From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Dozer
Combat Engineer
Division: Support
Alt-Mode: Mobile Command Unit & Assault Breacher
Faction: Neutral

An architect who was turned into field tech and combat engineer by the war on Cybertron, and the centuries spent drifting afterwards. Hoping that the mission of the Lost Light will re-establish his beloved home and create true peace.


Generally jovial and polite, with a wistful wish for how things once were and a general obsession with the study of architecture. While not a fan of fighting, centuries have taught him the need for it at times and forced him to evolve into more than just a triple-changing construction bot.


Dozer is extremely well versed in mathematical science, physics, various forms of structural and functional engineering, and a repository of history. He also possesses the ability to triple-change. His first form being a mobile command center and the second a former piece of construction equipment turned into an assault breacher tank.


Originally created for construction, redevelopment, civil engineering and controlled demolitions, the conflicts of Cybertron provided Dozer steady work as he aided others in repairing, or rebuilding, areas destroyed or damaged when the battles between Autobot and Decepticon provided steady work. Constructed with a triple changing function to operate as a demolition vehicle and a mobile command for fellow engineers. The constant destruction didn't quite grind him down, though the stress and the sadness of the waste threatened to sour him, Dozer became determined that eventually things would come to right for Cybertron. He studied old files on baroque architecture and even submitted motions for a number of style revitalizations to be reintroduced to areas devastated by the conflict. Convinced that such eccentricities in rebuilding could inspire others to want to rebuild the glory of Cybertron and do away with the horror of the war. Dozer dove further into history as the conflict perpetuated, and he found himself living and working closer and closer to Iacon. Joining the local civil defenses, developing his talents towards earthworks, bunkers, and forward firebases as much as in housing, civic structures, and peace. His field command for was upgraded for more than just civil engineering, and his demolition form was changed until it resembled an assault breacher, and less like a dozer bladed wall smasher. With the return of Prime he expected the war to finally end his world, and Dozer finally considered fleeing the planet, to find a colony to live and perhaps return to his old ways. Soon, when the the signs showed that staying, and trying to rebuild, was untenable, Dozer reluctantly joined others forced to flee the planet of his creation. He took to the stars, like so many others, and took work on a transport freighter, working maintenance and in the engine room. His training and experience served him especially when leaving one ship to find another. Like a tramp mechanic, he hopped from craft to craft, taking care to avoid pirate craft and deep space exploration cradft - seeking only to move from one short hop to the next in a dull haze. Years flew on and on and Dozer found himself in one ship, or another, or sometimes stuck on a colony for months at a time, building homes or tearing down dilapitated ruins. Battle with pirates, raiders, and lost souls turned to rage and murder forced him to hone his war skills until his accuracy with a plasma blaster was almost as keen as his understanding of physics and construction. The destruction broke his heart, on more than one occasion, and Dozer lulled into a fugue. Rumors reached him, he knew not how many years into his wanderings. Cybertron was re-opened to her children. Dismissed as a pipe dream, Dozer found himself further and further from his home, but more colonies were emptying out. More ships were headed home. Whenever he looked in that direction all he saw were the backs of refugees, and heard whispers that Cybertronians could go home, that Iacon stood again. He too turned back, and eventually set foot on his old home. It was destroyed, but for one small patch. He volunteered immediately to join the rebuilding crews. When the time came, at the announcement of crew needed for the Lost Light, while not so much a believe of the Circle of Light, Dozer saw a chance for Cybertron to be revitalized, and perhaps to truly return to its former glory and signed on immediately. Enduring the bumps and unexpected twists from the conflicts with Tyrest and ultimately the near destruction at the hands of Unicron have given him time to appreciate the Lost Light, and even find ways (when assigned to repairs) to make cosmetic 'upgrades' in little out of the way places. The search to rebuild her has driven him further to seek out ancient cybertronian shipwright works, hoping that in tracing the history of the Knights he might find a means to improve the craft now being used to find them.