From Transformers: Lost and Found


The team finds a dead planet (mystery), a new friend (more mystery), and some strangers (even more my-... well, more like they're strange).


The Lost Light comes across a dead, lifeless planet that has been drained of all energy. When exploring that an incoming craft explodes to reveal featureless figure that gets brought back to the shiP.

The visitor wakes and tells a tale of the planet Ada, where a 'machine' creates new inhabitants to answer questions. This visitor's birthing question was 'how can we be saved' which resulted in it being caught in a trap and sent away.

The Lost Light makes it to Ada and the visitor, named Ev by the Ada, ventures to the machine in efforts to remove it, which would kill the Ada.


SCIENCE saved the day.

The team learned that at the heart of Ada was an old Cybertronian scouting ship, from the days before space bridges. Something chased the ship that caused it to hide in an asteroid field, became trapped there and thus the pilot perished but not before he powered a records terminal to keep him company. The terminal over time generated workers and as they became more aware more questions were asked thus more worker drones thus... a cycle that continued until Ev was made. Rather than remove the machine as Ev wished to do, Nautica connected to the terminal and stopped the generating process, thus allowing the Ada and Ev to exist in a balance.

Cool things that happened:

  - Tailgate 'tailgating' in Ultra Magnus' footsteps
  - Tailgate surfing on an alt form Nautica
  - Chromedome playing golf with the Ada
  - Knock Out pointing out that Ev 'ada get back to bed'