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Following peace on Cybertron, Drift, along with Skystalker, Quicksight, and the motley crew of desert-dwelling Knights he befriended during his sabbatical, returned to the desert planet they called home to begin construction on a monastery that would serve as the new hub for the Circle of Light. With Drift taking on the role of abbot and Gloomsinger acting as his prior, they ushered in a whole new era of the Circle of Light, taking on both those who would become full fledged knights and those who would live out their lives as monks dedicated to spreading the word of their cause and maintaining the monastery grounds. In their part of space, the Great Sword is no longer a symbol of what some considered an archaic cult, but a symbol of equality, justice, and second chances for anyone who seeks it out. Unless you're a slaver, in which case the sword has become a harbinger of doom.

While he rarely travels to Cybertron, he makes an effort to keep in contact with the Lost Light and follows Minimus Ambus' political career through various news sources.


Whirl saw the inside of a jail cell not too long after leaving the Lost Light and was mandated to attend regular psychiatric treatment as part of his sentence. This stopped immediately after his probation ended and since then he has been apprenticing under Bone-Spur in the art of blacksmithing. The only contact he has with the former crew of the Lost Light is the occasional unmarked package sent to Air Raid and Vortex that contains variations of the same clock, all of which yell at them every hour on the hour.


Penchant returned to his colony to rebuild what's left of it, resuming his position as governor. When things are less dramatic and slightly more settled, he'll invite the Lost Light crew to come hang and party, because it'll definitely have some beach-side resorts. He'll also take the time to praise and decorate each member of Logistics, and quietly make up an award that entitles it the Best Division. Whenever he visits Cybertron, he'll stay with Soundwave - OR TRY TO.


Prowl's plans for building up a SUPERIOR police department are backburnered as he pays his massive debt to society by working for the Iacon Justice Commission for the Wrongfully Convicted. But he's good at it, working long, diligent hours to resolve complicated cases. He remains in Iacon with Minimus Ambus, keeping a low profile for the sake of Minimus' public image.




Riptide knew nothing but war all his life, so with it gone he finally had the chance to discover how to live without it. In the beginning he lent a lot of time in MTO therapy groups, growing the skills to function on his own outside of barrack life. Afterwards he took to exploring Cybertron's returned oceans and relaxing at the island resorts that sprung up not long after. It's here he was picked up by a talent scout for the surfing circuit, quickly rocketing to the top before moving into the intergalactic leagues, competing across various planets and terrains. He never could win top spot during his lengthy career, but that never stopped him from competing and finally enjoying his life.


In the beginning years after peace returned, Torque took to her old life as a builder once more in order to bring Cybertron's cities back to their former glory. During this time she finally overcame her fears of relationships and finally asked Hound to be her amica, checking in on him now and then and giving her something to look forward to back home when she returned to the SS Good Intentions for a time to help those in need. And though visiting wartorn planets or crippled civilizations to provide aid gave her purpose, it was the homesickness that eventually led her back to Cybertron. Following her calling she became a resident doctor at Iacon's leading hospital, fulfilling her love of medicine and eventually another type of love when Hound blurted out a conjunx proposal one day. It was an obvious yes, of course.


The Aerialbots were a group formed during the war, so with their duties complete they more or less dissolved, though obviously kept in touch often as any family would. Skydive immediately took all the money he had stashed before the war and used it to form a finishing school in Vos, eager to bring back the social graces lost for long. It's here he taught etiquette, dancing, music, and culture with the aid of Cavalier to try and bring back the old ways of the upper class, but in a way that included all. To this day neither has asked the other to be their conjunx, probably too nervous, but with all the hand holding and love notes it's clear they'll be going strong for a long time.


Deluge came home to Cybertron as it began to heal and the call went out for all to join them. Fray was brought in tow, the two freshly eloped and ready to settle down on their old homeworld. Having been receiving therapy for his wartime trauma while away from the Lost Light, he now continued it on Cybertron and managed to take up his original job as a firefighter where he worked beside Inferno. He made sure to keep in touch with old friends, especially Fortress Maximus and even Lieutenant after a time. It was the simple life, but he wanted nothing more.




