Future Tense

From Transformers: Lost and Found


The Lost Light from the past goes to save the Lost Light of the future.


Upon investigating a distress call from a planet near a wormhole, the Lost Light is attacked by... another Lost Light! Several of the crew are kidnapped to the future, a future where they are only ten Cybertronians left! Cybertron has been plundered and the only existing part - The Heart of Cybertron - has to be recovered in order to (hopefully) restart the race. To search out and recover the Heart, the crw have to be in disguise - human disguise!


The crew uncover who has engineered all of this, defeat him, reclaim the Heart and head home to their own time. (with a puppy, now named Quantum, and the LMD technology)

Cool Things That Happened:

  • Tailgate's human form!
  • Pretty much everyone's human form, hah
  • Nautica big braining it, again!
  • Starscream shooting defenseless puppies