From Transformers: Lost and Found

"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Played by: NPC
"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Hover car
Faction: Neutral

Fantoccini is a fairly tall mech – not as large as some, but taller than average – almost the same height as Optimus and others of his frame class though far slimmer than a warrior and more lightly armored. A gold visor angles down the bridge of his nose, practically pointing to the paint on his lips. His most notable features are, perhaps, his six arms which vary in size: a fairly standard-looking set in a standard-placement setting, a similarly shaped set in a hinge setting beneath his chest articulation points, and a thin, three-sectioned pair of arms reaching up from his back and over his shoulders. A keen-eyed mech may notice an extra hinge along the tips of his fingers. Or perhaps the more notable feature is his legs that taper down into thin points with only small toes for balance. At the moment he wears red paint with black and dark grey contrast colors, and gold accents here and there in bangles and bands.


High on drama, loves to be admired for how pretty he is. Fusses over scratched paint when he's not working.

Ready to fight anyone that talks shit about his Amica.


When the Cybertronian war got into its full swing and evacuations began, Fantoccini reluctantly fled his home in Iacon to relocate to an asteroid colony with other NAILs escaping the war. At a stopping point for fuel and supplies, he met his business partner and now-Conjunx Endura Renegade, also escaping from the war. After a few nights of drinking together, they decided to start a business together on the colony doing repair work on ships. Hauling in scrap ships that had wrecked in the asteroid field to be salvaged for parts, repairing the little supply runners that went from colony to colony, some basic maintenance tasks that could be done to ease the burden on their few medics, the occasional paint job and touch up – their clientele was limited, being so hidden, but they made it work for them. %r%rUpon returning to Cybertron post-war, Fantoccini made Renegade the legal beneficiary of what remained of his modest estate – which wasn’t much, but it was a good few handfuls of credits to take care of him should something occur, and because they’re both leery of attachments to the point of phobia they held off on taking it the logical step further. Despite that, Fantoccini was more than ready to happily settle down in a post-war world with his ‘business partner’ and their two small drones, but Renegade’s restlessness for adventure and the political turmoil in the wake of the returning neutrals saw them packing up yet again and taking their ship Vigilante off world to the quiet comforts of space travel. Hijinks ensued, as they are wont to do, and after one particular near-death experience run in with Renegade’s old gang they finally decided to get the lead out and be Conjunx Endura. %r%rLater on, Fantoccini regained contact with his Amica Endura, a mech that had been birthed in the same field as he, who had spent much of his early life with him and then simply disappeared without a word - not that he’s bitter about that or anything – who regaled him with tales of his life aboard the Lost Light and their quest for the Knights of Cybertron. But really, what better quest could there be than catching up with an old friend? Or yanking them about by the audio fins and telling them in detail how much they made you worry? Thus the Vigilante set course to catch up with the Lost Light - and hopefully before his Amica made yet another escape into the unknown.