids. Together the pair carried out many highly successful black ops.

When Skids left the service, Getaway remained for as long as he could. Eventually he heard what Skids was going through and took off to find his longtime pal to make sure that things were made right.

Rodimus Stars

One awarded for ingenuity on Scira in the arena against Crazy Eight.



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Eukaris17 April 2016As the Lost Light arrives at Eukaris, they receive a distress call from Elita One, who is missing an away team on the surface.
Beneath the Skin8 March 2016A nanotech virus designed by First Aid's evil twin runs rampant on the Lost Light, striking down whole swaths of the crew at once with an illness that takes them out of action.
Arena10 January 2016Some of the Lost Lighters get abducted and forced to fight in gladiatorial style combat!


Special Equipment:

Nudge Gun - Fires a 'suggestion susceptibility program' that causes the target to become highly likely to act on a verbal command. Side effects include headaches and lots of regret.

Key-Fingers - transforming fingers that can reconfigure into any manner of key for conventional or electronic lock. Embedded within is a tracking device that Vortex can monitor.