Ratchet's retirement doesn't last long. He calls in some favors and makes his pitch to the Cybertronian government. They agree to fund and open the first and only medical school on the restored Cybertron. Called simply the Memorial Medical and Engineering College, Ratchet develops a Protihexian curriculum and begins terrorizing newsparks as the dean of the college. In time, Sanguine returns from her exile to become a professor and doctor. Students enter her classroom under Rampart's watchful and impassive optics. Ratchet stays out of politics and anything of the sort, preferring instead to build something practical. His door is always open to veterans of the Great War, and he can often be seen with Ironhide, Orion Pax, Bumblebee, and the other old Autobots sharing a drink and a story. Over time, even a few Decepticons stop by. Progress, a little bit at a time.


Airazor traveled the stars after leaving Eukaris. The eternal exile, she became known across various systems as something of a bounty hunter and do-gooder, the restless (if diminutive) Cybertronian always looking for trouble. Sometimes she found it with the Lost Lighters, most often she found it alone. She returned to Cybertron every now and then, primarily to see her good friend Chimera. When she passed, Airazor visited one last time, laid a feather at the site of her passing, and has not been seen on Cybertron since.

All Those Various Characters Birb Played

Barrister of Iacon: After serving with distinction on the restorative justice panel, Barrister lent his legal talents to the new Cybertronian government, helping to establish a new constitution and the great peace accord known as the Pax Cybertronia. For a time he served as one of Cybertron's representatives to the Galactic Council. He was on the planet when the Black Block Consortia attacked Concordance (the seat of the Council's executive offices), but survived the bombardment and the scourge of Prelate Azzak's monstrosities. Never running for office, his legal advice is still sought after (for a fee).

Sanguine of Protihex and Rampart of the Thirteenth Siege of Protihex: Soon after the war was over, Sanguine and Rampart fled the Consortia-held refugee world where they had been hiding out. She was one of the last to testify during the restorative justice process. As the medical director of the Autobot MTO program, she spoke passionately about the plight of those constructed cold during the war and set out in detail how the Autobots placed military expediency over the rights of those who were created to fight and die. She nearly broke down during her testimony, and if not for the presence of her MTO partner Rampart, she likely could not have finished. But she brought other news: the Consortia research facility under the refugee camp and the knowledge of horrific experiments conducted on older Cybertronians and newsparks alike. Sanguine joined the faculty of Ratchet's new medical school, where she has been ever since. Kind and supportive where Ratchet can be abrasive and demanding, she has become a student favorite and remains one of Cybertron's foremost experts in frame design and construction. She has rebuilt hundreds of mechs, changing inherently martial frames with built in weaponry to those more suited to peace.

Raptorion of Altihex: History remembers Raptorion as a footnote to the Decepticon movement, the mech who happened to be in the right place at the right time to assume a leadership position. Her signature is on the document formally dissolving the Decepticon Stellar Empire and renouncing offensive warfare against the organic races. She participated in restorative justice, admitting her role in the deaths of billions of organics. Eschewing politics under the newly formed Decepticon Alliance Party, Raptorion remained a soldier for the rest of her life, as an officer in the restored Cybertronian Vanguard. She met her end in battle, when the joint Cybertronian-Galactic task force confronted Prelate Azzak and his Black Block Consortia faction at Ophiucus. They came to avenge Concordance, but what they did not count on was Azzak's alliance with the Quintessons. Raptorion led a rear guard action to cover the allied force's escape and perished in the effort. They said it was her finest hour.

Flashwing of Kalis: Imprisoned throughout the restorative justice trials, Flashwing (resuming her forged name) was permanently exiled from Cybertron for her attempt on Soundwave's life. She returned to Eukaris, where she had been taken in by the Cloudwalkers of the Aerie. An attendant to the court of the Ninth Tempest, Flashwing brought some modern Cybertronian medical techniques to her new home and again began to practice the art that almost made her famous before the war. A dancer of some renown, Flashwing has toured the colonies, playing Caminus and Rigard. Still, she is most famous for sticking a sword in Soundwave. Flashwing has never returned any of the messages she's received from Cybertronians dissatisfied with the leniency shown to the Decepticons. Free at last, she has no time for dead enders.

