Fortress Maximus

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Fortress Maximus
Played by: Cornet
Former Warden of Garrus-9
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Tank
Faction: Autobot

Traumatized giant tankformer and former warden of the Garrus-9 prison. Does not want to talk about it. He has guns on his legs, tank treads on his back, and absolutely no idea what to do with himself in a postwar world. Very, very bad things happened to him somewhat recently and recovering from them is going to take some time. He could probably use some peace and quiet.
Unfortunately for Max, he is on the Lost Light.


Fort Max often comes across as brusque, blunt or antisocial, and feels more at home on the battlefield than in face-to-face interaction or crowds. He's doing his best to keep his temper in check, but his experiences have left him a bit of a wreck, to say the least. He still carries a grudge against Decepticons but has accepted he's going to have to live with them if he wants to stay on the Lost Light. Which he does, because living on Cybertron right now sounds even more unbearable. Max was trained from the moment he was constructed not to show weakness, which is probably not helping things.
If someone can actually manage to get through his defenses (and his pessimism, and his introverted nature, and the fact that he's kind of scary-looking) and get to know him better, he's a very loyal friend. He might even start opening up to people! Someday. Eventually.
Stress is not good for him. Or anyone who's causing him stress.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

A teardrop-shaped jewel hanging from the collar of his fuzzy pet...something, Eyebrows.



 Start DateSummary
Trobble Yall29 June 2017Fortress Maximus buys an adorable, fluffy pet from a pet shop on the Elemens' space station, PR-138. What he doesn't realize is that this cute little 'trobble' is about to become a problem much bigger than cleaning litterboxes and keeping it off the furniture.
Colony: Shivah13 March 2017The Shivans believe they were created at the hands of Nova Prime for the purpose of suffering, to prove their worthiness for their final release thanks to the deliverers, who they determine are the crew of the Lost Light. An enormous black monolith saps the energy of everyone and everything around, including the ship's engines. Soon, according to the Shivans, a great Immolation will burst forth from the monolith to end suffering for all.
Trouble at Delphi14 May 2015Rodimus leads a team down to rescue Drift and the medics from some weird drones. Nothing goes wrong.