From Transformers: Lost and Found

Played by: Boomer
Daily Dose of Smiles
Division: Combat
Alt-Mode: Pick-Up Truck
Faction: Autobot

From thaw to war in under an hour, Disaster was made only to fight. A scout that could cause massive damage, became a mini who preferred happiness rather than bloodshed. That doesn't mean explosions aren't something he won't smile at though.


Disaster loves to love! He finds the bright side to everything in every situation and every reason to smile. No matter who he is with or what is going on, one can always see this mini happy. Everyone has good in them, all they need is a chance to show it! Doesn't matter their faction to him.


Firearms: Despite his size, Disaster can pack a massive punch when it comes to heavy weaponry. He's like a tiny tank when it comes to fire power and a lover of heavy artillery. Missile launchers, cannons, bazookas, and such - the more destruction a weapon can cause, the more excited he gets.

Do U Even Lift?: He strong for a mini, and will try to lift whatever someone points out to him. That cup, the crate, that mech, it doesn't matter to Disaster because he'll definitely try!

Drinking: On Colossal, his comrades would refer to him as 'The Void' when it came to drinking. Disaster has only once drunk his own Commander under the table, and remains to be beaten by anyone.

Lend A Hand: Disaster is more than happy to help anyone out! However, do not ask him this, ever. Let him offer first.


Everything became a rush to the young mech. Disaster was an MTO whose dropship was destroyed during battle. Everyone found remotely alive was killed. The reason he was left alive was merely because he was nearly dead when medics found him. Due to the battle being an utter disaster on the Autobot’s part, they named the lone surviving MTO just that: Disaster. He was fixed up quickly and shipped out to another planetary outpost the Autobots held. It was only for a few months before Decepticons attacked and captured the base. The mini managed to get away without becoming a POW, and commed for a rescue mission to help them out.

When his base was finally under Autobot control again, Disaster was once again moved to another outpost. Then, after a short period of time yet again, they were attacked. Only this time, he had been out on a scouting mission. Upon his return, he found the base taken over.

Unable to get help this time, he stayed hidden near the base, stealing from the Decepticon’s rations but not enough to keep himself alive. (After all, the Decepticons needed their fill too, even if they killed his friends.) He wasn’t sure what to then until he accidentally came up to the largest mech he ever met. Tormentor, a Decepticon who didn’t try to kill him on sight. The mech instead took the time to try to talk with him, offering to taking him off planet when he heard of Disaster’s situation. Being as trusting as he is, the mini went with him. That is where he met Lieutenant, Fuzzy Sage, and Colossal, thus becoming the first adopted member of the Crew of Colossal.

Overtime they would gain more members: Mixer and Launcher (twin Autobot MTOs), Blockade, Bladerunner, Gigatech, and Kameel (all neutrals although two would become Autobots), Glare (Autobot outlier), and Vindicator (Decepticon, whom would be the first to make Disaster question trusting others so easily).

They became Disaster’s family as they all grew close to each other. It was upsetting whenever they lost a member, he hated death but continued to smile because he found it easier to try to make light of things rather than dwelling on them. That was, until their final battle when Tormentor was lost. Things went downhill, and after it all.

Lieutenant became an addict to syk and Disaster pleaded for him to stop, but he was ignored. He drew the line when Lieutenant began making stops specifically to ambush and destroy Decepticons outposts for no reason but revenge. The minibot could put himself in the Decepticons’ place and he grew angry. When the war was over, they went back to Cybertron and he left Colossal in frustration.

Some time later, he would take another ship to find Colossal. He wants to be with his family, even if some pieces are broken. Maybe he can fix it. Maybe he can make everything better.

When his shuttle was nearly running out of fuel, he was fortunate to be in the Lost Light’s path. His intentions were to take a ride to the nearest port with them but he ended up staying after discovering one of his family to be on board. That and he’s heard of these Knight’s which sounds amazing and he wants to find them!



 Start DateSummary
Trobble Yall29 June 2017Fortress Maximus buys an adorable, fluffy pet from a pet shop on the Elemens' space station, PR-138. What he doesn't realize is that this cute little 'trobble' is about to become a problem much bigger than cleaning litterboxes and keeping it off the furniture.