Whatever Happened to Terminus?: Megatron hedged his bets. He always had a Plan B. All of the details of Megatron's apocalyptic plan, to hold the entire Cybertronian race hostage to his own person, to bend the space bridges and titans to his will, have been uncovered, except one. A detail so secret he shared it only with Terminus and Tarn. Of the three who knew, two are dead. Recognizing the possibility of his defeat, Megatron prepared for a Cybertron after the big boom. Terminus, together with those newsparks deemed to be most enthralled with the tyrant and his message, huddled in an underground facility on the far side of the planet, safe from the space bridge bomb. There, Terminus continued the newsparks' education. Recognizing Megatron's fall, Terminus changed the plan. There are whispers, even now, of neo-Decepticons who have no time for the Decepticon Alliance and its devotion to the Pax Cybertronia. Megatron's word lives, even if he himself is quite dead.


Once peace began to set in on Cybertron, Skystalker, along with Drift, Quicksight, and the remnants of the Circle of Light, returned to the warm world the latter had settled upon. The Circle sought out to begin anew, and built a monastery nestled in a lush oasis surrounded by red rock canyons; a town blossomed up in the outskirts, tucked in the shade of the Knights. The new city became home to Cybertronians and Colonists of all walks of life, and even alien lifeforms. The Circle began what they once had ended-- an open, welcoming place of peace and prosperity, and an island in the storm for those who sought it out. Of course, the crew of the Lost Light has the most welcome of any. Skystalker's Lost Light Symphony in all of its parts becomes as ubiquitous as the Empyrean Suite, however for vastly different reasons. There are times now and again where he tours and plays, most often amongst his people. His work on the energon based plants of Devisiun spearheads the eventual terraforming and revitalization of Cybertron's wilds and energon croplands, and those of the Colonies after; the technological wonders of Cybertron's wilds falls under the care of rangers, people who have fallen as much in love with the care of the planet. In a last twist of fate, Skystalker and others in the Circle of Light often journey into far places; for many reasons, but foremost to find lost Cybertronians, and those still held as slaves. The slave trade around Cybertron, its colonies, and the Circle's portion of space take a heavy blow that lasts.

His own song, his legacy, becomes one of love and acceptance, justice and protection, life and renewal.


After having served on the Lost Light for the fair entirety of his conscious life, Tailgate had little recourse but to remain with the ones who became dear to him. Cyclonus, of course, was the first one held in his spark, and Tailgate was happy to be at his side, whatever that entailed. Pipes, Rung, Breakdown, Starstruck - - and others, in vast lists of names- - all his friends, held close as well. Arguably, Rung often earns the brunt of his company. With his experience in securities thanks to the Lost Light, Tailgate joins up with the blooming law enforcement on Cybertron. He does not join the New Iacon force, instead becoming a cross-settlement lawman, helping and solving place to place, sending cases and arrests back to New Iacon to be interred. It allows him his freedom, but also allows him to keep his burgeoning sense of righteousness. Tailgate wanted more than anything to be important. To be a //Hero//. And he did exactly that, and continues to set that example for newsparks and old friends alike.


She had her hands full after the battles ended and the dust calmed, that's for certain. Remaining on Cybertron, the Eukarian took on the responsibility of assisting her old friend Chimera and others in teaching a new generation the ways of Blacksmithing-- of both kinds. With this, she helped to teach how to harvest sparks, explore hot spots, //forge new life//. It was a far more welcoming home than Eukaris had been for her. On the other end of the spectrum, she remained in engineering and non-life smithing; while weapons were still in demand, the lulls gave her ample time to take on a full time apprentice in Whirl. It made a lot of people uneasy, naturally-- but she knew with enough focus it was a non-issue. Besides, he liked sharp things as much as she did, and the promise of eventually replacing his bi-claws helped too. Bone-Spur's life becomes a long, fulfilling one, rife with the flourishing of Cybertron, and it is not until Chimera precedes her in natural, fading death does she begin her last days in her companion's wake.


Waspinator went off to Khepri with Sequin. There he bounced around the colony before somehow managing to find a rich conjunx. He lived a comfortable life until he disappeared one night without a trace after a run in with some visiting Cybertronian traders. His worried conjunx has been searching every bar he can find. At the very least they don’t have to worry about him dying, the universe would never allow that to happen.


Traction attended the Memorial Medical and Engineering College founded by Ratchet to become a real medic and not just one assigned the role due to war. After graduating— not the best of his class but nowhere near the worst— he decided not to stay on Cybertron. Instead, Traction waved goodbye to all the friends he had made and left alone to explore the galaxy. He saw wonders he’d never known, had a few self discoveries, and started a relationship with a handsome seeker… which ended badly. It was a scary encounter with a mercenary named Sterling and her lackey Screwloose that finally brought an end to his galactic quest of exploration.

He returned to Varmego where he and his team keeps mining for minerals to trade back to their homeworld. Flyby was satisfied enough that he had “lived a little” to let him back without (much) complaint.

He still keeps in contact with the friends he made on the Lost Light... especially the cute ones.


Rung was officially disbarred from practicing Psychiatry after his admittance to his crime of omission. His reputation still in tatters and often forgotten, he left Cybertron after repaying his debts to society. He now lives a quiet, and admittedly boring, life on New Abyssalas. The relaxed abyssalans make for kind neighbors and intelligent conversation partners. If anyone wants to visit it is… hm… where was it located again? Tailgate probably knows.


Cosmos stayed on Cybertron long enough to be sure it wouldn’t implode again. Once he was fairly sure the conflict had finally ended he took off into space to chart the undiscovered reaches of space, help find any stray Cybertronians that may be lurking there, and make first contact with whatever alien races he may find.

He keeps in contact and visits his friends if he’s able, but communications tend to arrive on a pretty drastic delay. Space is big.


Tarantulas served his time and was eventually released on probation, still attending his therapy sessions. He was quick to pick up on inventing and creating new laws of science but he struggled to find a proper niche in a world without a war. Unable to properly commiserate with anyone- too much Autobot to properly be a Neutral, too much Neutral to be an Autobot, too organic to not be off-putting, he almost sank back into bad habits. It was when joined a server group of engineers to bring his blueprints into the prototype stage that things truly picked up for him: he met the Constructicons. They fit well with one another and their work together has revolutionized many industries on Cybertron, allowing cities to be built faster and for better transport systems to be put in place. Tarantulas is currently working on Mass Displaced Cities- or MDCs for short- to curb future overpopulation and allow smaller species to possibly travel to Cybertron without fear of being crushed. He lives with the Constructicons and still keeps in contact with Springer.


Sunstreaker never did find a 'cure' for his mutated spark and as time passed, he stopped caring about finding one at all with the help of his post-war support group that he keeps in contact with to this day. He joined the Lost Light for many voyages after peace before eventually settling on Cybertron in the new city of Polyopolis, formerly known as the City of Polyhex. He took up a guard job at a museum which eventually lead to a long, prosperous career as a curator. Sunstreaker visits various hospitals and veterans homes with Bob every weekend. Bob is still the best boy.


Thanks to the urging of Air Raid, Vortex participated in Restorative Justice, which effectively ended any possible medical career at any sort of establishment. Mostly. He took a part-time gig at the Scavenger's clinic- a place to make much needed therapy, mental health aid, and surgery more accessible- before finding the perfect job: a coroner! Turns out, peace or not, Cybertronians can still be awful to one another and he'll be there to help stop them this time around. Vortex lives with his Conjunx and hardly gets arrested anymore unless really drunk or high.


After Restorative Justice, the world... Moved on. And Soundwave didn't necessary fall into obscurity but he did fall out of the spotlight. Which was fine by him. He lived a quiet life, residing the first few centuries within New Iacon committing himself to volunteer work and social justice. As time passed, however, he was needed less and less for these endeavors and he was happy to hand the reigns over to new blood and let the next generation hold the torch. It was around this time he hung up his badge, but never discarded. And his cassettes left him, one by one or in pairs, but he always made sure to keep in contact- especially with Penchant.. It took less time than he wanted before he was left alone with Ravage... And Rodimus.

Soundwave waited, always there for when Rodimus returned from his ventures, from where he wanted to be. Eventually, Soundwave moved out of the bustling city of New Iacon and moved into Old Nyon, a midway city for helping newsparks of nearby fields adjust to society, learn, and eventually move on. He stayed there for a long time, helping the next generation and growing is security company until, eventually, it happened. Organics have short memories and it took many, many years but Soundwave waited and his patience was rewarded.

Soundwave still lives in Old Nyon with Ravage but sometimes you won't find him there. Sometimes, Soundwave can be found on the Lost Light, adventuring through the stars with Rodimus. And he couldn't be happier.